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Twins of the Moon, Earth and Sun

Chapter 30


Cedric and the others were patrolling the school grounds, looking for any sign of the Negaverse. Cedric knew they were coming, but not where and not when. While passing greenhouse number four, he got a vision so terribly powerful that it caused him to fall to his knees and grab his head. The Negaverse would be here in less than thirty seconds by using the most obvious route Cedric reprimanded himself for it.

"The Shrieking Shack!" he gasped out in pain and frustration. "Why didn't I see it before?

"Ced!" it was Ian. He was on the other side of the greenhouses when he saw Cedric stumble. "What's wrong?" He came to Cedric's side.

"They're coming from the Shrieking Shack!" Cedric exclaimed.

"I'm on it!" said Ian and he transformed into Fulvous.

Fulvous went to the Whomping Willow like a speeding bullet. As he got closer to it, something about the Whomping Willow scared him into a screeching halt. His feet dug deep into the ground, creating two long ditches and he nearly crashed right into the Whomping Willow.

"Holy crap!" he exclaimed.

The Whomping Willow's roots were ripping out of the ground and it move from its hole. In its trunk, a large, monstrous mouth formed with massive teeth.

"And I thought it was creepy before!" Fulvous muttered, backing away. Fulvous dodged one of the branches and he sprinted around the large man-eating tree, ripping off branches as he did. Negaverse baddies started to climb out of the hole one by one, leaving Fulvous to battle them and the Whomping Willow alone.

"Hey! I could use some help here!" Fulvous shouted.

A dagger flew by Fulvous' face and hit the knot on the Whomping Willow. The Whomping Willow grunted as if it was confused, and then it exploded. Indicus, the knight of stealth and weaponry expertise had arrived.

"Indicus?" gasped Fulvous.

"Did you forget its weak point, Fulvous?" Indicus demanded as he pulled out two short swords. After the knights were reunited, Cyanos conjured new weapons for everyone. Indicus was pleased to trade in his twin daggers for fierce swords.

"Yeah, but did you have to blow it up?" said Fulvous playfully. "It's still Hogwarts property! You might have to owe Sprout detention!"

"I never liked that tree anyway," Indicus said and he charged the nearest Negaverse lackey.

"Dinner's ready!" exclaimed an acromantula mother to her many legged children.

Before leaving the castle, Harry had to tell his friends more than once not to follow him.

"Listen, this isn't the same as stopping Quirrel from getting the Sorcerer's stone," he said firmly. "We're fighting more than just Dark Wizards here. If you want to help, stay alive and only fight if the Negaverse gets passed the Knights. Don't let them get into the castle."

"All right," said Hermione. "Just be careful, Harry. We'll do what we can to protect Hogwarts. "

"Thanks," said Harry and he and Neville went outside. They found Cedric walking up the stairs, coming to meet them. He had decided to wait before transforming into his knight self.

"There you are!" he said. "Onyx is in the Shrieking Shack…or at least…what remains of it."

"I remember how to get there," said Harry as he followed Cedric toward the battle.

"The labyrinth is bigger and more complex than the one Mala cite made," said Cedric. "It will take you too long to fight through all that Negaverse scum, I'll have Sidon make a path for you. She can track him down."

Cedric whistled at Sidon, who was attacking Negaverse monsters in the shape of a lion. Upon hearing her master call, she finished off the Negaverse monster she had been fighting (she was merely playing with it) and she transformed into a falcon. She flew to Cedric and hovered in the air obediently.

"Lead our princes to Onyx," Cedric commanded. "Keep them save."

Sidon transformed into a large mole and plowed through the ground. Surprisingly, the tunnel they landed in was free of Negaverse monsters…for the moment.

"What about you?" Neville inquired.

"Don't worry about us," said Cedric and he transformed into Palleo. "We can take care of the Negaverse."

"Let's go, Neville," said Harry. He and Neville jumped into the ravine and they became their prince selves.

With Sidon leading them as a wolf, Prince Chromos and Prince Tranquility went to the heart of the labyrinth, which had once been the one room of the Shrieking Shack. Now it looked like a large dungeon room. There, they found Onyx himself who had been waiting for them.

Upon the frozen wasteland, a giant lotus opened and revealed Queen Beryl, now roughly fifty feet tall. Her purple dress was now red and her red hair green, standing straight up in the air from her head. Her eyes flashed red and she laughed. Down below her, Sailor Moon lead the Sailor Scouts in a showdown to the death.

