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Forgotten Voices

Act One

"And so, you all shall be separated for the good of the galaxy. Though fate has tied us together tightly, we were never truly meant to exist in the same dimension."


Nights lately have become harder to withstand. As soon as Usagi laid her head on her fluffy pillow, the tossing and turning began. Left and right, arms shooting outward, up and down, for the last few days it had been impossible for Luna to get any sleep. Night after night it was the same thing. First she would begin to sweat, then mumble. It soon then became a full-blown fit, with a mess of legs and arms flaying in the air until she finally sat upright in her bed.

Tonight wasn't any different.

As if on cue, Usagi jerked out of her tortured sleep and sat up. The force of the blonde moving in her small twice-sized bed caused the mattress to rock back and forth. The shoving motion caused Luna to fall from the bed, hitting the carpeted floor beneath them.

Ugh again? What was with these sudden nightmares? Usagi hadn't had nightmares this bad since the time she was fighting against the Dark Kingdom. Perhaps she was having some recurring night terrors?

The small gray feline took a short moment to gather herself before moving back to all fours. "Usagi?" She mewed in the silent darkness. "Are you okay?"

With little effort, Luna leapt from her fallen spot on the floor and landed by Usagi's bedside.

Beads of sweat fell down the sides of her face while her chest heaved in and out. The princess moved her hand to her cheek and pressed her fingertips against the moist tears on her temple. A look of sheer terror had settled on her usual gentle features, causing the small cat's worries to advance.


Said girl flinched at the call of her name. She twisted her neck to the left, her blue eyes meeting with Luna's red ones. The two females fell silent. The remaining droplets of sweat trickled down her cheek and finally she spoke.

"I'm fine." Her high-pitched voice cracked. "I'm sorry Luna, did I hurt you?"

The guardian cat paused. Was she trying to change the subject? Why else would Usagi ignore her question then ask one of her own? The moon goddess wasn't trying to 'protect' her, was she? It wouldn't be unlikely, seeing how much she had grown and developed in her three years of being Sailor Moon.

Had it really been three months since their last battle against Pharaoh 90? In most ways it seemed as if it had been years since Super Sailor Moon cleansed the villain and restored Sailor Saturn's life. This wasn't a premonition of another enemy, was it?

When would they ever get a break?

"No," Luna found the courage to answer seconds after being asked. "You've been having trouble sleeping for a while now."

Usagi gave a gentle nod of her head before turning her attention to the opposite facing wall. "I'm having some really bad nightmares."

"What about?" The feline took a few quiet steps toward the girl and sat down close to her.

Dare she think that Usagi was still dreaming about the death of Endymion? The terrible vision that stayed with her long after her reincarnation. The lasting effects of those times had troubled the Sailor Warrior during the first year of her training and she still had episodes when the lightning and thunder rolled in but why now? Three years later?

It was a bit sudden, wasn't it?

"In my dream, I can feel Endymion dying all over again." Her crystal-blue eyes glossed over with tears. "I'm on the moon."

So she was right. Luna inhaled a silent breath through her tiny nostrils and waited for Usagi to continue. The pause and depth of her voice was a clear clue that she was still sensitive to the past and her current visions.

"But there was a man."

Luna's tiny heart came to a sudden halt.

"He wanted to take me somewhere…"

A man? In her dreams? Was this a figment of her wild dream imagination? It had to be. There was no way that this was a recollection of that fateful day on the Moon Kingdom. If there had been some kind of stranger trying to kidnap princess Serenity, then she would surely remember it, right?

"Usagi, try to get back to sleep, okay?" She whispered to her princess. "You have a study session with the others tomorrow."

The look of fear and terror disappeared from Usagi's face and was soon replaced with a tired expression. She released a long groan before dropping her head in shame. Ah, there was the Usagi Luna had come to love. Perhaps these dreams were nothing more than simple nightmares. There was nothing to it, Luna was sure.

"That's right," Usagi grunted her words through her nose. "I forgot."

"Get to sleep then."

Not needing any further reply, Luna took her spot on the bed, curling her body in her usual sleeping position. Usagi followed soon after, her back hitting the mattress with a soft thud. She then grabbed at her comforter, ripping it up over her shoulder. The klutzy teen released a single yawn.

"Good night, Luna."

The cat breathed a small sigh of relief. "Good night, Usagi."


"Usagi! Usagi, wake up already!"

