Blind Date Blind Date

Chapter 4

During the whole time that the boys were riding the train they were quiet. Some time after they had taken the metro they stopped arguing. Sasuke was staring absently at nothing while Naruto was listening to music. But the blond was also keeping an eye to his best friend.

Naruto wasn't stupid. He may act like an idiot most of the time but he wasn't blind. He knew that Sasuke was in love with Gaara and he was sure that the redhead had the same feelings for the raven. But neither of them would confess.

'Why are they so stubborn?' Naruto asked himself.

Glancing to his right he saw Sasuke sighing quietly. It was at that moment when he made up his mind to get those two together. He nudged his friend lightly who looked towards him with a rised eyebrow.

"Ne, Sasuke why don't you tell him?" the blond asked.

"What are you talking about, dobe?" Sasuke asked confused.

"I know that you like Gaara." The blue-eyed teen stated simply. Sasuke stiffened slightly and narrowed his eyes.

"And what exactly made you think that?"

"Oh, come on Sasuke! Don't play dumb with me. You're my best friend and we know everything about each other. 'Though that's not entirely true'. He added silently to himself. "I've seen the way you look at him when he isn't paying enough attention to notice."

Sasuke didn't say anything to deny his friend's words and instead stood up.

"That's our stop." He said and left the metro with Naruto hot on his heels.

"Don't change the subject, teme!" the blond said with irritation in his voice.

"So what if I like him? It's not like he'll return my feelings."

"That's where you're wrong." The teen said while he put his hands in his pockets.

"Excuse me?"

"He likes you too."

Sasuke stopped walking at the blond's statement.

"Come again?" he asked with surprise and hope in his voice.

Naruto stopped walking as well and turned around to face his best friend.

"You heard me. He likes you too." He repeated. His voice was serious and it held nothing but seriousness and conviction. Even his eyes showed them. But he couldn't be right. He must be joking. As if reading his thoughts the blond wiped out the doubts.

"It's true. I'm sure he likes you." Naruto stared in onyx eyes for a moment before turning around and began walking again.

After a few seconds Sasuke snapped out of his trance and quickly caught up with his friend.

"You're not playing some nasty prank on me, are you?" The Uchiha asked with suspicion in his voice.

"Teme, if I wanted to play a prank on you, it would've been something greater, funnier and nastier." The blond answered with a sadistic glint in his blue eyes, as if he was planning said prank.

Sasuke shuddered a little but then glared full force at the teen by his side. Before he could say anything though about the blond's intentions, the glint disappeared and Naruto spoke again.

"Seriously, I know how you feel. Just tell him and you won't regret it."

Sasuke sighed and shook his head.

"I can't do it." He said quietly, unfortunately for him Naruto had quite a good hearing.

"Oh for God's sake! Just swallow that damned pride of yours and confess!" Naruto flailed his arms in the air and flushed in anger. When Sasuke did nothing else but glare Naruto glared right back. "Either you'll do it willingly or I will force you to do it."

"And how do you plan on doing so?" Sasuke asked but quickly regretted it when the blond prankster got that sadistic glint in his sparkling eyes.

With a mischievous grin Naruto leaned closer to the brunet's ear and whispered in a promising voice some things. After a minute or so he pulled back and crossed his arms over his chest.

"You wouldn't dare…" Sasuke whispered, his eyes widened in horror and paled a little.

"Oh yes, I can and I would dare. You should know better than anyone that I'm wicked." Naruto said and fished out his cell phone to see what time it was. "Come on, if we don't hurry Kiba is going to throw a fit because we're late."

They increased their pace and soon reached their destination. Kiba, Gaara and Shikamaru were waiting outside and were talking about something. As soon as Kiba spotted them he shouted out his greeting.

"Hey Naruto, Sasuke! Took you long enough!"

"Shut up, dog breath. We're late by barely 5 minutes!" Naruto said as they reached their friends.

Shikamaru gave his lazy greeting by merely nodding and Gaara said a quiet 'hey', which Sasuke returned.

"Well, let's go inside already so I beat your sorry ass Naruto." Kiba said while pulling the door open and stepping inside.

"As if you can do that." Naruto retorted.

"Of course I can!"

"Oh yeah?"

"Hell yeah!" And with the argument going on the five teens entered the arcade. Shikamaru muttered how troublesome they were while Sasuke and Gaara merely shook their heads.

"Sasuke, are you alright?" Gaara noticed when the raven-haired boy was a little pale, well paler that usual.

"Yes, I'm fine. Why?"

"Just asking." Gaara shrugged and went to stand by the already playing boys with Sasuke coming behind him.

Naruto's blazing red car was trying to overtake the leading position from Kiba's pure white one. The blond would growl quietly every now and then when he was left behind. He took a sharp turn and over took the first place and the race ended with him being the victor.

"Damn it!" Kiba cursed loudly. "I want a rematch!"

"You've got it, dog breath." Naruto just smirked and restarted the game.

The blond changed his car to a silver Audi and Kiba chose his blazing red Ferrari. The second round began and after a lot of colorful language Kiba managed to win by barely 3 seconds.

"Ha! Take that, blondie!"

"One more race to see who is the winner." Naruto said calmly as he browsed through the cars. He chose an orange Porsche.

"Why? It's clear that I'm better than you." Kiba crossed his arms.

"Aww, are you afraid that you won't have the luck to win again?" Naruto asked in a mocking voice.

The brunet growled at his smirk and chose a black Mercedes.

"I'll show you who's better!"

"Ready, dog breath?"

"Ready!" He yelled out and so the race began.