"Sheesh," said Sailor Jupiter. "It's Super Beryl…and I thought she was ugly before."

"She's stronger too," noted Sailor Mercury.

"Better enjoy that laugh Beryl because it will be your last," Sailor Moon said defiantly.

"Sailor Scouts," growled Queen Beryl.

"You are going down," threatened Sailor Mars.

"We better get this over with then," said Queen Beryl.

"Let's get to it," said Sailor Moon.

"You don't know what you are up against," Queen Beryl snarled. "Goodbye, Sailor Scouts."

"Hey, don't underestimate us," said Sailor Sun. "You may be bigger than us, but you're still outnumbered."

Angered, Queen Beryl shot a powerful blast of energy at the seven scouts. A column of ice shot up in the air and opened to reveal Sailor Jupiter, Mars, Mercury and Venus standing in a circle with their hands clasped. In the center of the four scouts stood Sailor Moon, Earth and Sun in their princess forms. Sun Princess Sonne wore a long sleeved gold dress with many beads. . She stood on the right of the Moon Princess, Serenity. Serenity was in a white strapless dress with gold circles at the chest. To her left stood Earth Princess Elementa who wore a bronze dress.

Queen Beryl laughed. "You? Pitiful Princess Serenity?"

Najini hissed at the heroes and Onyx told her to be silent. "Patience, Najini. I'll feed them to you in time."

Sidon growled and Tranquility had to tell her to be calm.

"Prince Tranquility, Prince Chromos," Onyx said softly, almost pleasant. "How good of you to come. I've been expecting you."

"How ironic," hissed Chromos. "We've been waiting for you to show up."

"My apologies for keeping you two waiting," said Onyx. "I needed a body before I could travel here."

"Better enjoy that body while you can, Onyx," Prince Tranquility said. "Because it's going to be gone very soon!"

Prince Tranquility charged him and came very close to cutting Onyx when Endymion had appeared with Jedite and Nephlyte.

"Tranquility, no!" Endymion said. He took out his sword and deflected his attack on Onyx.

"Endymion!" exclaimed Tranquility. "Still on the side of the Negaverse, I see!"

"No, Tranquility," said Endymion. "It's not what you think. Sailor Moon's healed me and I am back on your side."

"So why do you keep me destroying Onyx?" Tranquility demanded.

"I too would like to know why you continue to help me even after being healed, Endymion," inquired Onyx, rather intrigued.

"Because you stole Malachite's body, you snake!" Endymion snapped. "Tell me, Onyx, if we destroy you then we destroy Malachite too, is that right?"

"Oh it is very unlikely that you'll be able to destroy me," said Onyx. "But indeed, because I possess Malachite's strong and powerful body-" Onyx paused to caress his new chest, "destroying me will also destroy him."

"Which is why we can't destroy Onyx until we remove him from Malachite's body," said Nephlyte.

"Try as you might, gentlemen," said Onyx, "but you will find that impossible. I am bound to Malachite's body. You will have to destroy us both!"

"No!" exclaimed Endymion.

"We have no choice, Endymion," said Chromos. "Perhaps Malachite would rather us destroy them both than allow him to share his body with a monster!"

"No, I've already lost one of my generals," said Endymion. "I will not lose anymore!"

"Then prepare to die!" said Onyx and he used a poisonous spray on the men.

"Sun Shield!" Chromos yelled, holding his morning star above him. A bright gold light surrounded him and his friends, protecting them from the spray.

"Malachite, can you hear me?" Endymion called out. "You have to keep Onyx from using your body. I don't want to be forced to kill you!"

The black shiny stone in Onyx glowed once and Jedite noticed it. "He has a stone in his forehead," said Jedite. "Just like Endymion and Sailor Earth. We've got to get it out!"

"How are we supposed to do that?" inquired Chromos in shock.

"Ferrius…the telekinetic, we've got to get him!" exclaimed Tranquility.

Before anyone could run, Sidon flew at Onyx's head and transformed into a parasitic worm. She burrowed into his skin and Onyx howled in pain, whirling around. He hit at his head, trying to get at Sidon. Chromos and Tranquility stood staring in shock and disgust.