Ah, was it morning already? Her body was limp and she could feel a small bit of drool leaking from her lip. Ugh, since when did her alarm yell at her? Usagi flinched before releasing a small groan. She felt her eyelashes flutter open and the world around her come to life. Instead of the familiar colors of her bedroom walls, she saw a white scenery that caused her to jerk herself completely awake.

The blonde found herself sitting in Rei's bedroom, her body apparently falling lifelessly asleep on the small table in the center of the room. She lifted her torso off the table and moved her right hand toward her mouth. With one swipe, she removed any excess moisture on her lips and looked to her fellow Warriors with a silly grin.

"Usagi, we have to study." Rei grunted, her brows darted low over her purple eyes.

Oh that was right. If she remembered Luna's words correctly the night before, they had planned a study session together. Ugh, how could she possibly study when she had almost zero sleep the night before?! This was torture!

A round of nervous chuckles left her mouth before she could repel them. "Hehe," She moved her slender arm behind her head. "Sorry."

"If you aren't going to study then you don't have second helpings on the snacks." Rei shut her large eyes and turned away from the blonde, obviously displeased.

Usagi was quick to poke out her bottom lip, presenting her best pout to defend against Rei's oncoming attacks.

"Rei," Ami spoke from across the room in her calm and sweet voice. "Don't you think you're overreacting a bit?"

The black-haired female kept her eyes shut as she crossed her arms over her bust. "This is the third study group she's fallen asleep in." She said in a smooth tone. "She isn't going to get into high school at this rate."

"I can't argue with that," Makoto moved her hand to her cheek and leaned against it, her elbow placed on the table. "Usagi, are you sleeping well?"

Oh no, so Makoto had noticed it too? Geez, this was looking worse then she thought! First Luna begins to worry about her and now this? No, it wasn't a big deal. It was just a few nightmares, nothing huge! It was time to change the subject. Usagi opened her mouth to reply only to have Minako move in the way.

"Maybe you've been spending too much time with Mamoru!" Their leader teased by moving her index finger into Usagi's shoulder.

Her pout grew stronger. "That's not true!" She was quick to defend herself, only to have a suspicious blush run across her chubby cheeks.

"Oh it isn't?" Minako fought back with a grin that stretched ear-to-ear. "Then what's wrong? Oh!" Removing her hand from Usagi's shoulder, she slammed her balled fist into her open left palm. "I know, he's leaving you!"

The goddess of love always knew what buttons to press. "Minako!"

Out of what seemed to be the blue, Luna landed in the center of the table, her four paws disturbing the papers and wrinkling them. The wise cat's presence caused each girl to fall silent. She wore a look of concern and seriousness that the girls had only seen when under dire conditions.

"Usagi's been having trouble sleeping." She said without hesitation. "She's having nightmares about the Dark Kingdom."

Well, that ended that, didn't it? Usagi felt more blood pool in her cheeks, this time feeling embarrassed. She sunk her head between her shoulders and removed her eyes from any faces in the room. Staring down at the table, she refused to defend the truth.

She could feel her teammates staring at her, oh those awkward stares. She could sense that they were no longer feeling anything but seriousness. It was a feeling that Usagi had come to know a few times in her life, usually during the heat of a battle. The way their eyebrows dipped downward like small frowns and their lips trembled with fear and worry, it was too much pressure.

The sudden warm touch of a hand to her shoulder caused the princess to twitch. She jerked to her left to see Rei. The fire Warrior had the worse worry gaze of all, her large passionate eyes narrowed while her jaw clenched tight.

"Usagi?" Her voice carried a sad tune.

There was no fighting it now. Might as well be as honest as she could. What else did she have to lose?

"It's strange," Usagi replied. "There was someone else there. Someone who wanted to hurt me just as much as Queen Beryl." She moved her eyes away from her team once again and stared at the table below her. "It was a man."

Through the silence, Makoto's voice broke out. "Why didn't you tell us?"

"I didn't think it was important."

The room fell silent once again. Why couldn't they just go back to studying? This wasn't that important, it was a dream. She wasn't worried about it, so why were they? It wasn't something she could control; it was something that just happened. Just this once, could they just study without interruption?

Before anyone could reply to her comment, the sliding door to Rei's room slid open. The sound of tiny footsteps entering the room broke their attention and the silence. Usagi, along with the others, turned to see that Chibi-Usa had entered the room with a bright smile on her face.

"Hey guys!"

