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Konoha, a village full of ninja and civilians and almost everyone in this village knew of one person in the village by site. Naruto Uzimaki. However for a village that says to look underneath the underneath they failed to do so. Why you ask. Simple really. How can a village never see someone who is with him most of the time in his life and never question why.

Who is she and how come they never asked her why she was around him. Who knows but considering who she is they should have...

Currently 13 year old Naruto was sitting at his own private training ground as he called it. It was not an official training ground but it was far enough in the forest that the villagers never came by and unless a ninja was sent there they left it alone. Naruto had just returned from the wave mission yesterday and today he was meeting his only true friend int the world...Well friend is a loose term on this.

Naruto may have acted like an idiot and in love with Sakura, his teammate but that was far from the truth. He was convinced at a young age to hide his real skills and inteligence. Who convinced him. Lets meet her.

A 16 year old girl with brown hair and brown eyes walked into the field and Naruto tensed when he first felt her presence and a true smile appeared on his face. As she got closer Naruto notice she was wearing her green chunnin shorts with white tape underneath them and a green shirt with a black jacket pulled back so you could see her body underneath.

Naruto said "Its good to see you Hana-hime. How are you today."

Hana smiled and said "Fine. So did you practice what I told you."

Naruto nodded and said "Yes, the technique helped after I channeled kyuubis chakra into my nails. I also worked on the kunia balancing also. I was able to do it for 2 hours last night before I went to bed."

Hana nodded and said "Ok, I want to have a spar to see what we need to work on. You ready."

Naruto smirked and said "Lets see what you got."

Hana got into a tiajutsu stance of the Inuzuka family. Her right hand was out in front with her claws out and her left hand was close to the inside of her rib for a gouge. Both feet spread apart ready to run based on what a dog would look like.

Naruto had got into the hummingbird stance. His stance was one with both hands at his side knuckles toward his opponent and his body turned sideways to make his hitable target area even smaller.

Hana looked at him and said "You never did tell me where you got that tiajutsu stance at Naru-kun."

Naruto said "I may have only been caught the last time but I have actually taken that scroll several times. Inside I found a bloodseal my father left in it with some scrolls for me. This stance is one of them."

Hana nodded and started to circle Naruto and he just mearly steped one or two steps to keep his left side facing her.

Hana said "You think you can make me your bitch this time." smirking as Naruto got red in the face.

Naruto decided two can play this and said "I smell you want me to."

This time it was Hana turn to go red and then a bird flew threw the clearing and like that Hana pulled out a kunia and threw it at Naruto. Naruto dissapeared in a flash of red and appeared in front of Hana going for a slice across her shoulder.

Hana took a swipe at Naruto tearing the side of the shirt he had on. Naruto disappeared in another flash of red and tried to punch her in the back only for her to turn and grab his arm pulling him forward and flipping him in the air.

Naruto landed on a tree and used it as a springboard to go back at Hana.

Hana who was protecting her shoulder changed her stance and used Gatsuuga (Piercing Fang) to charge Naruto.

Naruto who was in mid air could not avoid the direct attack and used two Kagebunshins to grab him and threw him in the air to avoid her attack. Unfortinately Naruto was not the only one who knew Kagebunshin and a second Gatsuuga crash into him in the back. His two clones were destroyed by the original Gatsuuga. However all three of them went up in a puff of smoke.

Naruto who was slowly getting up looked up and saw Hana standing over him smirking and she said "So, who is the top dog."

A kunia at her throwt made her flinch and the Naruto on the ground went up in a puff of smoke. Hana turned her head and said "So how did you pull that one of Naru-kun." rubbing her butt into his crotch to tease and distract him.

Naruto who was trying to stay focus said "When you hit me with the 2nd Gatsuuga when I first landed I instantly used replacement with one of my 2 clones." feeling a problem in his pants.

Hana smirked feeling it and said "But my Kagebunshin took out both yours so how did you replace with it."

Naruto groaned at the discomfert and said "I did it before they hit so I had to take 2 Gatsuugas but you never expected it and that gave me the advantage." slowly loosing his grip on the kunia he had.

That was all that Hana needed as she brought her hips forward a little and pushed back hard nocking the air out of him causing the already loose Kunia to drop to the ground. Hana using her momentum to bring her head back and into Narutos nose and spun around putting her left foot between his leg to as she grabbed his shirt to fling him to the ground. Naruto did the only thing he could and grabbed her shirt and tearing it even more then it already was and it also did not help the fact that he grabbed her shirt right over her breast as they both fell to the ground rolling to see who would come out on top.

