When Naruto got to the Hospital he saw his 3 female companions all standing there together and Naruto smiled and then tensed as he felt an arm set on his shoulder. He turned and saw the third along with Tsunade, Jaraiya and Kakashi and the third said "I think we should talk."

Naruto nodded and motioned for the 3 ladies to follow him. They soon found an empty waiting room and after closing the door and sealing the room with privacy jutsu the third asked "Go ahead when your ready."

Naruto sighed and asked "before I begin. How long did it take the counsel to find that loophole."

Tsunade said "2 weeks and by that time they lost more than half of thier power. It was a good gamble."

Kakashi looked around and asked "Why am I hear. I thought you hated me."

Naruto sighed and said "You and the pervert here are the only 2 I know that knew who and what my real dad was like. Not what he became. It all went down hill durring the mission."

The third said "Why dont you tell us what really Happened. I know enough about your seal to know that what you said happen could not happen."

Hana said "Im sure Naruto told you about how his dad came and helped save us after we were captured."

They nodded and she said "well after that he spent the next 3 weeks trying to get to know Naruto and asked about his childhood and his life and how we got together and things like that. I never seen Naruto so happy as he was drring that time when we were not doing hit and runs that is."

Anko said "That is when things hit the fan. Orochimaru had him lead us into a trap. Naruto had trusted the yondaime to lead us since he had more battle experience than any of us. We set up to take out the supply line when the caravan was suppose to show. When the carts showed up and we prepared for a strike Orochimaru had 6 summons break out of the ground surrounding us and his men came out of the holes the summons dug. The cart that were covered were uncovered and more men came out of them. We started fighting as fast and hard as we could. That was until the Yondaime used Hiraishin to catch us and cut the tendons in our legs with a kunia.

Naruto had used his Kagebunshin as a cover to try and gaurd our retreat and when he turned he saw us all being held captive and the Yondaime had a sadistic look on his face. Orochimaru walked up beside him along with Kabuto and said "proceed.""

Naruto sighed and said "Dad and I started an all out fight. Hiraishin, Rasengan, Kagebunshin. Every jutsu I did he beat. I was able to take out probably 30 or 40 of his men in collateral damage. Orochimaru had his men hold kunias at each the ladies heres necks and made them watch the fight. I think it went on for about half an hour or better."

Anko said "Thats when it happened."

Kurenai said "Thats when the Yondaime started to talk."

Naruto said "He...


The Yondaime looked at Naruto and said "Im disappointed Kyuubi. I figured with the lie you have been living these past few years you would have gotten stronger."

At the name the Yondaime called him Naruto flinched but stood his ground as the Yondaime said "But I guess a demon like you would be to stupid to train. I mean, the people of the village gave you all the warning you needed to know you needed to get stronger. They tested you constantly. I guess it shows that you are really the fox. No son of mine would have been that stupid."

Naruto was pissed and said "Shut up."

The Yondaime said "I guess I dont have a choice. I will just have to do the sealing right this time." and started to do handsign and soon the figure of the Shinigami could be seen standing behind him and stuck his hand through the body of the Yondaime and into Naruto.

Naruto could not believe his own father would be doing this to him and suddenly he found himself inside the sewers in front of the Kyuubi.

Kyuubi looked at Naruto and said "Boy, Are you really going to let that man take your life from you. I have an option for you. Let me have control of your body for 10 minutes and I will stop this battle and save your lady friends."

Naruto blinked and asked "Why should I trust you fox. Its your fault my life turned out like this and besided the Shinigami is taking my soul. I can already feel it leaving.

Kyuubi said "I can stop it but you must do as I say. Let me have control of your body for 10 minutes."

Naruto looked at the fox and agianst better judgement asked "What do I have to do."

Kyuubi said "I am going to surround you with 2 tails of my chakra to break the Shinigami hold. When my chakra surrounds you rip the seal off the cage. I will do the rest. Just so you know I will die when this is over but I want to pay your father back for putting me in this prison and also for what he did to you. I may be a demon but we dont harm children if we can keep from it."

Naruto nodded and two tails of chakra went out of the cage and surrounded Naruto and Naruto ripped the tag off and everything went blank."

Everyone was starring at the Yondaime after he finished doing handsigns and flinched a moment ago and then Naruto flinched and looked scared.

Everyones breath was held waiting to see what was going to happen when suddenly red chakra exploded out of Naruto body swirling around him and covering the entire body in what looked like Kyuubi but only with 7 tails of chakra.