The teenage girls refused to speak. Usagi watched as the moments passed and the expression on the 8 year old's face shift from happy to worry and concern. Oh no, this wasn't good. There was no way anyone could let on there was anything wrong with her! Chibi-Usa didn't have to know, not when that could cause the small child any anxiety.

The smallest female took a moment to glance across the room. "What's wrong?" She asked in a soft tone. "Usagi? What's the matter?"

She had to shake this off fast. Chibi-Usa was young but that didn't mean she wasn't smart. In fact, besides Ami, Chibi-Usa had to be one of the smartest people she knew. It was time for a change of subject.

Usagi shook her head back and forth. "Nothing. We're just studying."

The pink-haired girl cocked a thin brow. "Usagi? Studying?"

Ami lifted her small body from the ground and approached the worried girl. With a smile equipped on her face she spoke to reassure her. "Don't worry about us, Chibi-Usa. Let's get something from the kitchen, okay?"

The teen with the pixie-cut then placed her hand on Chibi-Usa's vacant shoulder. With a gentle touch, she helped spin the future princess around, leading her out of the bedroom. As the two girls exited the room, Chibi-Usa glanced over her tiny shoulder. Her wide eyes focused on Usagi while her eyebrows dipped upside down.

And there it was again. That look of utter worry and apprehension. No, Usagi wasn't going to let her worry like this. She was going to keep her safe and if that meant keeping her nightmares secret then so be it.

Usagi watched as her two buddies left the room. Ami had closed the door behind herself, leaving the four girls to themselves once again. Before the silence had a chance to buzz in her ears, Minako spoke.

"What are you going to do?"

What could she do? It was just a dream. "What can I do?"

"Dreams are usually portals into our deepest concerns," Usagi turned to the sound of Artemis' deep voice. "Usagi, are you trying to forget something related to the Moon Kingdom?"

A quick answer should get them off her back. "No…"

Out of the corner of her eye, Usagi watched as Rei shifted. She moved her hand to her mouth. The tip of her thumb touched her bottom lip until it had made contact with her teeth. She chewed on her nail for a moment or two, her eyes sharpening as if she were concentrating. What was she thinking?

"I think we should get back to work." Rei said as she pulled her hand away from her mouth.

That wasn't what she was really thinking. No, that look of concentration only meant that Rei was planning something. Usagi was sure of it. But what could they do about it now? Why not go back to studying? It meant they didn't have to talk about this anymore and the less she thought about it, the better.

Much better.


This was the only way she could be sure that Usagi's dreams were not a premonition future dangers. Sure, she had blown the blonde off earlier in the day but it was all a strategy to keep the other girls calm. Now would be the time for Rei to uncover the secrets of Usagi's night terrors.

Sitting before the great fire in her home's shrine, Rei placed her index fingers together and began to chant to herself. Over and over, the words came from her lips and she concentrated. She had to find out if Usagi, her princess, was in danger.

Her voice elevated over the cracking flames and became louder with each word uttered. Second by second her voice heightened, encouraging the fires before her to expand. The heat of the intense flames forced sweat to move down her face and stain her priestess clothing. She was nearly there, just one more push.

She shouted one final chat and the fire in front of her burst. This was it, she was going to see the future, and she was going to see what Usagi had been dreaming of. Her eyes fluttered shut and she inhaled a deep breath through her lips. Nothing but darkness consumed her and the feeling of anguish and loneliness shattered her body. The smell of burning flesh and smoke caused her to gag, she knew this place.

This was the Moon Kingdom during the final battle against the Dark Kingdom.

The silence was broken by the sound of hysteric laughter. It was a voice she could not recognize but it was somehow familiar…and haunting. This wasn't the laugh of a sane person; this was the laugh of someone whose heart was filled with darkness. The man's laughter echoed through her ears and seemed to become louder with each passing second. Louder and louder the sound had become unbearable and deafening. Just before Rei thought she could take no more of the laughter, her eyes snapped open.

And there she was, sitting on her dojo floor. Her entire body had become overheated by the enormous flames in the room, her body tired from the vision she had brought upon herself.

That laughter…it wasn't human.

"Usagi," Rei muttered to herself amongst the cracking of the fire. "Who was that man?"


The night was clear of any clouds, the wind at the most perfect temperature. This was his idea of the perfect evening. He had earned this peace, he had fought for it, it was only right of him to finally enjoy the peace that had existed for the last seven years. Ah, when did a grocery-shopping trip become so therapeutic?

"It's gonna be a good day tomorrow," Gohan said to himself. "Very good."

Act End.