Chapter 1: And so it all begins.
It was just another spring day in Zebulos, if you where a townspossum of course, but for our wiley hereos and heroettes, it was the beginning of a long saga, one

that might span from the most mundane of places to another dimension to the sacred halls of the core of existance and back.

The rest of the rocket knights where seated at the lunch-time table, having just finished eating.

"Wow it's been a while since Sparkster left, I hope she's okay" Sherry said,

staring down at her empty bowl on the table.

"Ah she'll be fine, you know how she is, procrastinator extraordinaire." Nisto,

the yellow-armored possum seated beside her assured her.

Sherry sighed, looking at the clock, 4 hours had passed since Sparkster's departure, with no signs of her arrival.

Just then, there was roaring sounds near the door, it sounded like... A rocket?.

Suddenly, "RRRROCKET KNIGHTS!" screamed Sparkster as she threw open the door to the Rocket KnightAttack-Squad HQ. "I have some good news and some bad news!"

Axle Gear groaned, "What's the GOOD news?" he asked.

"The good news is that we are on a quest!" she replied. "We are FAMOUS!"

"Great... whats the bad news?" Nisto asked next.

"Well, the bad news is that the quest is for," Sparkz took a long pause... Looking at a piece of paper in her hands.

"It's for CONAN,"

All of the other Rocket Knights gasped.

"WHAT? That old man who can't even tell his own butt from a hole in the ground!" Sherry shrieked.

"I wanna help, tooo!!" Kasuro squealed, "Mushroom64 said I could come when I was nine and now I am!!"

"Oh yea!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY KASURO!! We almost forgot you turned nine today!" Said all of the possums except Sparks.

"So what about Conan, Sparky?" Zeronokai told Sparkster as he gnawed on a cheese sandwich like the possum he was.

Sparkster looked at them and continued. "Well, he wants us to find his dog Laffy because he's too dumb to do it himself. So we have to go and look for the dog,"

"Hey cool! I always wanted to do that!" Birxian said. "I love doggies!!"

The others rolled their eyes, Cherry looked up there too, but only saw the roof.

"Ok anyways, I think we should head out," Sparkz said.

Axle looked at the clock, it was 6 PM, only 3 hours until dark, "Yeah, we don't have much time," He added. "Its 3 hours 'till sundown"

"Oh no! We gotta hurry so we can come back and watch the Special Edition of Barbie's Adventures!" Cherry squealed.

Sparkster scratched her head, "Ummm...that wasn't what I meant, but ok," she said, watching Barbie was fine with her.

"Well, come on guys, lets go" She started walking towards the door.

'WAIT!!!" Somebody yelled, Sparks stopped and turned back around, "Huh, why?"

"I gotta potty first!!" Zeronokai announced, and began his mad rush to thebathroom with his hands on his butt.

Five seconds later the bathroom door closed, Sparks just sighed and sat down on the sofa.

There was all kinds of disturbing explosion sounds coming out from the bathroom like somebody was fighting a war in there, two hours later Zeronokai came out.

"Ok I'm ready!" he said with a look of satisfaction on his face. Everybody else was sitting on the sofa looking mad.

"Jeeze man what where you doin' there? Floating rubber duckies in the toilet? My god you took forever!" Sparkster snapped at him.

"It's not MY fault I took so long! The toilet overflowed and I don't know why!"

Suddenly brown sludge began to pour into the room from the bathroom.

"See what I mean?" Zeronokai said, rapidly being buried in sewage.

Sparkster looked like she was ready to explode but held it in, "just come on" she growled.

She had a disgusted look as she literally had to swim her way to the door and opened it, the sewage emptied out into the streets of Zebulos.

All the other rockets knights rushed for the exit with their hands over their noses and left, probably traumatized, I know I would be.

Zeronokai stopped to look at Sparkster one last time before departure, "You really

ougtha fix that toilet sometime you know" he said, he then turned around and rocket-boosted off in the directions of the others.

Sparks was speechless and stood there with this look on her face like she wanted to kill somebody(Can't imagine who), however the scream and siren sounds emanating from the streets below her attracted her attention, she looked off the platform attached to the side of the tower that was like their porch at the disaster, possums where still squirming around in the crap, trying to get out, the news people where there and everybody was watching.

Sparky had enough, shaking her head in disgust as she fianlly left, following the others by the sight of their fruity colored armor.