Disclaimer: I do not own Sailor Moon or Harry Potter. This was not my idea but a challenge from Shinigami's shadow. I AM SO SORRY THIS STORY IS LATE GETTING UP!

Challenge :Harry and Serena were brother and sister during the Silver Millennium time
-Harry also has Knights who are 19-20 (Sorry couldn't resist, Harry
deserves some older brother figures)
-You are allowed to use Sailor Rainbow, but their must be a Rainbow
Knight also.
-Molly must be Sailor Sun and Nephrite(Nephlite) must be alive and must
be paired with Molly.(I just can't break them up cries)
-Their must be a Sun/Solar Knight
-Must have SerenaxDarien and HarryxGinny

-The Knights must be OC's cause. It will make things more complicated for the Moron AKA Fudge and Dumb-

As a note, only 3 of them will be OC's. The others are cannon, but ones we don't know really well.
-Must be set either during fourth year or fifth year
-Darien and Harry must get along very well

HP era: Part of this will be in book 3 and 4.

SM era: first season of Sailor Moon, right before Nephlyte dies.

Twins of the Moon, Earth and Sun

Sun Power

Nephlyte saved Molly from Zoicite's vine-vamps but they tracked them down and attacked them. While he was trying to protect Molly, he got hurt. Grape, Zoicite's thug, hit him with poisionous thorns that drained his enrgy.

"Those thorns will keep sucking your energy until you die!" said Grape as her comrades appeared on either side of her. They had the same pointed ears and their mouths were coverd. Grape's hair was light brown, her skin purple and her outfit dark green. On her right was Suzuran. hre hair was black, her body light green and her outfit dark green. Housenka's hair was reddish brown and her outfit was green and red.

"If you do not want us to kill the girl," said Housenka, "give us the dark crystal."

"Very well," said Nephlyte. He looked at Molly. "Run!"

"No!' said Molly.


"No! No!" Molly insisted coming to his side.

"Dont' be foolish!" said Nephlyte, pushing her away.

"No, I'm not leaving you!" declared Molly and she clasped her hands on the thorns and she screamed in pain. It was hard to keep hold of the thorns, much less than pull them out. But she had to. She wasn't going to watch Nephlyte die.

"You can't pull those out," said Grape.

Molly truggled to pull out of the thorns. Nephlyte couldn't watch it anymore. "Hurry! Hurry and run!"

Molly didn't let up. Grunting, she yanked onto the thorns. Nephlyte continued to tell her to stop. "It's enough. It's okay. You can go."

The thorns slowly began to draw out of his body. Just a few inches more and he would be saved.

"Impossible!" exclaimed Grape.

"Nephlyte, don't die!" said Molly.

"I'll stop them both!" said Housenka, throwing dozens of red explosive balls at the couple.

Nephlyte jumped to protect Molly again, losing the dark crystal. Nephlyte shieled Molly and Molly looked up at him.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

"Good work," said a voice as a flurry of petals appeared. "The black crystal is mine now." Zoycite laughed as the crystal flew to her hand.

"You're pathetic, Nephlyte," she said, rather pleased. "First you lose your crystal and now you'll lose your girlfriend too. We do not tolerate traitors." She disappeared, leaving her thugs to do the rest.

"Heartless creature," Nephlyte muttered.

"Parting is such sweet sorrow," said Grape.

"Leave me," Nephlyte pleaded Molly.

"No!" Molly resisted. How could she leave her love?

"Hold it!" cried Sailor Moon.

"Huh?" mumbled Grape.

"Just because they're in love, you want to torment them," Sailor Moon exclaimed. "That's not right!"

"It's those Sailor Scouts!" said Housenka

"In the name of the Moon, I will punish you!"

"And in the name of the planet Mercury, I will punish you!"

"On behalf of Mars, I will punish you!"

"We'll deal with you first," said the demon in disgust. "Attack!"

The demons went after the scouts but they were ready.

"MERCURY BUBBLES BLAST!" Her bubbles attack disoriented the monsters. "Take that!"





The combined attack destroyed the monsters but could Nephlyte still be saved? He was slipping away before their very eyes.

"Nephlyte!" Molly cried, looking scared.

"Sailor Moon," Nephlyte said weakly.


"It looks like your true identity will remain a secret," he told her.

"What are you saying?" Sailor Moon asked in surprise.

Nephlyte gazed at Molly. "Sorry."

"For what?" she asked.

"Don't think we'll be having a chocolate parfait," he explained.

"No," said Molly.

"Sorry I lied to you again," Nephlyte went on. "But this time I didn't mean to. Forgive me. Don't forget me. I just want you to know you're in my heart."

Nephlyte started fading away. Molly held him close.

"Nephlyte, no, don't go," she pleaded. "We'll get a doctor and everything will be all right. Nephlyte, hang on. I don't want you to go. No, don't leave me. NO!"

