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Chapter 1: Fractured

Wilson stood rigid, his shoulders squared, his brow creased with a look of contempt marring his features. One could literally feel the anger radiating off his persona as he found himself amidst a confrontation with his best friend. House was limping ungracefully away towards the hall, trying to escape the tension that was coming close to smothering both the hot tempered men.

"Fine! Run away like you always do y… you coward!" Wilson spat as he watched the older man's retreating back.

House's body tensed as he came to an abrupt halt, turning halfway to toss a look of hatred back at the young oncologist. "O-h don't give me that crap Mr. good and noble. YOU don't know anything about it! Why can't you just leave me alone? Everything would be fine if you'd just mind your own damn business?"

"Oh yes because you're SO- good at minding your own! I was trying to help, that's what friends do in case you've forgotten!" Wilson hissed, tossing his hands up in the air to emphasize his exasperation.

"I don't NEED your help, so quit trying to fix me when you can't even fix your own fucked up life!"

"My life? You think my life is fucked up? I'm the epitome of the American dream compared to you!"

"Yeah I can see that, how could I have possibly missed it?" House sneered sarcastically. "A beautiful hotel room with a white picket fence, and three alimony checks mailed with love and affection by your perfect ex-wives" he finished in a dramatic and mocking tone.

Wilson cringed and gave the man a pointed look. "This, this isn't about me anyways, it's about you and… "That's right it ISN'T about you, it's about me!" House interrupted raising his voice. "It's about MY life not yours. The key word there is MY, so leave ME ALONE!"

"You're a bastard! I…I don't even know why I try to help you, in fact, I don't even know why I try to be your friend anymore!"

"Well, maybe you shouldn't, I NEVER asked you to be my friend! May-be I don't want you to be either!"

Wilson's eyes darkened as he covered his hurt expression, quickly trying to not give his opponent any more ammunition than he already had. Grinding his teeth a few times, he set his jaw and turned abruptly to grab his coat and brief case from beside the couch. With a quick swoop he snatched his keys off the coffee table and turned on his heel to head towards the front door.

House's eyes followed the seething frame and its every move. "What do you know, look who's running now! I guess that makes you a coward too!" he spat taunting the younger man.

Wilson's hand hesitated on the cool metal of the door knob. He took a deep breath, trying to calm himself before uttering his final parting words. "You once told me you didn't want to push this until it breaks…" pausing he looked at the floor, his back to the older man in a stance that declared his resignation "…I think, I think that maybe it just… did." his voice cracked. He was turning the handle to pull the door open when a large hand slammed against the wooden surface, throwing the door closed. The young oncologist flinched, and turned to see House's frame towering over him with an intimidating demeanor. "We're NOT finished yet!" he hissed.

"Maybe you're not but I AM" Wilson growled threateningly, pushing House away from him, trying to get out of the corner he had been trapped in.

"I'm finished with this conversation, and I'm…" pausing a moment he pulled his keys out of his pocket, twisting them slightly within his fingers until one of the silver pieces became detached. "…I'm finally finished with you!" he spoke with finality, pushing the key into Houses chest for good measure. Instead of grasping it, House watched as it dropped and clattered to the floor.

Anger flashed in the older man's blue eyes as they met with Wilson's defiant brown.

"FINE LEAVE!" he snarled with venom. "I don't need you anyways!"

"You're wrong, you've ALWAYS needed me, ALWAYS, ALL the time!" he hissed angrily. "I'M the one that doesn't need you! You're a sarcastic, misanthropic son of a bitch who's going to die in pain and alone, who DESERVES to die in pain and alone!" not waiting to see or hear Houses response, Wilson turned on his heal and stormed out the door letting it slam in his wake.

House stood wide eyed with hurt clearly etched on his features. His anger quickly drained out from every pore on his body, and left him feeling empty with regret as he stood staring at the vacant space were his friend had just been standing. Taking a deep breath, he moved forward to follow suit. House stopped himself when he heard the Volvo's familiar engine roar to life, and its tires screeching as it sped quickly away.

Hanging his head, he looked down at his feet his gaze falling on the discarded key. Bending over with a painful grunt, he gathered it into his shaky hand, letting the magnitude of what it represented sink in. 'What have I done?' he thought regretfully as he wrapped his fingers tightly around the piece of metal, letting it dig painfully into the skin of his palm.