Hana wound up on top in a very compromising position with her groin right on his and Naruto still held onto her shirt over her breast.

Hana said "Looks like Im not your bitch yet." as she moved in a slow hump to tease him.

Naruto realising where his hands were had two options let go or...and thats what he did, started to rub his hand around her nipples that were already hard even though they were bound he could still feel them. He heard a moan escape her lips and pump upwards once to make her feel his erection through his pants to make sure she was off gaurd for what was next.

When Hana was caught off gaurd by Naruto advances she was not expecting him to flip her to the side where he was on top of her with his leg straddling hers and had his knee in her groin but his face was over hers and said "You are now" and he quickly put his lips on her causing her eyes to go wide as his tongue enter her mouth. She closed her eyes as he rubbed his knee agianst her and she was becoming extremely turned on.

Naruto broke the kiss and started to kiss down her neck but when he got to the base of it he bit her and started to suck the bite a little and lick the blood coming out of it. Hana gasped at the pleasure and pain she got from it. They both understood what he was saying there. She had taught him all about how her family worked as well as the pack mentality.

However all good things must come to an end as Naruto and Hana both felt and presence entering the area. Naruto groaned and Hana smelled the air and said "Damn it, runt."

Naruto helped her to her feet and said "I love you Hanahime."

Hana kissed him and said "Hide for a moment. I will get rid of him."

Naruto nodded and quickly jumped up into a tree and hid on the backside releasing a little of his fox scent thanks to Kyuubi to cover his actual scent.

Hanas eyes widen as her sinces picked it up and smiled to herself and said in a loud voice "Runt, what are you doing out here."

Kiba walked into the clearing and saw what looked like a little light training was done here and said "Mom sent me to tell your wanted at the Hokage tower."

Hana sighed and said "Fine runt. I will leave in a minute after I get my stuff picked up."

Akamaru started to yip and Kiba said "What do you mean a fox is in the area."

Hana said "I saw one earlier but lost track of it."

Kiba seeing this as a challenge to best his sister said "Come on boy, lets find the fox." and Akamaru yipped.

Naruto tensed for a moment but created a kagebunshin and had it henge into a fox and run through the clearing heading away from the area. Kiba saw it and his dog barked and both took off following it.

After they were far enough away Naruto had the fox go into a hole and dispell. He then jumped down only to be thrown agianst a tree by Hana who said "So its almost time."

Naruto said "A promise is a promise."

Hana nodded and leaned forward kissing him and said "I cant wait. I need to go, cya Naru-kun." and she left in a swirl of leaves.

Naruto sighed and walked back to the village.

When Hana arrived at the Hokage tower she was a little flushed because of the action with Naruto but became suprised that most of the jounins of the village was there.

The Hokage looked around and then everyone turned to look and a silver haired jounin with with one eye covered holding a pink book. He sighed and said "Now that everyones here would those of the rookies teams please come forward and tell us if you nominate any."

Asuma said "I nominate my entire team."

Kurenai said "I nominate my entire team."

Kakashi said "I definately nominate Sasuke and Sakura, I feel Naruto not ready but the experience would be good for him."

A snort was heard in the back of the room and everyone turned and saw it was Hana who snorted and Kakashi said "What."

Hana said "I checked out the teams to check and see if my brother would need to work on anything privately and I think the actual weakest person on your team is Sakura, the only thing I saw Naru-ku...to was probably lack of actual combat strategies becuase the only person who spars with him is the uchiha who only reacts to what his opponent does. If Naruto doesnt have some battle strategy from someone how can he learned to adapt so the Uchiha can react different. Thats just my opinion from observation."

Kakashi said "Well, I appreciate your concerns but my students are fine."

The third coughed to get everyones attention and said "Very well, all three teams are confirmed, lets continue with the others."

Hana sighed to herself and notice she had got the attention of two jounins. Kurenai and Anko who also happened to be her friends on some things had heard the little slip and were going to find out whats up.

Naruto walked into his apartment and sat down. He smiled a true smile as he thought about the woman he just left.

He remembers the first time he met her.


A 5 year old Naruto was panting as he hid in some bushes to hide from a mob that was after him.

He felt someone touch his shoulder and jumped but a hand went over his mouth and he heard a girls voice say "Quite or they will find you."

Naruto just nodded his head and the hand was removed from his mouth. He turned and said "Hi. are you going to hurt me too."

The girl smiled and said "No Naruto, Im not going to hurt you. In fact I want to help."

Naruto looked at her and asked "Why and how do you know my name."

