Yeah I hated the actual story so I tweaked kids are not aloud to read they are old enough to do the things they're doing like 16-17

Naruto. He was the reason Hinata had invented the technique she practiced on the water naked. The very name sent a shiver down her. She stopped and stared at the sky unaware that the very boy she was thinking about was watching her. She went over and sat on a rock thinking about the blond nin that she loved. She blushed as she felt warmth in between her legs. 'Why why does this always happen to me when I think of him.' That was the thought running through the little hyuuga's mind as she started to rub herself

Slowly she stuck a finger into her wet folds as she squeezed her breast with her free hand. She spread her legs apart giving Naruto a very nice view of what she was doing.

Naruto was shocked the moon showed that it was Hinata that was in front of him and that she was touching herself!!!!! "N-nar-naruto" her soft voice cut through all thoughts of his as she whimpered his name. She inserted another finger in herself. "Naruto why can't you see me for a woman" she bit her lip as she started going faster. Naruto was shocked she was touching herself thinking about him. He quietly got behind her as she went faster whimpering and panting. She took her fingers out of her and put them in her mouth "stop I can't do this I shouldn't" Just then she felt a pair of hands that definitely didn't belong to her enter her. She could smell his hair and hear his breath behind her.

"Hinata you want me to see you for a woman?" She couldn't move his fingers felt so good all she could do was whimper a yes. "Hinata I must say you're pretty wet do I do this to you all the time?" Again all she could do was whimper again and hoped that this wasn't a dream. "Hinata do you love me?" "Yes!!!" her shout made her jump as she ground into his fingers more. Then he turned her around so their eyes met as he picked up the little hyuuga and carried her over to the grass.

He laid her down as he took off his shirt. He found her little blush cute. "Do you want me naruto" she was scared as she opened her legs for him and cupped her breasts in her hands. "Yes I do" he took off his pants and boxers showing his fully hard member to her she blushed as she sat up. Slowly she put it in her mouth until it was all the way in then she started to suck up and down on his shaft. "Hinata that feels good" good didn't even describe what she was doing to him. She took it out of her mouth and started to jack him off "Naruto put it inside of me please." He pushed her down as he spread her legs again. "You really wanna hinata?"

She could only nod "yes if you want me Naruto" quickly he broke through her hymen. But before she could scream Naruto's lips quickly covered hers as tears started to form in her eyes. She hadn't thought of how much it would hurt. "Its okay hinata it's supposed to hurt the first time relax it'll get better here shortly." And with that he stuck his tongue in her mouth. Soon enough the pain was gone replaced by a very good feeling. She wriggled beneath him to try to get him to move. Slowly he started to thrust up in her going quicker as he went along

She felt amazing and soon she was thrusting up to make him go in deeper. He was sucking on her neck as she made all kinds of sounds. "Naruto please hurry I'm gonna cum please cum with me." "hold it in hinata I'm almost there" she bit her lip as he started going in faster and harder "moto, moto Naruto (motomore) ha-harder faster please" she blushed as she talked like a whore. "almost there hinata yes yes" "HINATA" "NARUTO" the came at the same time. Slowly he lowered himself down beside her. He was covered in sweat "hinata I love you" he said before he fell asleep. Hinata curled up next to him and pulled his jacket over them as she drifted off to sleep all she could think was 'thank you Naruto I love you too'