Chapter One

Wait… Yes!

I stared down into my hand dazed and confused. Did he really? Did I really? Yes. Yes, it was true I had just agreed to marry Edward!

Oh, crap René is never going to let that happen. I sighed. I love you Edward Cullen.

I realized I was still standing on the porch holing a green, velvety case my hand staring at the ring. It had a small topaz stone in the middle with tiny diamond and topaz stones surrounding it. Edward said that he could get me a new ring if I wanted, but I loved. Looking at the topaz made me think of his eyes.

I open the door, "Charlie, I'm home!"

No answer. I walked to the kitchen, setting the bow on the counter and opening the fridge door on hearing my stomach growl. Nothing. I decided that since tomorrow was Saturday I would go shopping. I closed the fridge and saw a pink sticky note on it:

Bells, be home soon.

Hope you can find

something to eat!

Well, that explains the empty house. I walked up the stairs and sat on the edge of my bed. How was I ever going to explain that I was engaged to Edward, without René or Charlie a heart attack? I took the ring out looking it over and found the words, 'I Love You' etched into the white gold on the under side of the band. I slipped it onto my finger, a perfect fit.

I gathered my things for the shower, almost glad that Edward wasn't going to have to wait on me to take a shower. That meant a long, hot, soothing shower for me.

I turned the water on, letting it get warm before stripping down and stepping in. The hot water seemed to massage my scalp as I rinsed the strawberry scented shampoo out of my hair. Sighing I closed my eyes and tried to imagine myself living with the Cullens, but I couldn't.

Sighing yet again I opened my eyes and conditioned my hair. I stepped out of the shower soaking wet, my hair dripping, and my hand looking somewhat like a prune. I grabbed the yellow towel, wrapped it around myself and used my hand to wipe away some of the steam off the mirror in front of me.

My hair clung to my face in damp, limp, semi curls. I yanked a brush through what seemed like a jungle. I quickly dried myself off and put on a large, wholly large men's t-shirt. It had been awhile since I'd worn this to bed, not since Edward.

I snuggled down into my covers sitting cross leg after popping in the CD Edward had made for me. I sat there listening to the sweet piano melodies filling my room. I stared down at the ring on my wedding finger.

Was I really getting married? Okay I was being so stupid and pathetic. I knew Edward loved me, and I loved him. I felt a tear form in the corners of my eye as my lullaby came on. It made me feel guilty doubting our love.


"Hey, Dad!" I shouted hitting the stop button on the CD player. I stuffed my left hand under the cover as I heard and saw my door opening. Charlie stuck his head in.

"Hey, honey. You in bed already?"

"Yeah, I figured I could always use the extra sleep.

"Well, okay. Goodnight then." He said shutting my door.

"Oh, wait dad!" I sucked in a deep breath as the door reopened, "I need to talk to you about something."

"Okay, go for it." He said sitting on the edge of my bed.

"Well, you see… um… I- Well it's like this. I really like Edward and, actually we really love each other and well, were sort of engaged."

He looked at me and I stuck out my hand the stone was on, catching it in the light. This is not exactly how I want to spend my Friday night, sitting in my room with my dad telling him that I was in love with Edward.

"I know," he said, blankly.

"Please don't be mad! We- wait! What?"

"He called me yesterday while you were out shopping with Alice. He said he had thought about for awhile and decided that he wanted to be a gentlemen and ask me first."

I stared at him in shock. "Well, that's new!"

He leaned down kissing my fore head, "Love you Bells."