Three growls brought his attention to the girls side and he saw 4 dogs, 3 of which were solid gray and a taller older looking black dog bit each of the three on the ear and turned to Naruto and said "Easy boy. The pups are excited by the fox scent in you and the young master here knows your name from me."

Naruto stared wide eye pointing a finger and said "you talk."

A giggle brought his attention to the side and he saw the girl smile and she said "Kuromaru is one of the top dogs in our pack. Most of the older dogs can talk."

A growl was heard and Naruto turned and saw Kuromaru growling toward the way the villagers that chased him went. Kuromaru said "Hide, quick."

Naruto jumped into the bushes and a moment later a man walked by and said "Little girl, have you seen a blond hair boy walk by here."

The girl said "Buzz off mutt."

The man sneared at her and went to draw back his fist when the three pups started to growl and Kuromaru said "Leave human or I will let the pups taste your blood."

The man backed up and quickly left.

Kuromaru waited a moment and said "Hes gone boy."

Naruto slowly crawled out of the bushes and said "Why did you warn me and help me."

Kuromaru looked around and said "Can you make it to the Hokage mountian."

Naruto nodded and he said "wait a few minutes after we leave and meet us there and I will tell you, come Hana. PUPS." and he turned and started to walk away.

About 30 minutes later Naruto made it to the top of the Hokage mountian and saw the three pups asleep and Hana sitting asleep agianst Kuromaru. Naruto said "Im here."

Hana turned and smiled at him before falling asleep agian but Kuromaru said "I know. Come sit here, we have much to discuss."

Naruto walked over and sat down and said "So what now."

Kuromaru said "I know who you are boy. I am probably the only being in this village beside the Hokage and Hana here who knows."

Naruto said "Im Naruto Uzumaki, everyone knows that, I think." scratching the back of his head.

Kuromaru grunted and said "No boy. That is what someone gave you as a name. Your real name is Kazama not Uzumaki. I smell you fathers scent even with the fox inside you."

Naruto looked confused and said "What fox and who is my father."

Kuromaru said "You heard of the demon fox that attacked 5 years ago."

Naruto nodded yes and Kuromaru said "Good pup. Long story short, your father stop the fox by sealing him in you to save the village. I know this because I was on the battle field and I know his scent because he often came to our pack to pick up Rin. I can smell his scent in you even now even though the fox covers most of it."

Naruto scratches the back of his head confused and said "So am I the fox."

Kuromaru actually howled at that and finally calmed down and said "No. You are human."

Naruto finally asked "why did you help me and why tell me this."

Kuromaru said "You master Rin before she left ask me to look after her master and his family. She was worried when her pack lost member so I kept I on him. Now since he not here to watch you I watch for him."

Naruto nodded and said "What does she have to do with this."

Kuromaru said "To help you I need my masters permision to leave. I told her so she can help me leave pack for a while. She seen what happen to you and want to help you. Me think she like you, perhaps make you her mate."

Naruto said "She wants me to be her mate." knowing he heard people talk about mates before but it was with the word team in front but they always together so maybe thats what she want. To be together like a team mate.

Kuromaru looked at the sleeping girl and said "Perhaps. If you want to be her mate you need to get stronger and smarter to defend your pack."

Naruto nodded his head and said "What else."

Kuromaru thought for a moment and said "The old dog knows to hide his claws until he is ready so not to dull them, the young pup walks with claws out all time breaking them. You must do what the old dogs do to be her mate. Dont show what you claws until you are ready to fight. I must go now. We will me again boy. Young master needs to get home and the pups need to eat."

Naruto nodded and saw Hana open her eyes and he smiled at her and said "Im going to be the best mate to you." and he left smiling ignoring the shocked look on her face.

Hana turned to Korumaru and said "Did he just say he want to be my mate."

Kuromaru smiled to himself and said "Young boy is strong and someday make good mate, he need help from his pack to do it though."

Hana looked at him and said "You told me he did not have a pack anymore."

Kuromaru said "You are of his pack now as he is part of yours."

Hana nodded and smiled walking over to her puppies and waking them up to go home.

end flashback.

Naruto smiled at that memory. Funny thing is someone else had the same smile in the meeting she was in getting two more currious glances from her friends.

After the meeting was over Anko and Kurenai both grabbed Hana before taking her away in a swirl of leafs. They appeared outside the Hotsprings and Hana said "Whats going on."

Anko looked at her and said "Well you seemed flush when you arived at the meeting and then you defending Naruto like that and then almost calling him kun, we just wanted to relax while you told us whats going on with you and the biggest prankster in the village."

Kurenai said "Anko, dont you think your jumping to conclusions."

