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Prompt: Everything But The Kitchen Sink

End of Series Spoilers


Riza sighed as she looked around at the boxes that cluttered her apartment.

"What's wrong?" Roy asked as he walked through the open door with unfolded boxes under his arm and packing tape looped around his wrist.

She waved her hand around the room. "I never really got the chance to unpack."

"I worked you pretty hard, didn't I?" he asked, grinning sheepishly.

She shook her head. "No, I'm just horrible at unpacking," she confessed.

"Well that gives us less work to do," he said, eyes brightening at the prospect of getting to relax before heading for the train station in the morning.

"I can take care of this on my own. You should go finish packing up your apartment," she suggested.

"Yeah, like I want to go back to that mess. Ma's staying there until her bar is renovated, which means the girls have joined her," he explained.

"Sir, you really should spend some time with your family while we're still here. You may not be able to visit them for a while," she lectured him.

"It's not much further than Eastern and the distance never kept them away before."

She narrowed her eyes at him.

He propped the unfolded boxes against the wall and tossed the tape to her. "Fine, I'll go," he conceded. "But remember, the place has been abandoned for years, so bring everything you can," he reminded her.

"Yes, Sir, everything but the kitchen sink," she said, giving him a mock salute.


Riza stared up at the building, memories of her first tour in Ishval bubbling to the surface of her mind. She shook her head and walked through the doors held open by two Warrant Officers in white dust cloaks. They saluted her as she walked past, and she shifted the box in her arms to salute back. Fans twirled on the ceiling and a man reading a newspaper glanced up at her.

"Name and rank?" he asked.

"Lieutenant Colonel Riza Hawkeye," she replied.

He snapped a quick salute that she returned.

"Ah, up top, Ma'am. Only two apartments on that floor," he said, staring at her in awe as he held out a set of keys to her.

"Thank you, Cadet. We really appreciate you volunteering to help get this building set up."

He nodded and watched her as she went past the elevator and to the stairs.

Riza stared at her empty apartment, trying to plan out where everything would go. She set the box down on the kitchen counter and opened it. "This time, I'll unpack," she vowed.

Just then, she heard a creak, and whirled around as she pulled her gun from its holster.

Roy stood inside a door that certainly wasn't the door she'd used to enter the apartment. She shoved the gun back in place and saluted him.

He rolled his eyes. "No need to salute when it's just us," he reminded her.

She eyed him wearily. Why are you in my apartment?"

He took a step back. "I'm in my apartment," he said matter-of-factly.

"No, these are the keys they gave me," she argued, holding up the keys she'd dropped in her pocket.

He smirked. "Adjoining apartments. I requested it, since we're going to have a lot of work to do," he explained.

She frowned. "How do I lock that door?" she demanded.

"You can lock it all you want, just remember that this clapping alchemy is pretty convenient."

"You wouldn't."

"I might, or I might not," he said, shrugging nonchalantly.

"How'd you get here before me? I thought you got stopped for a press conference."

He nodded. "I did, but that didn't take as long as it took for you to make sure everything from the trains got sent to the right places."

"How am I supposed to explain this to the Fuhrer when he's here next week?"

Roy laughed. "You won't have to, he gave me the idea," he told her.

"He would, wouldn't he?" Riza grumbled at her grandfather's eagerness.

A knock sounded on the door, and Roy retreated further into his room, closing the door as he went.

She glanced at the door to Roy's room for a moment and then went to her door.

"The truck's arrived," Denny told her as she opened the door.

"Good, have everything brought up. The Lieutenant General's apartment is right next door," she told him.

He nodded.

She took the box she'd left on the counter and unloaded her toiletries into the bathroom.

When she returned to the living areas, she hadn't expected to see Denny lugging in a stack of boxes and rushed to help him, but he shook his head.

"Don't look so surprised, I trained with Colonel Armstrong," he told her, grinning over the top of the boxes. "It must have been a long ride for you, just, uh, sit back and relax. The couch is right behind me," he suggested.

Once it was clear that they wouldn't let her help, she flopped down on the couch and watched as a constant stream of officers poured past her apartment with Roy's things and into her's with her things.

"This is the last of it," Denny said as he walked past her. He stared at the door to Roy's apartment for a moment. "Is that the bathroom?" he asked.

"No, uh, a closet. The bathroom is down the hall," she redirected him, the lie springing to her lips before she knew it.

"The Lieutenant General has a closet in about the same spot, too," Denny observed.

"There must be some empty space between our apartments, maybe for insulation or soundproofing," Roy suggested as he entered the apartment from the proper door.

"Lieutenant General!" Denny exclaimed as he snapped to attention and saluted.

"At ease. Just checking in on how moving is going for the Lieutenant Colonel," he explained as he walked around the room as if he hadn't seen it earlier. "A bit smaller than mine, but otherwise identical," he commented. "I thought you were staying in Central, First Lieutenant."

"Oh, I am. Armstrong couldn't be here to help with the move, so I came in his stead."

"Is that so? He must still have some repairs to do from the General's time at home," Roy joked.

Denny laughed. "I heard they built a tank there," he gossiped.

"A tank, I never saw a tank," Roy argued.

Riza sighed, but refrained from mentioning that he didn't see it because it had been cleared out before he got the chance.

"Well, you know rumors," Denny said sheepishly.

"Rumor's that must've been it," Roy agreed.

"Well, then, there are still more people to help get settled in," Denny excused himself.

