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"What? What's wrong are you alright?" shrieked the blonde who had just been woken from his sleep.

"What do you think?" stated Yuuri slightly irritated.

"Yuuri what happened? What are you doing on the floor?" asked the blonde slightly disheveled.

"Oh well lets see I fell off while trying to escape from you mauling me to death"! Yuuri said angrily.

"Heh Sorry I guess I was having a nightmare.

"Of what exactly may I ask?" Asked Yuuri wanting to know what would make the blonde want to kiss him in his sleep.

"Of you being any more Wimpier!! HAHAHA…..pfft…giggle"

"Hey STOP calling me that!! Yuuri yelled.

"Okay Okay I'll stop I 'm sorry"

Wow he looks really sexy on his knees begging I can just imagine him begging for my…….BAD THOUGHTS GOD DAMN SINCE WHEN DID WOLFRAM GET THIS SE…….Yuuri was cut of by soft cries coming from next to him.



Oh god I'm Sorry I don't know why I'm crying Oh for goodness sakes….. (EMBRACE)

"Wolf what was that dream about?"

"I dreamt that…that you slit my throat with my own sword Yuuri."

"I would never do anything to hurt you Wolf you know that right?"

"Yes ……..I know"

"Then don't cry"

"Oh I'm so bothersome aren't I? I'm sure you have much more important things to do than sit here listening to me"

"That's just silly you're the most important thing in my life and you always will be."

"Yuuri may I ask you something?"

"Of course"

"D...do you l..love me"


"Yuuri plea…"

"..Yes I do"


"I do"

Wolfram lunged at Yuuri and latched his lips onto Yuuri's. Yuuri was stunned for a second but soon returned the kiss soon their tongues were fighting for dominance of course in the end Yuuri won.


Yuuri pulled his fiancé up and guided to the bed lightly pushing him over onto the soft red satin sheets he pushed himself up to meet his lovers gaze their lips barely touching against each other.

"You know Wolf if you don't believe that I do love you there is one way to prove it but I warn you once I start there is no going back" Yuuri informed in a husky whisper.

"I'm willing to take that risk"


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