Naruto opened his mouth and said "Shinigami. The human there has already paid his sole to you to seal me in this boy. The pale skinned man behind you stole him from you using a forbidden jutsu. Since you had to come here and want your payment I offer a trade. My soul for all those that I choose to seal including the one who escaped and the one who took him from you. The boy will live though."

The figure of the Shinigami disappeared and reappeared behind the now Kyuubified Naruto and Kyuubi smirked and said "Kagebunshin no jutsu." after putting his hand in the right seals.

Suddenly the entire area was filled with nearly 10000 Kagebunshins. Each enemy ninja had 5 Kagebunshin holding on to him and in some cases even more and the hand of the Shinigami went through Naruto and came out all the Kagebunshins. The Kagebunshin had even latched onto the summons of Orochimaru.

The Yondaime tried to flee as did Orochimaru and Kabuto but were stopped when Kyuubi tail wrapped around them and held them in place as his chakra burned them.

The ninja that held the ladies tried to run and one even tried to kill Anko but Kyuubi speared him in the head with a tail and Kagebunshins grabbed the other two.

Kyuubi looked at the woman and said "Take care of the kit and should I ever escape as long as one of his decendants live I will never return. On that you have my word. SEAL" and suddenly the men who were all screaming trying to get free cried out and flinched at one time as they fell to the floor dead.

Hana looked at Naruto as a backlash of Kyuubi chakra surrounded him and then instead of the 7 tail fox form around Naruto it was just 2 tail and he looked fine except he looked like he was asleep. The energy left him and he started to fall forward and Hana moved and caught him."

end flashback.

Naruto said "And thats the truth about what happened. I told the gaurds at the gate to call me Uzumaki because after what happened I dont feel I have the right to be called by my fathers name. I dont even know if I should have the right to call him father." as he set down looking at the floor and everyone looked at him sadly.

Kakashi asked "What was your dad like when you were doing the hit and runs."

Naruto thought for a moment and said "he was joking and kind and questionable. No matter how random it was he would ask the wierdest questions."

Jaraiya said "Forget everything you know about your dad except how he was durring that time. That was the real him."

Naruto smiled sadly and said "So when do we have our marriage." trying to change the subject."

Hana said "I think we should wait until we had some time to recover from these mission."

Kurenai said "I think we should do it before we have to do mission agian."

Anko said "I say we do it now."

Hana looked at her and said "You just want to sleep with him."

Kakashi giggled and asked "So how did all three of you agree to get married. I know how Hana and Naruto but what about you 2."

Naruto said "We had a contest. I lost."

Jaraiya asked "really, what kind of contest."

Anko said "We made a contest that if he could resist getting a hard on for an entire day Kurenai and I would not marry him. He said he agreed to that since he was faithful to Hana and she agreed also."

The third asked "So how did you lose."

Naruto mummled something and Tsunade asked "What was that."

Naruto said "They walked around camp all day naked and took turns kissing each other while descibing what they wanted to do to me. They even had Hana in on it before the end of the day."

Everyone looked at him and all the men said "Lucky bastard."

Naruto asked "So were are we going to stay once we get married. My apartment not big enough."

Tsunade said "You got your dads estate. Dont tell me you dont feel its yours. That was not him so get over it."

Anko looked at Kurenai and both nodded before grabbing Hana and Naruto and disappearing in a swirl of leaves."

When Naruto and company appeared in thier new home Naruto blinked and asked "How did you know were it was and how to get here."

Anko smirked and said "When we figured out who your dad was we scoped the place out."

Naruto was about to say something when Hana was shoved on top of him by Kurenai.

Naruto was startled until Hana started to kiss him. Naruto soon closed his eyes and started to return the kiss until he heard a moan coming from a few feet away.

Hana broke the kiss and looked with Naruto and saw Anko and Kurenai completely naked in a 69 position having a lite snack.

Naruto looked at Hana and blinked as he suddenly found she had flipped while he was looking at the other two and now he was stairing at the slits of his fiance. He sniffed it and started to lick her clit as he felt her taking his pants off and he wondered how they got undressed so quick but decided to ask later.

In the Hospital waiting room the third asked "Do you think we should have told him that when he comes off of leave hes taking over and we are retiring."

Tsunade said "No. Let him relax for now. Besides after Hana and the others asked me for those 2 jutsu I have the feeling he is going to want to be around Konoha more soon."

Jaraiya asked "What 2 jutsu were those."

Tsunade smiled and said "One was a pregnancy jutsu and the other was the late for a date justu."