"Where will you be staying, Lieutenant?" Riza inquired.

"The dorms just down the road."

"You should join me for lunch before you go back to Central," she offered.

Denny's ears went red. "O…okay," he stammered.

Riza smirked over at, the now frowning, Roy. "I'll give you a call at the dorms once I've finished unpacking.

"And have a phone set up," Roy reminded her.

"I'll just use the one in the office," she told him.

He scowled.

"Well, then, I'm sure they're plenty of people eager for your help, Lieutenant," Riza said as she walked Denny to the door.

"Yeah," he murmured, not quite sure what to make of the tense atmosphere.

Once the door was closed, Riza turned to Roy and laughed at the way Roy's eyebrows knit together when he pouted.

"You don't look like you're feeling well, Sir. Maybe you should go back to your apartment and rest," she advised him.

"Or maybe you should ask me to lunch," he huffed.

"We have lunch together all the time, Sir," she recalled.

"You mean we take lunch at the same time, it's pure coincidence," he pouted.

It was her turn to scowl. "Really? Coincidence that I take my lunch at the same time as you nearly everyday, and happen to sit across from you?"

He shrugged. "Since you are my aid, it would make sense that our lunches coincide," he argued.

"I've got some unpacking to do, I suggest you get started on your own," she hissed.

Roy raised his hands in defeat. "I'm going, I'm going," he muttered, and went through the 'closet' door which Riza shut behind him.

She went to the nearest stack of boxes and opened it. A blue mug and a yellow mug sat nestled atop a pile of office supplies. She stared at the box for a moment, surprised to see that it had made it to her apartment, and nearly decided to go see her new office. She moved the box aside, sure that if she didn't get around to unpacking now she never would.


She slumped onto the couch with a sigh and looked around the apartment with a pleased grin. It looked more like a home than any of her apartments ever had.

Her eyes lingered on the door to Roy's apartment for a moment and she got to her feet, but, before she was halfway to the door, she shook away the idea of checking in on him and turned to walk to her room.

The fan above her bed churned away the desert heat and lulled her to sleep.


A sharp whistling put her nap to an end and sent her hand flying into the top drawer of the end table next to her bed. She crept down the hall, only to roll her eyes at Roy pouring hot water into a mug.

"You're awake," he murmured, sensing her eyes on him.

She tucked the pistol into the waistband of her pants.

"I didn't bring along any tea," he said before she could inquire about him being in her apartment.

"Didn't follow your own advice?" she teased, trying to put their earlier argument behind them.

He turned around, his eyebrows knit together in thought. "Advice?"

"This place has been abandoned for years, so bring everything you can," she quoted.

"I thought I should leave a few things behind for my company until Ma got a new place," he reasoned.

"I thought she preferred coffee," Riza mumbled.

He shrugged. "One of your boxes was put in with mine, and I needed some caffeine to finish unpacking, so why not kill two birds with one stone," he explained.

Riza noticed for the first time, that the box next to Roy wasn't her box of office supplies. "I don't remember that box."

He rolled his eyes. "They're all the same."

She shook her head. "No, that one is smaller, and it doesn't have any writing on it. I marked everything."

"Well, then shall we open it?" he asked, as he picked up the box off the counter. "It's rather light."

"Sir, if you can't account for that box, and I can't account for that box," she reasoned, every nerve in her being on edge, waiting for the worst to happen.

He sighed and pulled open one of the cardboard flaps. She flinched, but snatched it from his hands and sprinted for the nearest window.

"Hawkeye, I can account for it," he mumbled, hauling her backwards by the waist before she could pry the window open.


He held her close, and sighed into the crook of her neck. "You had to make this difficult, didn't you?"

"Make what difficult?" she asked, trying not to react to the warmth of his breath on her neck and cheek.

"Just open the box."

There was something in his voice that made her hesitate.

"Go on, open it," he prompted again.

She nodded and pulled open the three flaps that were still partially closed.

Another box was tucked inside a nest of old newspaper. A gentle tug pulled the top free of the smaller box, and exposed a blue velvet box. "I can't," she murmured.

"There you go again, making this difficult," he complained as he plucked the box from her hand. She let him gently steer her to the couch, and watched as he got on one knee.

"Hawkeye," he began, but shook his head at the all too familiar use of her last name. "Riza, you've trusted me with your back, your father's research, your dreams, will you also trust me with your hand in marriage?" he asked, voice steady despite the tremble in his hand as he opened the blue box to reveal a simple diamond set in a white-gold ring.

Her eyes went wide, and she focused on the wall behind him. She had suspected he might ask one day, but never had she thought that day was so close.

"Riza?" he asked in her silence.

"Hm?" Her response was robotic as she flipped through the recent events in her mind, trying to figure out if he'd dropped any hints. He shifted awkwardly, dropping his gaze to the floor, and she realized he hadn't answered him.

She took the box from his hands and set it beside her on the couch. He looked up at her, eyes hopeful but shoulder slumped.

Leaning forward, she gingerly planted her hands on either side of his face, her fingertips on the base of his skull. "Of course I will," she breathed over his lips before placing a gentle kiss on them.

He smiled against her lips and pulled away, his fingers twining in hers. "You had me going for a second there," he admitted sheepishly.

"I'm sorry, I just wasn't expecting that...and I almost threw it out the window," she trailed off.

He chuckled. "Well, it'll make for an interesting story," he said as he pulled her close for another kiss.


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