The blond had a confident glint in his eyes and a smirk was gracing his lips. Sasuke noticed the look and thought to himself. 'Kiba doesn't stand a chance.'

The race finished all to soon for the spiky-haired brunet when Naruto left him behind with a skillful maneuver.

"Shit! You're fucking good at this game!" Kiba cursed but admitted defeat for now.

"Thanks, you were a good opponent." Naruto said.

"Let's find somewhere to sit." Sasuke suggested. The only table with five available seats was towards the back but that didn't bother them at all so the teens went to sit there. With a quick look at the menu they chose their drinks.

"Come on, Kiba. It's your turn to go get the drinks."

"What? Why should I?" the brunet asked.

"Cause I went last time if you don't remember and the others took their turns before that so it's your turn this time." The blond said.

"I'm not moving butt anywhere." Kiba saiddefiantly. A low growl was heard from the blond but before he could start yelling at the other Gaara stood up and leveled the brunet with an angry glare.

"I'll bring them now but next time you won't get away Kiba." He walked away when the others told him what they wanted.

Naruto watched the redhead make his way to the counter and noticed that Sasuke was doing the same. What amused him greatly was the fact that his best friend was staring at his-soon-to-be-boyfriend's ass.

'Now would be a good opportunity for Sasuke to tell him.' The blond mused but apparently Sasuke had forgotten how to think and was only staring discreetly.

He nudged his friend lightly to get his attention.

"Go and help him with the drinks."

"Hn." Sasuke grunted and crossed his arm upset that he was interrupted.

This time Naruto kicked him under the table and just smiled innocently when the other glared at him.

"Sasuke, why don't you go and help Gaara, hm?" His voice was sweet but in a dangerous way.

A small shiver ran down the raven's spine at the sound of that voice. He quickly stood up grumbling.

"Fine, fine. I'm going." And he walked away.

"Naruto, what was that all about?" Kiba asked curious.

"Oh nothing. I'm just doing the teme a favor." The blond answered innocently.

"What'd you tell him to make him confess?" Shikamaru asked with interest in his voice. Naruto just shrugged.

"Nothing much."

"It doesn't sound as nothing to him." The blond didn't say anything more about it but the devious smirk that appeared on his features answered the question. You don't want to know, if you treasure your sanity.

Instead the blond changed the subject swiftly.

"So how was your date with Hinata?" He directed the question to Kiba.

"Oh dude! It was simply amazing!" And the spiky-haired brunet proceeded to tell them what had happened on his date while Naruto glanced at his best friend from time to time.

Sasuke was slowly walking towards the counter where the redhead was waiting on a line to get their drinks.

'I can help him without telling him anything.' He thought but when he glanced behind his back and to his blond-haired best friend he quickly changed his decision. That smirk was sly and the sparkle within those blue eyes was dangerous.

'You better hope that you're right about this Naruto because otherwise you'll pay dearly.' He promised to himself.

"Want some help?" Sasuke asked as he finally reached Gaara's side.

"Yeah, I could use some." Pale green eyes looked at him and a small smile was sent his way, which he returned.

'But is this really the best place and time for this sort of thing? But if I don't do it Naruto will eat me alive. He'll think that I'm a coward. I'm not afraid, only anxious. ' He sighed quietly to himself. 'Damnit! Get a hold of yourself Uchiha and do it!'

Gaara watched Sasuke from the corner of his eye. It seemed to him that his friend was having a debate with himself over something. But then determined black eyes turned towards him and it peaked his curiosity.

"Gaara, I have… well there's something that I want to tell you."

Said boy turned completely to the other.

"I like you Gaara, not just as a friend but something more." Sasuke said quietly. The redhead watched him closely, trying to figure out if it was just a joke or the other was serious. It was clear that he was serious.

Sasuke held his breath, his heart was beating fast and hard in his chest, waiting for an answer.

'Say something, anything, please…' His mind was screamed. But the red-haired boy stayed silent and instead of voicing his feelings he showed them.

He leaned closer to the other teen and gently claimed his lips and soft and chaste kiss.

"I like you too." Gaara whispered when they pulled back. Sasuke felt the relief wash over him when those words were mumble against his lips. He wanted another taste from those delicious lips so leaned forward again and kissed them. More passionately, more wildly- completely mind-blowing. When the need for air presented itself they parted and both smiled softly.

"So I suppose we'll go somewhere more private later?" Gaara asked with a hint of suggestiveness in his voice.

"Yeah, but let's bring the drinks over before Naruto and Kiba rip each other's heads." Sasuke said as he looked over to their table.

"You're right. Looks like they are fighting over something again." Both teens sighed quietly and then chuckled as Naruto started pouting all of a sudden.

So Sasuke took the blond's and his sodas in one hand and in the other his boyfriend's Fanta while Gaara took Kiba's energy drink and Shika's Sprite. They made their way towards the table and their friends.

As soon as Naruto saw his precious soda coming he instantly brightened and quickly forgot about being mad at Kiba. Sasuke took his seat next to him while Gaara claimed the one beside him.

Said blond nudged him lightly for the third time that day and gave him a smirk.

"Took you long enough, teme."

"Shut up, dobe." The raven-haired teen said scowling.

Kiba dismissed them and instead cracked up a joke that he had read on the Internet. It actually was so funny that even Gaara and Sasuke laughed openly. The rest of the time that the five friends spent together resulted in playing more video games and more arguments between Naruto and Kiba over who's better at them.

All in all they had fun and a good time. And the blue-eyed teen was glad that he had agreed to go out. When they parted ways Sasuke and Gaara decided to call in on the redhead's house since it was the closed and play different games.

So Naruto was alone when he headed home.


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