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Summary: Sam had no idea what was really happened to his brother. And he knew Dean kept something about what happened to him. A new ability is discovered and Sam let it show him the truth. LimpDean in later chapter. GuiltySam.

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You Have Done Enough for Me

Chapter I


"I've got you. I've got you."

"I can walk, Sam." he said, stubbornly as usual. But instead Dean just let his brother lead him into the motel room, betraying his own words. With his dizziness and the throbbing ache in his head, he felt that it was best if he just did whatever his brother needed him to do. The silent treatment he had received since they left the hunted mansion an hour ago and the weird cold feeling surrounding the Chevy along the way to the motel, was enough proof that his brother was mad.


"Here, get a shower. Then I need to look at that head wound." Said Sam, never meeting Dean's eyes as he put a clean shirt and a pair night pant in his brother's hand. Dean let out a sigh before heading to the bathroom. Closing the door slowly, he looked at his bruised and bloody face in the mirror.

Hmm… It's not that bad. Why is Sam so mad? I've had worse than this before.

Dean shook his head, not knowing what to think of his brother's strange behavior. Within a few minutes, he's under the hot rain. He hisses when the water found its way to his two inches gash just above his right eyebrow. Then a light vertigo makes him sways a little, but he manages to steady himself.

Shit! That was close.

Not wanting to take a risk, he showers as quickly as possible. The last thing he need was for Sam to find him pasted out on the floor. Naked at that.


Sam finished the last content of the salt along the closed window. Tossing the can into the bin, he takes the first aid kit from the nearby table just to make sure they have everything. The amount of bleeding from Dean's head wound just now proved that his brother needed stitches. He takes out the needed supplies and a bottle of aspirin.

Sitting at the end of the bed, he faced the bathroom door. He can hear the water running and the door was thin enough to hear Dean's hiss of pain. He takes a deep breath. He never thought that thinking about his brother will ever be this painful. When they were little, thinking about Dean would always make him feel happy, safe. At the age of twelve, Dean started to follow their dad along on hunts. And everytime they were late or he came back with bruises and cuts, Sam would be worried and frightened. But still it was not this pain. Then when he left to Stanford, thinking about Dean made him feel so lonely, and guilty. He never forgot the face that wouldn't meet his eyes, the still figure that just stood at the door frame and did nothing to stop him when he came back to their room to pack his stuff. Yes, he was mad back then, but the most feeling he got everytime he replayed the scene was guilt. It's hurt. But still it was never be this hurt.

Now, they are running out of time. He's running out of time. Two months he tried to find any ways to stop the stupid deal his big brother made with the crossroad demon. The deal Dean made to save his dead ass. The deal he made to say how much he loved his little brother, how much he wants his life to mean something, to show that he still hadn't done enough for his little brother. His brother was always thinking about him. Sam just wished Dean would think of himself for once.

Dean never even considered Sam's feelings when he made the deal. And as much as he loved Dean, that made him mad. Did Dean ever think what he would feel like living without his older brother? Living without the hero he had grown up worshiping? If he couldn't find a loophole, in ten months Dean would be gone. His job would be done and Sam would be left alone to grieve over the brother he knew he couldn't live without.

He doesn't even know if Dean's really wants to kill all the renegade demons anymore. Since the last couple of months, every hunt they did, Dean would end up beaten. He seemed so careless, never thinking about his life. Like he's satisfied with all of this, satisfied with his death. Doesn't matter how or when, this is it, he's going to die. That mentality sends a chill of fear everytime he thinks about his brother. And it hurt so much.

Sam wipes off the tears when the shower stops. Dean steps out of the bathroom a few minutes later, heading straight to his bed. He sits at the edge of the bed, still waiting for Sam to say something.


"You need stitches." Dean smirks. Well, still no change.

"No, I need water." Dean stands up but the sudden move makes him dizzy. The headache becomes more aggressive. He pulls his hair to stop the spinning. Then a firm but strong hands grips his arms.

"Take it easy. I'll get whatever you need, but just lay down, okay." Sam said helping his brother to the bed. His voice is soft but still sounds angry. Then he leaves to get the water, grabbing the aspirin and stitching supply while he's up.

"Take this." He put three pills on Dean's right palm and makes sure the glass of water is gripped steadily in Dean's other hand. Dean gulped down all the pills before leaning his head back to the headboard. He rested his eyes and waited for the painkillers to take effect.

Sam started to check the wound. He cleaned the gash with alcohol which made Dean gasp a little. Never bothering to say sorry, he starts to stitch the two inch cut. In the middle of the job, he's aware of Dean's green hazel eyes boring into him. But no matter what Dean does, he still feels angry. Suddenly Dean starts to speak.

"You're mad at me." Dean said, which obviously was not a question. Sam's still busying himself with the nursing job, trespasses the statement with a silence.

"Mind if I know why?" Dean raises his left eyebrow.

Sam clenches his teeth. Cutting the extra line, he put back the stuffs into the kit.


"What were you thinking?!"

"What?" Dean frowns, taken aback from the sudden burst.

"What were you thinking? Jumping in front of the spirit like you are some kind of invisible man? Like you will never even get hurt?"

"The spirit was after you. What? You think I would just sit around and do nothing and let you deal with it alone?"Dean stormed. After hearing this, Sam pushed himself up from the bed. His face is red from the fuming that fuels his body.

"But you've never been this careless. It's like you don't even care about your life anymore! Was selling your soul not enough? Now you're willing to lay down in front of a running truck? You're a selfish bastard, you know that? Trapped in your own little world. Never thinking about me. You don't even bother to find a way to get out of the deal. You think I want this? Your life for mine? I'd rather stay dead than be here waiting for your death call." Sam shouted as tears start to run down his cheeks.

"Sam, don't say this. You are my brother. I'd…"

"You are too happy with all of this, right? Fine! Just go to hell!" with a loud bang from the shoving door, Sam drags himself out of the room. He needs a little space, away from his brother for a while. Away from everything.

Dean stares at the closed door stunned. Leaning his head back to the headboard and closes his eyes, he whispers. "I'm sorry Sammy…"


His eyes were shining when he saw the youngest Winchester storm out of the room. He's angry. It looks like they had a fight. A grin plastered on his face. Fastening the button of his right glove, he makes his move. Today you're paying your debt, Winchesters.


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