Summary: After the last hunt Dean was hurt and now has amnesia. To make thing worse a demon is after the Winchester boys (especially Sam)

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Lost Without Memories.

Sam Winchester listened to Dr. Turner dazed 'Dean got amnesia…due to the head trauma …bruises in the brain…' Dr. Turner looked at the younger man with sympathy. They were outside of Dean's room discussing the new issue that arouse after he woke up from his coma that lasted eight days. " It's the nasty hit he got on the head. We were concerned about it. Head traumas can cause amnesia."

Sam's throat got dried. He absentmindedly licked his lips and swallowed couple of time. "When will he remember? He'll remember right? " Sam asked anxiously. "It's a matter of time. We can never be sure. I can't tell you when either. It can take days, weeks, months even years. But when Dean recovers, memory will slowly return." Sam felt dizzy. What he's gonna do? Dean…his usual strong brother can't remember. With what comes in their work of line forgetting stuff is dangerously wrong.

"Mr. Lester... Your brother needs you more than he had ever needed. Be patient with him" Sam nodded. I always had my patience with him. " When can I take him home?" Sam asked sighing. " Well he needs to stay for several days so we could checked him out again and do few more tests, just in case . So that we wouldn't miss anything. We'll get him examined by a psychiatrist. Then we could get a clear idea about his amnesia. Apart from that he might need medical attention. " Sam nodded. " Thanks doc. I really appreciate all the help." Sam said gratefully shaking hands with the doctor. Dr. Turner smiled at him encouragingly. " Try to talk him about familiar things and what he likes. They might trigger his memory."


Sam walked back to his brother's room. The same room he occupied for the past eight days. The same room he realized his big brother had no memories of him which scared the hell out of him.


Sam had been lightly dozing on the chair next to Dean's bed holding Dean's hand. It had been eight days, Dean lying unconscious in his bed. Sam didn't leave his brother's side most of the time ,wanting to be the first person Dean would look at when he woke up. Sam tried to call John to inform that the Dean was hurt badly in a hunt. They had finally met the old man after searching him for months. But Dean let John go. Although knowing that he wouldn't most likely get a reply from their dad, Sam wanted him to know that Dean was hurt; hoping deep down inside John would come.

The previous hunt had not been a pretty one.. They had to deal with a freaking cult who had summoned a demon and had been sacrificing young people to it. Eight young people had been reported missing within a month. They let it go thinking it was just kidnapping or a serial killer on loose if the cult didn't almost have Sam into their gig. Four of cult members attacked them in the car park when the boys came from the bar where they had earn a good amount of money. They mainly advanced on Sam earning a good amount of Dean's anger. Dean took the pleasure of beating the crap out them misunderstanding them for some guys in the bar wanting trouble with him and for trying to mess up with Sam. After both of them were finished with the four, Sam noticed a tattoo on one of the guy's wrist which led to research and then to realization of demon involvement. They stalked the guy and found out their ritual place in an old abandon warehouse. Boys went their in daytime knowing that it would be safer than at night. It's a whole cult after all and they were outnumbered fifty or so to two. Dean was convinced that if they could destroy the altar and the remaining of the rituals of summoning and sacrificing first; then they could get the demon less powerful than it is and finally exorcism it.. And the boys were wrong. The demon had been an ancient one and far more powerful and evil than they had imagined. Very little effect had been done to it by destroying the rituals other than getting it's full rage on them. It was fast even in his human body and in seconds Dean was flying out of the warehouse in a full frigging ride through a second story window. If it wasn't for holy water and for all those years in his life practicing Latin Sam Winchester wouldn't be lightly dozing on the chair next to Dean's bed in a hospital.

Sam woke up with a start when he felt Dean's fingers slightly curling around his. Sam immediately looked at Dean and noticed his eyelids fluttering. Sam held his breath for a second at the realization that Dean is finally waking up. Sam hastily got up from the chair. He gently let go of Dean's hand to press the call button and after he did it, he was holding Dean's hand again.

" Dean?" Sam squeezed his hand softly and for Sam's greatest joy Dean squeezed him back lightly. " Come on big brother…open those eyes" Sam said watching Dean who was struggling to open his eyes. He was removed by nurses and the doctor so that they could work on Dean. Sam gave them space knowing after all the work, he gets to fuss over Dean whether Dean liked it or not. Sam watched them getting the tube out of Dean's throat which he struggled with first. He heard the doctor coaching Dean to breathe normally and with after several minutes the nurses were out of the way. Sam saw a confused Dean looking at him and the others in the room.


It was dark and Dean felt uneasy. He tried to open his eyes but they were heavier for his likings. Dean felt someone holding his hand lightly so he tried to move his fingers. It was better than opening his eyes because he felt his fingers curling around the other hand. He felt the touch in his hand go but it was returned almost immediately. Dean tried hard to open his eyes to find out who is there with him.

