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You Have Done Enough for Me

Chapter XIV


Sam walked in the doorway, sighing in relief when he read the label on the wall saying 'Wing B: Male Wards B401-B420' with an arrow pointing to his left. The hospital has too many units and sections like a freaking puzzle. Dean had just been moved to his new room yesterday while he too spent his whole day in that room. He didn't move a lot from the coffee machine and men's room just at the end of the hall, besides he just ate whatever foods Bobby brought for him. And he didn't really pay any attention on his way out of the hospital this morning, since he never thought that it was not that easy to find a way back.

Still unbelievable that he was just lost in a hospital, Sam turned to his left. He walked pass the B401 to B410 section which were a section for 2-bed wards while Dean has been placed in a single-bed room. As he pushed another pair of swinging door that separated the sections, his eyes caught the glimpse of the old family friend. Bobby was standing in front of Dean's room, reading whatever medical article that stamped on the wall. Sam walked faster to the hunter.

Hearing some speeding footsteps approaching him, Bobby turned his head to his right. "Hey Sam. What took you so long to get here?" And if there was nothing wrong in his eyes, he swore he saw the young Winchester blush at his question.

"Sorry Bobby. I got… lost. So how is he? Why are you here?" the questions uttered too quickly from Sam's lips, made the older guy leave his comment about the 'lost' word behind.

Bobby pushed his hands into his pockets before he answered. "He spiked a fever. They're doing some test or treatment, I'm not sure. Don't worry. It's not that bad. I just thought you might wanna know."

"Yeah of course, thanks Bobby." Sam leaned on the wall, rubbing his eyes a little. "It must be infection." He whispered. There were too many things merged in his head right now. He really wanted to go back to the motel room, but at the same time, he didn't want to leave his brother in this condition. He needed to be with his brother.

Bobby opened his mouth as if he wanted to say something, but one look at the stressed face, he pulled back the idea. This was not the right time. Sam didn't seem ready for another problem. An hour earlier, he got a call from Jack, an old friend he asked for a help with this case. And Jack just told him that the police were in the process of wrapping up the investigation, and the report should be up in the database in a few more days. Jack didn't say anything about the report which was a good thing but they just have three days top to get out of the town before the feds showed up.

Bobby watched the younger Winchester closely. He sighed, praying that Dean was not really in a bad condition. So as soon as the fever broke down, they could grab their gear and move their ass out of this town.

"Mr. Singer." The voice pulled both gazes to the owner. Sam looked at the guy with white coat. He was not Dr. Neave but clear enough, this doctor was in charge of Dean's condition.

"Dr. Johnson, this is Dean's brother. How is he?" Aware that Bobby already knew the guy, Sam nodded, approving the proclamation.

"The fever is definitely caused by infection. His chest tubes and the surgery wound has become infected. It's not that bad but not good either. I gave him some antibiotic for the fever to break down. If nothing happens, he should be okay in a day or two. But if the fever is getting higher than 105, we need to perform another surgery to cut out the infected tissue."

"So, he's okay now?" Sam asked.

"He's sleeping. We put him under some medication and oxygen to help him rest. You guys can be with him but just let him sleep. We'll be back each hour to check his condition."

Bobby and Sam nodded at the same time before the doctor left them to join a nurse who waited for him. Sam pushed the door slowly with Bobby following his steps behind. Like the doctor said before, Dean was sleeping peacefully on the bed, tucked under the blanket with oxygen mask covering half his lower face. A bag of liquid dripping slowly through the IV into his veins while at the other side, there was a small machine showing the heart rate and his body temperature.

Sam stopped at his spot, shutting his eyes for a while. Dean didn't look as bad as he was used to everytime he was on a hospital bed but just how many times of their life was going to be like this? When would it come to the end? They were both humans just like the other people. They deserved some happiness in their life too. Well, maybe he was not completely human because of the damn freaking demon's blood but at least Dean was. He deserved something, didn't he?

Sam sighed. A part of him believed that everything happened for a reason but another part of him struggled to accept that.

"Sam, I'll leave you here with him. Call me if you need something all right?" Bobby said suddenly, cutting his thought unfinished. A firm hand patted Sam's shoulder, somehow reminding him that he was not alone.

"Thanks Bobby." He whispered but enough to catch the older hunter's ears. One final look to the sleeping form on the bed, Bobby pushed the door, leaving the room with its still waved grief.

