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Chapter 8

Dean drove the Impala like a maniac, forgetting the speed limits. The memories of Sam holding the gun yet again was enough to boil his blood. Dean gripped the steering wheel tightly. He could still remember the look of cold hatred Sam gave to him. It was enough to make Dean's hair stand on end. Dean wondered why he couldn't just shoot the younger boy the when he got the chance, but no…he couldn't. Despite the all the shit he went through, he still felt bad about him leaving but his inner instinct was screaming at him to leave the place as soon as possible. Dean growled in frustration angry at himself for his own confusing feelings.

Dean thought of going back to the motel but since he couldn't figure out where the hell it was, so he decided just to drive away. He had his IDs, some credit cards. 'I'll just leave town…any where away from that guy.' It was almost dawn after about an hour he drove away from the warehouse.

Dean's thoughts were interrupted by the ringing tone of his phone. He fished the phone out and looked at the caller ID wanting to chuck the phone out of the car if it was Sam trying to call him. Dean almost ran the Impala off the road when he saw the caller ID. It was John. Dean let go of a shaky breathe and answered the phone, his heart racing.

"Dean?" John's voice ran through his ears…his Dad voice…Finally someone he could rely on for the truth."Dean…son?"

"Dad?" Dean's voice was thick with emotion. He had to stop the car so he wouldn't get in a car wreck because he was shaking like a leaf.

"Dean you ok?"

" Yeah…"

" Where are you?"

"On the road. Trying to find a new motel."

"Good. Listen Dean…I'm sorry I couldn't be with you after the amnesia thing. I wanted to but I couldn't risk it." Dean listened to him, dazed. "I got your voice mail about James Austin. That's why I called. Dean, I don't know any hunter with that name and I checked around calling some of my friends. Nobody knows him. I don't know how he got to know about us but this isn't something good. I want you and Sammy to come to Pastor Jim's place. It's not safe for you to be alone."

Dean listened to his father almost drinking the words as he felt safe just listening to them. The feeling was as similar as it felt around Sam but Dean no longer felt safe or reassured around the young man. Dean flinched when Dad said 'Sammy' giving him goosebumps.

"Sam?" Dean asked incredulous. No way… he's not gonna go back and drag Sam along with him. Not after what happened.

"Sam is with you right?"


"WHAT?" John bellowed and Dean pushed the phone away from his ears and stared at it.

" DEAN!!"

"I lost my memory not my hearing."

"Dean where the hell is Sam?"

"It's kinda complicated…Last time I saw him, he was in a warehouse. I had to leave him…cause…" Dean answered, trying to explain what happened but was cut off rudely by John.

"What do you mean in a warehouse? Are you out of your mind to leave your brother alone?"

" News flash Dad…he tried to kill me…!" Dean snapped, his anger rising.

"He what?"

"He Tried To Kill Me" Dean said, emphasizing each word so that his father would finally realize how serious the situation was.

"And you just left him?" Dean almost dropped the phone in shock.

"What the hell you want me do, huh? I wanna stay alive not get killed by some sick freak who calls himself my brother."

" Dammit it Dean, he is your brother!"

"Unless you have forgotten, I can't damn remember anything. Random flashbacks and some stuff that guy says can't make him my brother. I'm not even sure whether he's my brother."

"What the hell are you talking boy…He is your brother for Christ sake and he wouldn't kill you. May be he's possessed and you left him in danger…"

Dean was really pissed this time. "Yeah may be my real brother won't… How the hell I'm supposed to know the difference…I'm a little lost here. And where the hell were you. I was in a coma for eight days and woke up only not remembering my own fucking name…What were you doing all this time huh?" Dean asked his voice trembling this time with the boiling rage inside him. " Someone is out there waiting to kill me and you want me to go to him. What the fuck!!"

"Don't you use that tone on me Dean" John's angry voice snapped and Dean couldn't care less.

"What are you gonna do…shoot me like Sam tried to?"


"You know what Dad…FUCK OFF" Dean slammed the phone shut and threw it on to the passenger seat cursing. With his fits clenched, Dean got out of the car and kicked the Impala with rage. His clenched fist connected the driver side's window and the glass cracked. Dean cared less about the pain in his hands or the cuts in them. He was too damn angry to care. Once the adrenaline ran out Dean slid down to the ground panting and trembling. He cradled his wounded hand to his chest and stared blankly at the road


Dean's phone was ringing endlessly. Dean ignored it. He was drained emotionally and physically. His killer headache was back. Dean took the pills emotionlessly, hoping it would ease some for the pain. Dean slowly got up and opened the door. He carefully brushed away the glass from the seat without getting himself more hurt. He sat down, sighing, and closed the door. Dean ignored the ringing and rested his forehead on the steering wheel. But the ringing continued. Dean grabbed the phone and answered it without even bothering to look at the caller ID.

" I told you fuck off" Dean hissed angrily. There was a long silent in the other end Dean almost hung up the phone frustrated when a soft voice answered catching Dean off guard.

"Colorful language Dean," the voice commented. Dean took the phone out of his ears and checked the caller ID. It said Pastor Jim and Dean felt his stomach was in knots.

"Uh…Sorry" Dean said sheepishly rubbing back of his neck.

Pastor Jim chuckled and Dean calmed himself a bit. "No offence, Dean. I'm sure they were meant for someone else."

"Dad's there."

"He is."