Anko said "Not really, look at her neck."

Kurenai looked at it then raised an eyebrow and said "Ok, maybe your not jumping to conclusion."

Hana groaned and said "Lets relax." as she walked into the hotsprings followed by both her friends who were trying to figure out what was going on.

When they got in the water they looked around and had the place to themselfs so Anko said "Are you going to tell us or do we force you."

Hana said "Theres nothing to tell."

Kurenai said "Then whats that bite on your neck."

Hana said "Its a love bite."

Anko said "From the Kyuubi brat."

Hana accidently let a growl escape her mouth but unfortionately both of the other women heard it and Kurenai looked shock and said "How long you both been together."

Hana said "You both not going to let this drop are you."

Anko smiled sadistically and said "Nope."

Hana sighed and said "Since he was 5 and I was 8, happy."

Both women were shocked and Kurenai said "Why, not that I think hes a bad kid or anything, an idiot at times but..."

She was interupted by laughing. Hana finally quit laughing and said "So he fooled you also. He may act like an idiot but he is almost a genious actually. Just like his father."

Both women looked at her like she was crazy so Anko asked said "whos gakis father."

Hana said "I will give you a hint, take away his whiskers, and a growth spurt and he is the spitting image of his father."

Kurenai and Anko both though about it but since they wer only about 5 when Yondiame died they dont remember him much. Anko said "Give us more."

Hana said "I will tell you this. He plans to reveal his true self at the chunnin exams so dont be suprised."

Kurenai sighed and said "Thats only a week away."

Hana said "I cant wait either, 1 month later were getting married after his 14th birthday."

Anko jerked her head so fast you thought she had whiplash and Kurenai said "Wait, what."

Hana smiled and said "Since I know who he is and also the way my clan is set up I can marry anyone I choose as long as he can beat the clan head heir who is Kiba since I dont want the title since I already plan to leave to be in his family."

Kurenai said "But, how can you be sure he can beat Kiba."

Hana laughed and said "Kiba never stood a chance agianst Narukun, especially after I've been helping train him since he was 5."

Both women were shocked agian and kurenai said "But if you've been training him then why did he fail the accademy three times."

Hana said "Simple, he failed because of the same reason he did the last time. He is physically unable to make regular bunshins because he has to much chakra. The only way he could do it is if a Hyuuga cut off half of his point. His chakra control is actually very good but because of the fact he cant make regular bunshin he could not pass. Thats also why he learned Kagebunshin in one night becuase his control is so good."

Kurenai said "If his chakra control is so good, why then did Kakashi say he had trouble with treewalking excersice."

Hana sighed and said "Kurenai, about how many things have you taught your team, jutsu or skill wise."

Kurenai thought for a moment and said "Probably about 15 to 20, why."

Hana said "Kakashi has taught them 1 thing only and that was treewalking. Naruto already knew it but Kakashi had told Sakura since she got it right on the first try before Naruto or Sasuke did it that she had to gaurd Tazuna while he was hurt. Naruto knew doing nothing would not help so he acted like he had trouble but actually had probably 200 kagebunshins on a nearby stream waterwalking and trying to get the kunia balancing figured out."

Anko paled and said "Thats Abnu chakra control technique."

Hana nodded and said "Last night he said he did it for 2 hours after he went home."

Kurenai said "How strong is he actually."

Hana said "I got this mark today because he beat me. I told him a long time ago he could not mark me as his until he beat me."

Anko said "Why would he want to mark you."

Hana said "I tought him my family way of thinking. Well I got to go." as she got up and left.

Anko looked at Kurenai and said "What do you think."

Kurenai sighed and said "Damn it, thats a nice piece of ass to."

Anko said "Things not working with Asuma agian."

Kurenai snorted and said "He told me he didnt want to kiss because it was his last cig before he went to the store. What about Iruka."

Anko said "Ouch, Iruka is to busy with his students all the time and is actually afraid of me I guess. Its hard finding a decent guy."

Kurenai said "Thats what started us if I recall to help get over being horny all the time."

Anko smirked and said "Maybe if what she says is true we can still have some fun with her and gaki."

Kurenai said "What do you mean, not that I would really mind if hes a decent guy."

Anko said "I think I know who his father is and she wont be his only wife if Im right."

Kurenai looked shock and said "Who."

Anko said "Add whiskers to the faces on the mountian and tell me what you see."

Kurenai looked at the Hokage mountian and imagined whiskers on each of thier faces and gasped when she reached the last one. She turned and said "Perhaps your right Anko."

In a shower across town a certian blond sneezed.