Feeling helpless and sad for Molly, the three sailor soldiers stood back with tears stinging their eyes. They were too late. They were going to watch Nephlyte die and Molly's heartbreak. Nephlyte really did care for Molly. He did change for the better.

Sobbing, Molly held the dying Nephlyte in her arms. She wished there was something she could do. Then something strange happened. A gold symbol of a circle with a dot in the middle appeared on her forehead. Nephlyte stared in surprise.


Something appeared in front of Molly. It was a pretty shiny white locket outlined in gold with a dot, just like the symbol on her head. It was the symbol of the sun. She stood, raised her hand, and called on its power.


Gold sparkles of light flew down to her fingertips. Rays of golden sunshine glowed on her body, creating her fuku. She had a gold skirt and vest with red bows. Her collar was red emblazoned with the symbol of gold symbol of the sun. She had gold ballerina like slippers wrapped around her feet. Her tiara had a bright red ruby, the gem of the sun. Once her transformation was complete, she crossed her arms out in front of her as if she were about to embrace herself.

Like Nephlyte, the other sailor scouts were stunned. Sailor Moon especially. She had been best friends with Molly for so long and she finally learns that she had been a sailor soldier this whole time? The red-haired girl that had been friends with Serena for years, showed her true self: Sailor Sun.

"Molly?" Nephlyte whispered.

"Hold on, Nephlyte," said Sailor Sun. "SUN HEALING REMEDY!"

She held out her hand and sparkles of sunlight fell on him. The thorns that had impaled him disappeared and the hole in his chest began to heal up. Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars stood in surprised. Sailor Moon was crying.

Once Sailor Sun was done healing his wounds, she smiled and lowered her hands. She knelt down to him and took his arm. "How do you feel? Can you stand?"

"I—I feel fine," he said, still in amazement. "How did you do that?"

Sailor Sun shrugged. "I don't know."

Nephlyte embraced her and she embraced him back, nuzzling his chest.

"I'm so glad you're all right!" said Sailor Sun.

Sailor Moon walked to them. "Molly?"

Sailor Sun turned around. "Sailor Moon…"

"Molly, it's me, Serena," Sailor Moon said. "How long have you been a sailor scout?"

"For about thirty seconds," Sailor Sun said with a small smile. "But…I feel as if I've been Sailor Sun longer than that."

"Me too," said Sailor Moon with a nod. "I'm glad you're a sailor scout. Now I feel closer to you than ever."

"You know," said Sailor Sun, taking Sailor Moon's hands. "I think I've always known that you were Sailor Moon. It's no surprise to me finding out who you are."

Sailor Moon smiled broadly. Sailor Mars and Sailor Mercury came up behind her. Sailor Sun recognized them.

"Raye…Ami," said Sailor Sun.

Sailor Mars stared. "I don't think you even met me."

"Yes, but I just knew," said Sailor Sun. "I just knew who you guys where when I saw you." Sailor Sun looked at Nephlyte. "It will only be a matter of time until Zoycite finds out that she failed to kill you. You'll need to keep a low profile."

Nephlyte nodded. "From this day forward, I'm not serving the Negaverse."

The four sailor scouts smiled and nodded at the former Negaverse general. Nephlyte bent down before the sailor scouts. Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury gasped in shock while Sailor Mars raised an eyebrow in confusion. Sailor Sun looked on Nephlyte in admiration.

"I swear my allegiance to the sailor soldiers and the Moon princess, the true carrier of the Imperial Crystal," Nephlyte promised.

Sailor Moon looked at the other three sailor scouts. "All right. It hasn't been easy trying to find the Moon Princess or the Imperial Crystal. I'm sure we could use your help."

"And you can tell us the weaknesses of the Negaverse," said Sailor Mars. "You will be a great ally."

"Welcome to the team," said Sailor Moon and she shook hands with Nephlyte.


Hogwarts, Harry's 3rd year

It was final year exams for Harry and third year divination students has a crystal ball scrying session with Trelawney for their exam. Harry was not in the mood to sit with the drama queen of a teacher and stare at a large marble. He was the last one to meet with her. Ron came down the steps.

"How'd it go?" Harry asked.

"Rubbish," said Ron. "couldn't see a thing, so I made stuff up. Don't think she was convinced, though…"

"Harry Potter!" called Professor Trelawney.

"Meet you in the common room," Harry whispered to Ron and he climbed the ladder to Professor Trelawney's room. It was always hot in the tower, but now it felt hot as Hades. The fire was going, filling the room with its strong and sick aroma, causing Harry to cough. He walked through to a table where Professor Trelawney waited for him. In the middle of the small table was a crystal ball.