" I don't wanna hear a fu- frigging thing you are trying to tell me cuz I don't have death wish."

"Well the certain Dean Winchester I knew sometimes did has a death wish when it comes to his little brother. He always threw himself into danger so that his kid brother would be safe."

"That Dean Winchester is lost."

"Are you sure? Because I'm not."

"Sam tried to kill me…shoot me and here I found that this wasn't the first time."

"What do you mean Dean?" Dean let go of a frustrated sigh and explained what happened including the memory of asylum. "It must be hard for you that you don't remember Dean, and I only can guess the feeling. But I can tell you one thing, unless Sam was possessed or any supernatural interference he won't do that. You are his big brother, Dean. You should get back to Sam, neither of you should be alone. Whatever is going on it's not good. I want you two here safely."

"I'll think about it." Dean switched the phone off. 'Damn I hate this…What am I suppose to do? Get Sam?' He frowned unhappily, as his guts told him not to go to there. Everyone seemed to be on his case. 'Man I'm the one getting beaten up from everywhere.'

Dean sighed and turned the car into a U turn headed back to the warehouse… 'Here goes nothing.'


Dean double checked his gun before walking back to the warehouse. Nervous as hell , he walked inside. Aiming at the gun almost at every where he walked towards the place he left Sam. Dean opened the door slowly and pointed the gun at the empty room. Dean blinked at the empty room and cursed. "What the hell?" Dean muttered and rubbed his face. He leaned on the door tiredly, now that the adrenaline rush wore off.

'Where the hell is he?'


Sam woke up with his head pounding, only to find him not on a bed. He was tied to a chair. Sam raised his head. His whole body sore and he was shivering. Sam tiredly looked at his surroundings. It was a dark, cold room. More like a storeroom with boxes every where. Sam searched for Dean but there was no sign of him.

Sam closed his eyes and frowned trying to clear up his fuzzy mind, wanting to know what happened. The last thing he remembered was Dean telling him to sleep off the headache. Sam winced at the pain on his head. Visions always had that effect on him but this was just too much. Sam's eyes shot opened when he heard someone moving around. "Who's there?" Sam rasped out. Footsteps… He heard footsteps behind him and they were coming towards him. Cold fingers touched his cheeks and Sam jerked away from the touch.The person behind him grabbed his hair and pulled his head back. Sam tried to get a good look at the person but failed miserably. Then the realization hit him hard as he remembered the vision and the fact that this is indeed what he saw in the vision. His heart sped up and Sam desperately tried to bring his hitched breathing back to normal.

The cold fingers traced his face and touched his cheeks almost as if he was caressed. Sam shivered. He felt soft breathe on his neck. Sam squeezed his eyes shut and held his breathe, terrified. "My sacrificial lamb. You may have ruined it before…but now that I got you, I cannot simply ask for a better one. Don't worry about Dean…I have surprise for him too. He'll love it," inhuman voice hissed into his ears, sending a cold shiver down his spine. "It's good that you are awake now…we can start all the fun" Now that it spoke more in a human voice, the voice was familiar. The fingers were gently rubbed his temples and finally much to his relief , the man moved his hands away from him.

Sam let go of the breath he was holding as the cold fingers left his face. He heard more movements and some one was roughly loosening his bonds. Even though the chances were low that he would get away, Sam was determined to try. Once he was free and grabbed by the shoulder, Sam turned around ready to punch. But seeing who it was he froze. 'What the hell?' Sam's eyes widened looking at his brother who was smirking at him. "Dean?" Sam whispered alarmed.

"Hey little brother."

"What the hell is going on here?" Sam asked, rubbing his burned wrists.

"Well what can I say Sam…James shed me lighter than you could," Dean said while gripping Sam's shoulders painfully with both of his hands. Sam winced and frowned.

"I told you not to talk with James alone…and why the hell was I tied up? And where are we?" Sam asked, looking around wearily.

"So many questions you have Sam…No wonder John always was on the edge with you."

Sam's eyes narrowed as James walked inside the room. "What's going on here?" Sam asked worriedly trying to wriggle out of Dean's grip only to find it was quite impossible. "Dean?" His brother was still smirking as James walked towards them and behind him…it was Audrey carrying a cup . Sam looked at them nervously, trying yet to get out of Dean's iron grip.

"You are about to find it Samuel" James said and this time it was that inhuman voice which was breathing down on his ears. Then every thing started to click on to right places about James. But the only thing that he didn't get was Dean.

"Dean what the hell is going on?" Sam said his voice slightly wavering.

"Ah…little brother… no worries. You're gonna be fine" Dean said, still smirking. 'Damn this is not Dean…must be a shape shifter.'

Worriedly Sam brought his hands to Dean's to remove the death grip but the shape shifter was much faster and Sam was slammed to the wall. Dazed by the blow, he was for too slow to pick himself up and the shape shifter grabbed hold of him again. Sam struggled weakly. He was pressed against to the wall, cutting off his kicks as he was sitting against the wall. The shape shifter pried his mouth open. The feeling of the cup against his lips made him try to close lips. He jerked his head off but the shape shifter forced his face back…and pinched his nose. Finally Sam had to open his mouth to get the air in…and whatever inside the cup was poured into his mouth. Sam tried to gag but it was forced down his throat and once shapes shifter let go of his hair…the room started to spin dangerously. What ever the drug that was given it was working quite well as the youngest Winchester scrambled into darkness with one last thought 'Dean…'


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