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Summary: It's been 4 years since Sasuke left Konaha. Sakura is now the top Kunoichi in her village, not to mention the most beautiful. When Sasuke comes back home will Sakura be able to love him again? Read to find out; reviews are appreciated!

Pairings: Main-SakuXSasu Other: NaruXHina, NejiXTen, ShikaXIno, Slight: KakXAnko, JiraiyaXTsunade

Word- Flashback 'Word'- Thoughts


Fresh Start

Chapter 1

After working four nights in a row, nonstop at the hospital, Sakura Haruno takes a lunch break and heads off to the Sakura fields. On her way there she tries to ignore al of the ogle-eyed stares all the men, (young and old) were giving her. You see, Sakura was no longer a weak girl but a VERY strong woman. (Thx to Tsunade)

She is 16, her air had stayed the same bubble-gum pink but, was now 2 inches past her shoulders, & she now had all the right curves many girls and women wished to have. When she was happy Naruto noticed that Sakura's eyes didn't have that same glistening look anymore, even when she was happy.

And it was all because he left her

Without notice, Sakura stopped walking. She stood in front of the bridge that She, Sasuke, Naruto and Kakashi, or Team 7 had met for training or a mission 5 years ago. Sadness began to overwhelm Sakura but, no tears fell.

NO. She wouldn't cry over him anymore.

Crying is a weakness.

Crying makes you weak. And she was NOT weak.

Things had changed.

After Sasuke left 5 years ago for power from Orochimaru in order to kill his older brother Itachi, Sakura went to Tsunade to become her apprentice so she could get stronger. Well, it worked! She had become Konaha's most beautiful and strongest Kunoichi.

(Enough about her lets talk about Naruto.)

He had gotten much stronger than he was before and was the top Shinobi in Konaha. He was also the most popular choice of becoming the 6th Hokage. However, despite his new strength and skill he still acted like a little kid at times. There was only one thing that scared our future Hokage and that was…….Sakura's insane strength.

(Now onto Kakashi! –coughcoughpervertcoughcough-)

Even though he was older, he was the same perverted sensei Sakura had known almost her whole life. Besides his tardiness, another thing that makes Sakura mad is him reading Jiraiya's DAMN PORN BOOKS!!

Oh, he was married to Anko too.

Next, she remembered an incident that happened 2years ago. The Akatsuki had invaded Konaha to capture Naruto but, Sakura had prevented them by hiding Naruto in a different village and guarding him. Itachi, being the smartest member of the Akatsuki, figured out Naruto went into hiding and searched for him and eventually found him and Sakura.

When he found them he immediately attacked Sakura. In a matter of minutes she had beaten Itachi with just a few simple moves and two jutsu. But, his last words before he left kept ringing in her head.

To Be Continued…….

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