This is a serious moment between our favourite boys, still set in the Snuggles universe, only not a fluffy toy to be seen. Poor Snapey, the things we make him suffer. Post war togetherness. Bless. Let me know what you think! Thanks.

"Oh yes, run away. That's right, run back to your dungeons and hide…"

"I am not running away. I can see no point in standing here continuing what is obviously a dead ended conversation. You are never going to admit that this matters…"

"That's because it doesn't!"

"Your actions say otherwise."

"What actions! What have I ever done to make you think that! When are you going to get it into your head that this" he grabbed the left fore-arm of the man opposite him, fist encircling the entire limb, and almost shook it in his face "doesn't matter anymore! No one cares! It's over and done with!"

"Over and done with! How can you say that! Every time you see me I know you see this!"

"I see it because it is there, not because I look for it and certainly not because it is you! It doesn't matter! Anyone who counts sees it as a reminder of just how much they owe you, what a sacrifice you made…"

"Don't you understand?! I don't want people to see it and make a judgement! I want… I want people to decide on me because of me not some stupid decision I made twenty some years ago. This is not me!"

"Finally! I know! This does not matter! I forget about it. The rest of the school have forgotten about it. You need to let it rest and then maybe we can get on with our life."

"Our life?"

"Oh good Lord! Yes, Severus, our life. The life we will have, together. If only you can see this" the hand still holding the arm relaxes slightly, and the holder slides his other hand over it softly, causing the other man to shudder and drop his angry stare "really, really doesn't matter."