"Good day, my dear," she said softly. "If you would kindly gaze into the Orb…take your time now….then tell me what you see with in it…"

Harry pulled the chair opposite Trelawney out and he sat upon it. He stared into the ball, rubbing his head. All Harry saw was a swirling mist. Was England expecting some heavy fog?

"Well?" Trelawney prompted delicately. "What do you see?"

Harry's mind was on many things: Sirius Black, Hagrid's hippogriff and dementors. He decided to follow Ron's example and use his imagination.

"Er—" said Harry, "a dark shape…um…"

"What does it resemble?" whispered Professor Trelawney. "Think, now…"

Harry searched his mind and thought of Buckbeak.

"A hippo--," said Harry, but before he could finish the sentence, the swirling mist cleared to show something. Harry put his hands on the table and leaned closer. It was a woman with long, wavy red hair in a dark purple dress wearing a black headdress and an evil fanged smile. "A woman?" Harry said in surprise.

"A—yes—the girl that would one day break your heart," said Trelawney.

Harry looked at the woman again. She looked quite old and she didn't at all seem like Harry's type. In a way, she didn't even look human. The whites of her eyes were yellow and her pupils were red. On her shoulders were spikes and her ears were pointed. She was wearing earrings and a necklace out of beryl.

"No," said Harry, looking at her fangs. "She looks kind of like a vampire to me."

"A vampire?" Trelawney said. "I believe that is how you will meet your demise."

Harry rolled his eyes. First he had Sirius Black to worry about and now some female vampire? Did Trelawney always have to talk about something negative?

"Well, dear," said Trelawney. "I think we'll leave it there. You are dismissed."

Harry stood up, pushed his chair into the table and then he heard Professor Trelawney speak. However, her voice was nothing like it was. It was as if she had a cold…a very nasty cold. In fact, it sounded as if she were possessed.

"Professor Trelawney?"

"IT WILL HAPPEN TONIGHT." Professor Trelawney said in a raspy, harsh voice. What was freakier about this was that Professor Trelawney's body had gone rigid and her eyes were unfocused, rolling about in her sockets. Harry wondered if she was putting on another act, but he thought that this was too extreme for even Professor Trelawney. Something about it was all too bizarre, too eerie.


Professor Trelawney's head fell onto her chest and she grunted. Harry stared at her and then a second later, Professor Trelawney's head snapped up again.

"I'm so sorry, dear boy," she said dreamily, "the heat of the day, you know…I drifted off for a moment…"

Harry couldn't stop staring.

"Is there anything wrong, my dear?"

"You—you just told me that the—the Dark Lord's going to rise again...that his servant's going to go back to him…and something about a sister."

Professor Trelawney was flabbergasted at Harry's news.

"The Dark Lord? He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named? My dear boy, that's hardly something to joke about…Rise again, indeed—"

"But you just said it! You said the Dark Lord--,"

"I think you must have doze doff too, dear!" said Professor Trelawney. "I would certainly not presume to predict anything such as far-fetched as that!"

Harry looked at the crystal ball once again. The woman was still there, this time laughing. If the crystal ball had audio, Harry was certain he would hear booming, evil laughter.

"Sorry," said Harry, picking up his bag. "I'll just be on my way."

Harry climbed down the ladder with Trelawney's 'prediction' still fresh in his mind. The Dark Lord—Voldemort—will rise again. His servant would return to him. He would start tonight. A servant that had been chained for twelve years…the exact time Sirius Black had been in prison. Would Sirius go to him? Was that why he was ran from Azkaban? And that is why he was after Harry? To bring Harry's dead body to Voldemort? And there was something else that was strange about Trelawney's prediction. She had said that the servant would return to Voldemort if his sister didn't beat him to it. Did Voldemort have a sister? Before Harry started his second year, Dobby the house elf tried to stop him. He had told him that something bad was going to happen. When Harry asked him if Voldemort had a brother, Dobby said no. If he didn't have a brother, then perhaps he had a sister.

It didn't make sense though. Harry had even met Tom Riddle. Tom said nothing about a sister. Was it possible that Tom Riddle's mother may have had a second child with another man? Or perhaps his father had met a new wife? But if tom Riddle Sr. had fathered another child, this time a girl, certainly he wouldn't tell the girl that she had a wizard half brother. Perhaps the prediction wasn't real after all. Professor Trelawney wouldn't speak of the return the Dark Lord, when so many people feared his return. To speak of such things was considered blasphemy.

But the way Trelawney sounded, and looked, Harry couldn't help thinking, was that it wasn't her at all. It was as if someone else made that prediction.

When he got the news of Hagrid losing the appeal, he completely forgot about Trelawney's prediction. He had the present to worry about.


I hope you liked the begining! This is a short start, I know. But 1/4 of the story was already written and I thought I'd add a bit and just put it up. Shinigami's been waiting some time! But just so you know, this story may be slowly updated b/c of my other stories (and life). But once a story is finished, I might get this story rolling!