"Restrain him!" shouted Endymion. Jedite and Nephlyte jumped forward and grabbed Onyx's arms.

A black small chunk of onyx fell out of the forehead of the Negaverse Lord. His black hair became white and Malachite's body returned to him. Sidon crawled out of the hole and transformed into a phoenix. She laid her head on the cut and prepared to cry.

"She's healing him," mumbled Chromos.

"That is one amazing animal," said Endymion with a laugh and he stroked the gorgeous bird. "Thank you."

While Endymion, Nephlyte and Jedite tried to talk Malachite back to consciousness, Najini the snake hissed and spat. Tranquility stiffened and his voice was panicked.

"The snake!" he exclaimed.

Najini lunged for the blood-spotted onyx that had fallen to the floor and swallowed it. Najini coiled around and expanded several sizes. The top half her body became a human torso with arms and head. Onyx still was not gone.

"I don't believe it," gasped Tranquility.

"Thank you, Najini," murmured Onyx. "It is not as powerful as my former body, or Malachite's…but your body has always been useful."

Tranquility and the others got in their battle stances. Sidon took the form of a six mongoose.

"Now we end this," said Tranquility. "Moon Silver Streak!"

He sent a blast of silver energy at Onyx who used a black blast of poison. . Sidon crept around Onyx, jumped and clamped her mouth over Onyx's head. With Onyx quickly loosing air, the Tranquility and Chromos combined their attacks to destroy Onyx. Nothing was left of him, not even onyx that Beryl has placed in his forehead.

Sidon chirped and spun around playfully.

"Yes, well done, Sidon," said Tranquility and he petted her.

She looked at where Onyx had been a few moments ago and made a mournful sound. Chromos laughed. "I think she was planning on eating him."

"I think we could've used a giant mongoose when the Chamber of Secrets was opened," said Tranquility.

Endymion slapped Malachite softly in the face, trying to get him to awake. He was barely breathing.

"What is wrong with him?" inquired Nephlyte.

"I don't know," said Endymion. 'He won't wake. But we all saw Sidon heal him."

"I think Onyx drained him of all his strength," said Jedite.

Tranquility and Chromos joined the others around Malachite. With some more encouragement and healing techniques, Malachite finally came around.

"Malachite, we were worried," said Endymion. "Are you all right?"

"I don't think I have much time," Malachite answered hoarsely.

"No," muttered Endymion. "We saved you! Onyx is gone."

"I think…this is how Beryl planned it," said Malachite. "If Onyx is somehow removed from my body, then I would expire shortly."

"This is my fault!" Endymion exclaimed.

"No, it isn't," said Malachite. "Don't blame yourself. It's better this way. I'll see Zoycite again. Thank you for freeing me, Endymion."

There in Endymion's arms, Malachite dissolved into a thousand particles of life. Endymion cried soundlessly as his two remaining generals gave a supporting hand on his back. After allowing him to grieve for a few moments, Jedite and Nephlyte helped their prince out of the hole and back to the surface.

Queen Beryl sent another blast of energy at them which the sailor scouts blocked. Sailor Mercury noticed black energy flowing into Beryl from the giant flower.

"That flower she's standing in is what is energizing Queen Beryl," said Sailor Mercury quickly. "If we destroy that…."

"Then Beryl is no more!" added Sailor Jupiter.

"You four go down to attack that giant flower," said Princess Elementa. "We will continue to fight Queen Beryl. She'll be too busy fighting us to notice you."

"Right!" said Sailor Mars and the four sailor scouts slid down the giant ice column and headed to the flower. They surrounded the giant flower and attacked at once.

"Mercury Bubbles Blast!"

"Mars Fire Ignite!"

"Jupiter Thunder Crush!"

"Venus Crescent Beam Smash!"

The four combined attacks made the flower begin to wilt, preventing it from powering Queen Beryl even more. "No!"

"Earth Prism Power!"

"Sun Prism Power!"

"Cosmic Moon Power!"

Queen Beryl shrank to her previous form and was blasted into nothing. She was gone, forever.

The Knights had no trouble disposing of the Negaverse goons. Fulvous was attacked buy an insect humanoid of the Negaverse. It had beady eyes, wings and long fingers. As it spoke, it voiced buzzed annoyingly.

