Forgotten Voices

Act Two

"No, stop!"

The sound of Usagi's cries had become a usual habit. There wasn't any surprise in the fact that she would awake in the middle of the night, upset and scared. But even if it happened every night, the sting in Luna's concerned heart never faded. She was her princess after all; it was her sworn duty to protect her, no matter what. So how could she fight against something that didn't exist?

Luna lifted her head from her sleeping position and cracked open her eyes. She fled to Usagi's side and watched as the blonde female tossed and turned in her bed. Her face squinted and twisted as if she were in pain.

Not wasting a second longer, Luna leapt onto Usagi's chest and proceeded to dig her claws into her nightshirt. "Usagi! Wake up!"


Usagi sat straight up in bed. Luna hung on to the girl's chest with the aid of her claws. The two females paused for a moment, their eyes locked in a state of shock and confusion. Like the night before, Usagi was drenched in her own sweat and shaken to the near brink of tears.

This was the night she would finally break down.

Just as Luna released herself from Usagi's shirt, the teen girl slapped her hands to her face. She began to weep, her small gasps and cries vibrated from the space between her fingers. Her soft whimpers stayed within the walls of her bedroom but there wasn't any denying it, she was crying. Out of frustration or sorrow, Luna wasn't quite sure. All she knew for certain was that this was the third night in a row.

"Usagi," Luna called out to her master in a gentle tone. "Each time you have this dream, are you seeing more of it?"

Her cries became softer and quieter until they came to a slow stop. Hiccupping, she pulled her tear-stained hands from her face and exhaled. She took a short moment to swallow what saliva lingered in her mouth before she turned to the small cat.


"Do you want to tell me what's happening in your dream?"

The room fell silent once again. The blonde girl released a few sniffles but neither female spoke a word. Perhaps she had pushed her princess too far in asking the details of the vision? But what else could she do? She had to help Usagi, somehow. It was obvious the super heroine didn't want to come out with the information voluntarily.

But why not?

"In my dream," Usagi's voice broke the awkward silence. "I'm Serenity and its only hours before the Dark Kingdom attacks and…" She then lifted her hand to her forehead and paused. Her thin blonde brows dipped downward, furrowing over her eyes.

The feline's heart slams away. "Usagi?"

Forcing her right eye open she continued with what seemed to be strain, "Someone comes to my room. Wait, no," She shook her head, giving her best effort to recalling the dream. "It's a group of people and they want to take me away…" She again shuts her eyes and grunted.

Was she in pain? "Usagi, what's the matter?"

She groaned before pulling her hand from her forehead. "My head hurts."

"A headache?"

"Hm," Usagi forced both eyes open once again, this time turning to face Luna. "It feels like it's burning." She proceeded to push her index finger toward the center of her forehead. "Right here. I should get some medicine."

The princess maneuvered her way out of bed and placed both bare feet on the ground. She then walked across the carpeted floor without a sound and placed her pale fingers around her doorknob. With a single twist, she opened her door only to see Chibi-Usa waiting in the hall. Luna perked at the sight of the pink princess and leapt to the floor, standing beside Usagi.

"What are you doing up so late?" Usagi whispered.

Chibi-Usa's eyes darted from Usagi and landed on the floor. Her bottom lip was turned as if she was sucking on it. Her eyebrows furrowed in a nervous manner while her arms remained tucked behind her back. "I heard you scream," She said as a small dusting of pink flared over her cheeks. "I was…worried."

Luna jerked her attention from Chibi-Usa and glanced up at Usagi. The taller girl's jaw had dropped and the same pink dust on the youngster's face had contracted to hers. Usagi then extended her arm out to the girl until her hand landed on her head. She ran her fingers through Chibi-Usa's pink hair, only causing the smaller female's blush to become deeper.

"I have a headache, that's all." An obvious fib.

"You were screaming about your head hurting?" Chibi-Usa lifted a brow.

It was clear that Usagi wanted to keep this information from her future daughter; no doubt she wanted to keep the younger girl from worrying any. Luna couldn't understand their relationship but if this what Usagi wanted, and it wasn't hurting anyone, then it was a good idea to go with it. Why worry Chibi-Usa about something that may not be a threat?

"You know Usagi." Luna added with a clever smirk. "Crybaby." She then eyed the tall blonde.

"Usagi!" Chibi-Usa hissed, pulling her head away from her superior's hand. "I was worried!"

Usagi shoved her index finger against her own lips. "Shhh! I just said I had a headache."

"Go get some medicine then." The tiny girl's cheeks puffed with frustration before she began to turn away. "Good night."

A quick roll of her baby blues and she groaned, "Yeah, yeah." She then moved out of her door way and began making her way downstairs.

Luna turned to see that Chibi-Usa had yet to walk back up to her bedroom. Instead, the smallest Sailor Warrior stood with her head sinking between her shoulders and her tiny fists gripped. Was she mad or worried?

Before she had a chance to ask, she watched as Chibi-Usa spun on her heel and made a beeline for Usagi's vacant bed. The tiny girl dashed toward the bed and made a flying leap several feet from the mattress. She landed on Usagi's soft, pink comforter without a word and dug herself deep between the covers.