Sam moved to the bed, slowly settled himself on the chair. He swallowed. The previous sick idea was hunting him again. If he really wanted to protect me, then I'm the one who should be blamed for all of this. He looked at the still figure closely, trying to find the best thing to do. Carefully, he reached the broad shoulder before him, holding his grip firmly before leaning over and whispered. "Everything's gonna be okay, Dean."



Sam opened his eyes slowly. He blinked for a few times. He thought that somebody just called his name.

"Sam…" Sam straightened up his body. "Dean?" He stood up.

Dean eyes were half open but they were unfocused. Sam moved closer to the bed with a smile quivering on his lips. "Hey, you awake."

But he was surprised when his greeting just ignored by his brother. Instead, the older Winchester was trying to push himself up, as if he wanted to go somewhere. The oxygen mask made his task more difficult. "Hey, Dean. Where… where are you going? You need to go to the bathroom?"

At first, Sam just let his brother up on his own but when the half sitting man looked like he was going to swan a dive onto the floor, Sam took out his hands, supporting the elder by his upper arms. He could feel the heat radiating from the feverish body in front of him.

"Sam…" the voice croaked again.

"Let me help you Dean. You need to go to the bathroom?" Again, he repeated the question.

"Sa..m… I need to find Sam…" What? His brother mumbled under the mask but he could hear it good. Sam looked at his brother once again, narrowly. Then he sighed. It was fever talking. His brother was calling him in his sleep.

Realizing about the situation there, Sam pushed his brother back onto the bed. But as what he already expected, Dean fought him back, shot him some amazement of how much energy his brother had even in his current condition. Sam gripped the arms tighter but at the same time didn't want to persuade anymore struggle so he said in a gentle voice. "Dean, it's me, Sam. I'm here, Dean."

"No… need to protect Sam." The struggle became weaker but Dean still wasn't aware of what he was doing.

"Dean… hey…" Sam brought his hand from Dean's left arm to his jaw. It was like he tried to caress the face but he just wanted to get the attention from his brother. Sam understood that his act now really deserved a slap if he did that in normal situation.

"Dean… Dean! Listen to me. I'm here. I'm not going anywhere."

Sam's alarmed voice made Dean stared at his brother with a frown. His eyes were still unfocused but they were started to recognize the face. "Sam?"

Sam heaved a relief sigh at the slow uttered voice. "Yeah, it's me. Go back to sleep Dean. I'll be here when you wake up."

"…'kay." Sam smiled. He could see Dean was resting back on the bed and waited for a moment before Dean was completely out. Sam watched his brother sleep, clenching his jaw as his fingers pushed back the hair from Dean's forehead. Dean looked so young when he was sleeping and the fever just made him look a lot younger.

Sam sighed. He whispered slowly. "You don't have to protect me all the time, Dean…"


Sam paced back and forth in front of the window. A day went by without him leaving the hospital for once. And it was 2 a.m., the exact twenty four hours after Dean woke up, talking in his sleep last night. Dean was getting better, his fever was slowing down and the infected wounds were starting to dry. He was conscious three times this day, asking for water and the next times waking up to go to the bathroom. He spent the other hours just resting and sleeping.

But Sam used up his whole day differently. He couldn't sleep at all. He was tired but he just couldn't rest. His mind kept thinking about what he heard in the motel. Bobby came by twice and he really wanted to use the time to go back there but he didn't want to leave Dean in his current state. At least, he wanted the fever to break down completely before he did whatever he needed to do.

Damn it! I need to know the name! His mind screamed, still searching for another answer other than his hopefully-ridiculous idea.

But suddenly Sam stopped his pacing right when he faced the bed. Sam looked at his brother, frowning. Something just occurred in his mind. Quickly, he moved closer to the bed and sitting slowly on the chair. How come I never think about this before? He swallowed. Relocating his position to the edge of the chair, Sam closed his eyes and inhaled a deep breath to calm himself down. His lids fluttered open after a few moments then he looked down at his palms.

Please God let it work.

Sam took up his left hand hanging above Dean's chest, just barely touched the patched stab wounds. But something halted his action. No, maybe it's better if… He changed his mind and drove the hand to Dean's forehead. Carefully he touched the bare skin, not wanting to wake up his brother.

Sam inhaled another long breath before closing his eyes.

Concentrate… concentrate…



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