"You are really starting to bug me," Fulvous muttered. He grabbed the Negaverse flyman by its skinny wrists, spun around and flung it toward the forest. It landed onto of an acromantula's domed web.

Ferrius used telekinesis to push an enemy away from him and right into Indicus' outstretched sword. Hyalus, the knight of sound, used a club that was in the shape of a tuning fork against his enemies. He swung it onto the ground or on trees, creating loud sound waves that created ravines in the earth. Cyanos used illusions on the Negaverse. He several Negaverse enemies look like him in order to confuse the enemy and make them fight each other. When they all fell down dead, Cyanos smiled and dusted off his shoulder.

All of the Negaverse minions had been destroyed by the time the Sailor Scouts returned.

"Geez, you couldn't have saved some for us?" Sailor Jupiter demanded playfully.

"You're back!" exclaimed Palleo. He ran to her and picked her up, swinging her around. "You're alive!"

"Of course I am," Sailor Jupiter muttered, slightly offended. "I told you we'd be all right."

"Where's Tranquility?" Sailor Moon inquired. "Endymion?"

"We're over here," said Endymion gruffly, pushing through the throng of knights.

Sailor Moon ran to him and embraced him. "Endymion!"

"Malachite's dead," Endymion said. "We were able to purge Onyx from his body but...it wasn't enough."

"It's not your fault, Endymion," Sailor Moon said.

"She's right," added Tranquility. "He's free now."

It didn't take long for things to return to normal, or as normal as normal could be at Hogwarts. There was an award ceremony for the champions. Though it was Pierre who had emerged from the maze with the Triwizard cup, Cedric and Viktor still received cups of their own. The champions also had to give speeches, something that Viktor Krum felt very unaccustomed too.

"I vood like to thank my headmaster Professor Karkaroff for all his support," he said. "And I'm grateful for the opportunity to come here and meet new friends." He winked at Hermione who blushed. A gaggle of girls clapped and waved at the young Quidditch star. He ended his speech by singing the last line of Durmstrang's school song, which the Drumstrang students joined in on.

Foreseeing that he had to say a speech, Cedric wrote his well in advance. However, he made several changes it at the last minutes after all the growing he made as a rainbow knight. He thanked Lita for her support and his coach for his advice.

"I would also like to thank Professor Dumbledore and the ministry of Magic for bringing the Triwizard Tournament back on. I enjoyed every minute, even the part of the dragon."

Many students laughed, Hagrid included who clapped hard. Finally, the winner of the Triwizard Tournament had a time to speak. Used to expressing himself through pictures than words, he was quite flustered. He broke the ice by asking Jilly to help him unroll a large scroll of parchment. It was a banner of the three champions in each task, included the event of the Yule Ball.

"I've made copies of this," Pierre said, "for all our schools. I hope you can hang these up in your entrance halls so that every time you walk by, you will remember the fun times we had here. I know I will always remember. Thank you for this opportunity."

His chin trembled and Jilly reached out to put her arm around him. Pierre swallowed hard and took a breath. "Go Bears!"

A few Beaxbaton boys made a growling noise and echoed, "Go Bears!"

As Beaxbatons and Durmstrang began to depart, Filch began hanging up the banner in the entrance hall. Harry spent a few minutes to say farewell to his protectors. Harry found it difficult to see them all be separated.

"Come on, Harry, I'll still be here next year!" said Ian Handler playfully as he gave him a noogie.

"Here," said Pierre, holding out what appeared to be watches. "We'll all be able to communicate each other with these. All we have to do is open it up and say the name of the person we want to talk to."

"Cool, we can talk during boring classes," said John Gavington as he strapped on his watch.

They all gave each other half hugs, promising to keep in touch. Pierre gave Ami a few of his drawings for her to remember him by. Viktor gave Hermione an autographed photo of him in front of Durmstrang. ON the back was a message: this is Durmstrang, in case you ever want to come in visit.

Upon reading the message, Hermione blushed and she hid the note before Ron or anyone else could see. When Beaxbatons and Durmstrang left, Serena and Harry hiked up to the Gryffindor Tower to reminisce on the year's events.

"This has to be the busiest year at school I've had," Harry said, letting out a long sigh.

"And I thought I had busy days," Serena laughed.

"Hey, Serena, now that the Negaverse has been destroyed," said Harry, "does this mean you'll be going back to Japan?"

