Uh, this is a new story, so please be nice, this is a chapter that introduces them.

This is AU, Danny works for Pariah Dark, and basically everyone else is on the Anti Ghost Resistance. Danny is evil for now, and yes, this is a DxS Fanfic. (Smiles happily.)


Hello, my name is Danny Phantom. I am sixteen years of age and I serve Pariah Dark, the king of all ghosts. Yes, I am a ghost and I am second in command to the king.

Us ghosts, we kill the humans and take over their realm, as they sit there sadly, defenceless, and I feel no remorse for them. I am a ghost, I do not have human emotions and…

Okay fine, I am a bad liar, I prefer not to kill them, it seems inhuman. NO PUN INTENDED. And they are not exactly 'helpless and defenceless' either. They have protected their world for years, and strangely…I feel sad for them. Some days I wish everything would return to normal, where we stayed in the ghost zone, only occasionally frightening them, for fun.

Sigh…King Pariah commands me again, he wants me to lead another attack against the human resistance. As usual, more killing, and casualties.


Hi, my name is Samantha Manson, but I prefer 'Sam'. I am a human and grew up in a time where ghosts were trying to take over our lives, our world. I was raised to be a fighter, as a Resistance force against the army. I detest ghosts, they couldn't be happy with their ghostly realm, could they?

Dani and Tuck, my friends, are part of this too. Danielle's a rebel ghost and Tucker's a technogeek.

Mrs. Fenton, our leader, is getting her weapons ready for the fight. Her daughter, Jasmine Fenton is helping her load her anti-ghost inventory, which is designed by her father, Jack.

Sigh… every day, more weapons, more killing and more casualties.


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