Kakashi said "Yes, I suppose they would want protection as not to get pregnant to soon but what is the late for a date jutsu."

Tsunade smiled and said "Basically its a jutsu that removes all cloths in 1 second and your mistaken Kakashi. They did not want a jutsu to prevent pregnancy. They wanted one to concieve."

Kakashi eye widened and Jaraiya pulled out a notebook and headed for the door only to be punched by Tsunade.

Back with Naruto.

Hana was currently on top of him humping like a dog in heat. Naruto for his part was meeting each thrust and the feeling of emptiness that he had felt every since Kyuubi took over his body was not being replaced with something else.

After both climaxed Naruto looked at the other two ladies and sweatdropped.

Beside them was a little cardboard sign that said "Todays special. Pussy pie. Tomorrow Foxmeat."

He sighed and thought "I swear. My life is fucked."

Naruto closed his eyes and fell asleep as he heard Hana breathing lightly as she passed out after her orgasm ended.

The next few days for Naruto had went by fast and after a week of resting, correction extreme workouts, Naruto married all 3 woman. The people of the village treated him better if not for the fact of who he was for the fact they were scared to death of what he could do. Nobody would look at him with hate any longer for fear of starting another headless day.

After 2 weeks for a honeymoon in which Naruto and his wifes visited wave Country he returned and was sworn in as Rokadime Hokage. His first order of business. The marriage of the Uchiha.

Naruto looked at the couple in front of him and said "Ok, so do you Uchihasan take this woman as your wife."

He said "I do."

Naruto smiled and said "And do you miss take this deadbeat as your husband." getting a glare from the Uchiha and a laughter from a few in the crowd.

She smiled and said "Yes."

Naruto said "Then by the power vested in me as Hokage, I know pronounce you Mrs. Ayame Uchiha and Itachi Uchiha. May your children grow up without being geniouses and saught after by fangirls and fanboys." and everyone laughed as the couple kissed.

Naruto smiled and then said "Sasuke come here for a moment. You to Sakura."

Both looked at each other and walked up and Sakura asked "What do you want Naruto."

Naruto said "I need you to sign this paper as witnesses to the wedding. Sakura, You sign here." showing a spot and she signed it."

Naruto smiled and said "Now your turn Sasuke. Just sign right here and date it." as he showed where to sign and date it."

Naruto smiled and said "Now I have one last thing as per tradition of the Uchiha marriages. The bride and groom have gifts for both of the witnesses who signed the documents. Please close your eyes while they get them."

Itachi looked questionably and when Sakura and Sasuke closed thier eyes he mouthed "What are you talking about."

Naruto smiled and said "Watch." and everyone was looking at him as he motioned to Anko and Kurenai and Anko shot out snakes at Sasuke and Sakura wrapping them together while Kurenai cast a genjutsu over thier cloths as both were smashed together and boths screamed "Hey,"

Naruto said "You may now kiss your bride Sasuke. After all you just signed your marriage certificate." and Sasuke paled as Sakura dove on his lips with a fangirl squeel.

Itachi blinked and burst out laughing for a moment and Naruto said "Well folks. Thanks for comming today. As you can see the Uchiha clan is restoring faster then ever. We now have 4 Uchihas."

Everyone in the crowd burst out laughing and cheering while Sasuke after breaking free of the snakes took of running while in tux and Sakura following him in a wedding dress and shouts of Sasukekun.

Hana said "That was great but guess what. Thats not the only clan restored now."

Anko said "That reminds me Hokagesama. I need to take medical leave."

Kurenai said "I do as well."

Hana said "Same here."

Naruto asked "why."

Kiba walked up beside Naruto and said "Well, looks like you are top dog after all huh. I mean having 3 women with litters at the same time. I hate to be in your shoes when its delivery time."

Naruto blinked and paled as he looked at them both and jumped over the balcony and landed in the crowd of people below and ran up to Konohamaru and handed him the Hokage hat and said "The jobs yours. I got a war to fight."

Konohamaru asked "What war."

Naruto said "I seen babies born. Hana took me and showed me a litter being born. I have the war of diapper changing to get ready for. Litters are anywhere between 2 and 5 babies on average. Thats a total of 15 kids." and he took of running.

Hana looked at Anko and Kurenai and asked "Should we tell him that woman only have 1 or more usually."

Anko said "No. The more he gets ready for now the less we have to get later."

Kurenai said "And it would always be fun to see him faint."

All three laughed at thier husbands misfortune.