Serena paused. "I think I will…I'm not sure." She looked to him. "We have just found each other. Do we have to be separated again?"

"I wish you could stay," said Harry. "But I understand that you've got another life back home. Do your parents even know you're here?"

"Er, no, not really," Serena said sheepishly. "I told them I was studying abroad. Jed is quite the mastermind. He made Hogwarts look legit to my parents." She laughed. "My Dad thinks I'm studying journalism!"

The twins shared a laugh. "Well, I know that if I need you again, it will be easier to find you a second time."

"Yeah," said Serena. "You won't need to send Hedwig all the way here. The watches Pierre made will also work if you say my name."

"Really?" said Harry. "I meant with the whole mind-link thing. I was able to communicate to you by just thinking."

"Oh…you didn't read anything that you shouldn't have, have you?" said Serena warningly.

"Like what?" said Harry. "The grade you got on your Potions final? Everyone knows that!"

"Oh, great!" Serena groaned. "Maybe going back Japan is a good idea!"

On the train ride home, Serena and the scouts mingled as much as they could with their new friends. Serena hugged her long-lost brother before letting him return to his uncle and aunt. Lita gave Cedric a huge kiss, right in front of his parents. Though he knew it was going to happen, he allowed it anyway. Mr. Diggory howled and clapped while Mrs. Diggory looked slightly nervous, as if she didn't know whether to be happy or concerned.

"I'll write everyday," Lita whispered to him.

"I knew that," he whispered back and he gave her a quick kiss on the lips before joining up with her parents.

"Your young friend is always welcome to the house, Ced," Mr. Diggory said joyously.

"Just not your room," Mrs. Diggory added.

"No John you can't go!" wailed Mina, hugging onto him tightly. John groaned.

"Actually yeah," he said. "My parents are waiting."

"But I'll miss you!" she exclaimed.

He took out an mp3 player from his bag. "Here, I arranged a list of songs for you. I knew you'd need them."

Mina sniffed. "For me?" she said.

"Yeah," he said and he tucked a piece of hair behind her ear. "You know, I like your new haircut. It's cute."

Mina smiled. She had cut her chin length when she finally made up her mind for Danessa's false makeover party. She had thrown away the red ribbon she'd received from Kaitou Ace. John kissed her on the cheek and walked away. Mina waved at him and promptly started playing the music.

After saying goodbye to their new friends, Serena, Darien, the scouts and the former generals returned to Japan. It was as if nothing changed. Jed followed Raye to the temple.

"You know, you don't have to stay," Raye said. "We've got all the help we need."

"This place has grown onto me," Jed told her. "And so have you."

"Huh?" said Raye.

"Raye you're back!" Chad shouted, rushing out of the temple. He stopped dead when he saw Jed turn Raye to him and kiss her on the mouth. Chad groaned and went back into the temple to grab his stuff.

"Going so soon?" Grampa Hino asked, watching Chad fold away his Shinto unform, now dressed in street clothes.

"Well, I think it's time for me to return ot the music business, sir."

Mina opened an envelope with an English stamp. Inside was a letter from her friend Rianna that introduced her to the wizarding world.


I met your boyfriend John. I knew it would be a matter of time until you snagged a good one! You've got good taste, girl! He told me that you moved to Japan to help your friends.

I'll miss you but I know that Japan will probably need you more than England at this time. Cedric's told me he's had visions of bad things happening, though some of it doesn't make sense. He told me something about an evil tree from outer space! I think you'd better start hugging some trees, just to be safe.

By the way, our Volleyball Team only won one match this year. The team totally stinks without you in it! When you are done fighting evil down there, come back!


Mina laughed and folded her arms behind her head as she fell down on her bed. She was glad she took the time to visit Rianna when she did.

Serena, Darien, Molly and Maxfield sat together in the ice cream parlor discussing the Negaverse and any new possible adventures.

"I remember Queen Beryl saying something about dark forces other than the Negaverse," Maxfield said. "It would be only a matter of time until those forces come to Earth."

"Then we'll just be ready when they do," said Molly brightly.

Serena nodded in agreement. "And we know where to find good help whenever we may need it."

Darien smiled. "That's right. If we can stop the Negaverse, we can stop anybody."

The four took their drinks and chinked them together in a toast. They knew that they could always count on each other, whatever might happen.

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