Was she really that worried about Usagi? Hm, the two girls were more alike than they would like to admit to themselves. They each worried so much about the other that they went to the point of hiding it from one another.

But that was the kind of love they shared.

The sound of Usagi's feet coming back up the stairs caused Luna to flinch and glance over her tiny shoulder. The blonde soon came into view, entering the doorway to her room. Her blue eyes scanned the room until they landed on her bed. The sight of Chibi-Usa in her bed seemed to shock her at first but soon after her features softened. A smile consumed her cheeks.

Usagi walked over to her bed and took her place on the small bed. Placing one foot beneath the sheets she pulled the comforter over her body and laid down. Luna was next to jump on the overcrowded bed. Finding her place between Usagi and Chibi-Usa, Luna curled up and wrapped her tail around her body.

"I'm watching you, Usagi!" Chibi-Usa chirped before rolling away from the blonde. "You aren't going to keep any secrets from me!"

Usagi pulled the covers up over her shoulder and whispered, "Good night, Chibi-Usa."


This was his last trip into the past. The bittersweet visit hadn't lasted more than two days and he had to return home. He had returned to inform his 'mother' and 'father' of his victory over the Artificial Humans and Cell. After their defeat a little over seven years ago, he returned just to make his parents proud. But went further than that, he had to say his final good byes. This was the last time he would see his father, a realism that Mirai Trunks did not want to face.

The Trunks in the present time had no clue whom he was and to quote his mother, he didn't need to at this age. Sure, his legacy of traveling through time would be passed down but only at the 'proper time'. Perhaps he was too young?

Mirai Trunks sat at the kitchen table with his mother, both enjoying what would be their last cup of coffee together. Might as well enjoy it, he was going to miss it for sure. But silence echoed through the kitchen. Why did they both have to be shy at a time like this? It wasn't like he was going to return years from now. This was their final meeting.

Before the silence could deafen his ears any further, the sound of footsteps caused both mother and son to jerk up right. Following the sound to the kitchen doorway, they both watched as the prince of Saiyans entered the room. He looked more disgruntled that usual, his brows furrowed and his bottom lip protruding.

Trunks found the courage to speak, "What's the matter?"

"Haven't you seen the news?" The older male grunted as he came to a halt feet from the table. "They have postponed the World Martial Arts Tournament."

The tournament? The same one that Goku and Piccolo once engaged in during their youth? The city was going to hold another one, after so long? And they were postponing it? What for?

"What? Why?" Bulma turned to Vegeta with a cocked brow.

"Some idiot is raving about seeing a monster." He snorted. "They've decided to cancel it because of that."

Monster sighting? Now that was strange. But hadn't times become peaceful since Gohan's battle against Cell? No new threats from invaders had come up, had they? At least his mother hadn't said anything about new enemies in the few hours after his arrival. Perhaps everyone was still in danger-mode after what happened seven years ago.


He flinched, the sound of his name on his father's lips. The purple haired male turned to address his father with his full attention. "Yes?" He asked in a nervous tone.

"Spar with me."

Was that all? Ah, by the tone his dad was calling him by, Trunks was sure he was in some kind of trouble. Not wasting a second, he lifted himself from his seat at the table. After standing, he pushed in his chair and turned to his mother, bobbing his head a single time to excuse himself.

Vegeta lead the way to the gravity room outside the main house. The full-blooded Saiyan traveled a few steps in front of him, his role of 'pack leader' obvious to anyone watching. His father hadn't changed in the least since they last meant but did that mean he cared any less? His cold exterior was hard to read, even now.

Trunks felt his ears twitch as the sounds of his father's footsteps came to a halt. He jerked his head upward to see that Vegeta indeed had come to a stop. He held both hands at his sides, palms clenched in tight fists. Was he angry about something?

"Have you felt any strange Ki since coming here?"

Trunks felt his right brow lift in confusion. "No, I haven't. Should I?"

"No." Vegeta remained stiff, not bothering to turn and face him. "If the humans are insisting they've been seeing monsters, then there should be a Ki reading somewhere."

Dare he question his father? "Do you feel anything out of the ordinary?" He asked in a low and submissive voice.


With that, Trunks released a sigh of relief. If some wary humans said they saw a monster lurking nearby was one thing but to feel a strange Ki in the area that was another thing. Nothing said was ever set in stone; the proof was in the Ki readings. But was his father worried? If he was, he was sure putting up a good wall.

"Trunks," Vegeta called to his future son. "Don't let your guard down."

"Yes, father."

"And don't stop your training, understand?"

Why would he ever stop his training? It was an obvious question but once again, why question his father? He was a smart man and he had too much to lose now to risk anything important. But Vegeta wasn't one to worry about anything so what was with the hesitation? Were the news reports on the monster sightings getting under his skin that much?

"I don't want you to end up like Kakarrot's son."

Gohan? What was wrong with Gohan? Either way it didn't seem like that was a subject open for discussion. Whenever the topic that involved Goku was almost always off limits. Why open a fresh can of worms when he could just nod and agree? It was better to accept his father's words and return to training. A fight with his father one the last visit was not the way he wanted to end things.

Act End.