I once heard that the only thing we can be sure of in life is death, but I think it's a bit depressing. I prefer to think it's not true. From the minute I was born, all the things I believed be sure of in life was love, friendship, happiness and fun, as much as enemies, hate, sorrows and disasters.

The thing I knew for sure too was that I would probably get married and have children. I did say probably, because even though I wanted it, I needed to find the guy who would agree on both those things, which is not as easy as it might seems, especially when the man you love is stubborn. And when I say stubborn, I mean really stubborn. Like… too much for his own good. Something probably affected him in his childhood. Other than being transformed into a werewolf, obviously.

I do think that from the very first moment of our birth, the way people act around us, talk around us, will have a consequence on our life. How much time it took before our mother held us, things like that. Events in our early childhood too can change our life. Perhaps the fact that my childhood was a very happy and tender one influenced the fact that I wanted children.

And surely the fact that Remus' life had been hard influenced the fact that he didn't want any.

Apart from his kindness, sorrow is the first thing I saw in Remus' eyes when I met him. I remember how confused – and sad – I felt. To me, life was full of light and happiness and amusement. And here came a man that didn't seem believe in those thing. To him, every day was a war against himself. Against who he was, who he wanted to be and who he believed to be.

In fact, I remember seeing pain on every single one of his feature, and it wasn't hard to guess that his soul was no exception to the rest of his body. And as soon as I saw how broken that man was, I wanted to hold him close, to make him laugh and smile, to make the sadness go away. But being as stubborn as he was, like I mentioned earlier, it was not an easy task. His shell was closed to friendship, not to speak of love. But he wasn't the only hard headed person in the world, and I never gave up.

Of course, that brought me lot of pain too, but who ever said love was easy? I won at the end too, even though it took me a lot of time, strength and tears, but after two whole years of hope, he was mine. And I had never been as happy as I was when he was beside me. When he kissed me and held me close. Of course, like every normal couples, we had our little problems, especially on full moon time, when he became picky and grumpy. But it didn't really bother me, it mostly annoyed him. He didn't like the fact that he was being like that with me, as if he was afraid it would scare me away.

But in fact, the real trouble began after three years of going out together. And he's the one who got scared away.