"Dean?" he heard a voice calling while squeezing his hand softly. ' Uh…who's Dean?' but Dean squeezed the hand lightly. " Come on big brother…open those eyes" the voice said again. ' Big brother??'

The hand that was holding his was gone and Dean heard more voices. He felt something in his throat making him hard to breathe as he opened his eyes. His vision was blurry and all the buzzing around made him dizzy. Dean tried to breathe and it became hard making him panic and gag whatever the thing down in his throat. He heard someone telling not to fight it and try to calm down but it was hard. " Dean listen. don't fight the tube ok? try to breathe with it…In and out ok? In and out." The voice was soothing and demanding at the same time. Dean tried his best to obey it. "That's it Dean… Once you are calmed down, we're gonna get the tube out…Are you ready son?" Dean gave a little nod and took a good breath and the tube was removed. Once it was out Dean looked around noticing the nurses and the doctor. The doctor looked in his mid fifties and had a kind face. Dean winced as his head was aching severely making him nauseas. The doctor smiled at him. " Good to see you awake Dean. I'm Dr. Turner" Dean flashed him a small smile. Dr. Turner checked his pupils and monitored some of the machines around him. Dean opened his mouth. It felt dry so he licked his lips. " Wha…" Dean was surprised to hear his voice hoarse and scratchy and winced at the pain in his throat. Most of all he was surprised at how weak he sounded. One of the nurses offered him some ice cubes that made him extremely grateful towards the nurse. After several ice cubes Dean thanked the nurse. He looked around wanting to see who was holding his hand first. " I believe you want to see your brother" Dr. Turner smiled at him and the nurses moved. Dean saw a tall lanky young man with long dark hair looking hopefully at him. Dean was confused… 'Who the hell is that?? why doc called him my brother? and why everyone seem to call me Dean??'

Dean continued to stare at the younger man. He clearly didn't remember him or why he was here in the first place. The younger man came near and Dean assumed him to be in his twenties. The boy looked at him happily all though he looked shit with exhaustion. And when he smiled at him, Dean saw the dimples and the glint in his expressive brown eyes. Dean narrowed his eyes still confused. " Hey Dean…Missed me already" the boy grinned. Dean frowned. " Eh…Don't be… offended… Who are… you?" Dean almost felt sorry for asking it when he saw the younger boy's horrified look.


Sam was extremely happy to see his brother confused or not. He was in a coma for five days so Dean being confused is understandable. Dean was staring at him as if hadn't seen him before. Sam went to him and grinned widely. Dean narrowed his eyes. Sam didn't mind his brother has his own antiques. " Hey Dean,Missed me already" Dean frowned. When Dean asked " Eh…Don't be… offended… Who are… you?" Sam felt the whole world crash in front of him. Sam felt dazed and he blinked at Dean several time.

" Eh…Dean is this some kind of prank of yours? If it is, man gotta tell you it's a really dirty one." Sam said with a rush of panic. This isn't the first time Dean had hit his head really badly. He had deal with many different concussed Deans, who were much more pain in the ass than the usual one. Sam didn't want to believe that his brother has amnesia and only playing one of his dirty pranks on him.

" M' serious" Dean muttered. Sam looked at him shocked and couldn't make a word out of his mouth. Dr. Turner quickly took over seeing the distress and utterly shocked looked on the youngest Winchester.

" Are you sure?"

Dean nodded wincing at the pain in his body. Dr. Turner gazed at Sam who was staring blankly at Dean.

" What's your name?"

" Guess it's… Dean… cuz you called me… that… Doc what's… wrong with… me? Why… can't I remember… him?" Dean muttered anxiously.

" Dean, try to relax. This is your brother, Sam. And we'll sort things out okay. Sam please stay outside while I examine Dean. I'm sure every thing will be fine"

Dean watched the young man who was shell shocked and led outside by some of the nurses. He looked at Dr. Turner wanting to find an explanation. Dr. Turner frowned at the young man.

" Dean How are you feeling?"

"Beside… the point that I can't… remember…my head…aches a…lot…and the whole body…wha' happened?"
" Your brother told me that you fell from the roof when you were trying to fix something." Dean frowned.

" Well, You had nasty hit on the head this could be the reason for your amnesia. We'll go through some tests so that we could know your condition"

Dean nodded lightly. What else can he do? He doesn't remember.


Sam looked at his big brother sleeping peacefully. Sam went closer and patted Dean's arm softly. " We'll fix this Dean. Don't worry" he said softly rubbing circles with his thumb on Dean's arm. " Hey I gotta talk to dad…be in a minute"

Sam slowly went out of the room again. He was still shocked of what happened. Sam pulled his phone out of the jacket and speed dialed John's number. After several rings it went to voice mail. Sam cursed. He sighed disappointedly and left a massage saying that Dean's got amnesia so call him as soon as he gets the massage and headed back to Dean's room.


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