What's Light?

What's Darkness?

What's left if neither is there?

I've seen the light,

Blinded by its hot rays and rejected by its radiance.

I've been in the darkness,

Walking aimlessly through it with no hope of a way out.

I've been through these,

And I've seen so much,

But I'm not accepted by either one.

So I stop here, my search for a place

Only to find that there is only one way.

The Middle,

where both the light and the dark exist.

The Middle,

of where there is no more than the other.

The Middle,

of which the balance is never interrupted.

The Twilight,

where there is darkness and light;

My Twilight,

where I'm accepted by my darkness and light.

A/N: My first Poem. I hope you guys liked it.