Title: Scars

Rating: G

Pairing / Characters: Ukitake Jyuushirou, Kyouraku Shunsui

Word Count: 251 words

Warnings: Nothing. Isn't that sad?

Summary: They hated each other once…

A/N: This is rather different to my usual ilk of shun / shirou, but if I get enough commentary on it, I'll do a little piece set during this time of hatred…


We hated each other once, Shunsui and I.

Contrary to popular opinion – and take my word for it, it is popular – we weren't always as close as we are now. Unohana is the only one who has any idea of what happened that day, and that was because she ended up healing us.

The truth is, we once tried to kill each other.

Now, thousands of years later, I honestly can't remember what set us off. I have vague recollections of recriminations and guilt trips, of defamation and veiled insults, of hatred and fury and barely suppressed torment that lasted for months until I chose to end it in the only way I saw fit.

I threw a solid steel urn at him.

Shunsui retaliated by throwing a chair at me, and only Kami-sama in his wisdom knows how that irked me.

I don't remember who released shikai first; I think we both did. I remember wanting to tear him apart with my bare hands, but using my zanpakutou instead, and I remember his rage when he told me that if my illness didn't kill me, he'd do it himself. Shun drew blood first, opening a long, angled cut along my inner arm, and I tore a gash in his cheek and his shoulder.

Our fight could have lasted for mere minutes or hours, I can't say. Personally, I'm in favour of the latter although Shunsui refuses to talk about it.

When I woke up, I was lying in bed with Shunsui opposite me. I was only told later that we had nearly succeeded in our private war, and that only Unohana's swift intervention had prevented our deaths.

I still carry that scar.

Sometimes, I think I hate him for it.