Chapter 20 – You Hold Me Just the Same Way – Epilogue


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We've been careful, we've been good
Doing most of the things we should
But the picture is much bigger than we knew

"Good grief woman, could you possibly have picked a dress with more buttons?"

Ginny giggled as she listened to his vexations, knowing by the playful tone of his voice that he was enjoying every moment of undoing the crisp white buttons of her dress; she could tell by the unhurried movement of his hands and the way he was letting his fingers linger across each exposed inch of her warm skin.

The room was warm despite the crispness of the fall air outside.

The only light was coming from the crackling flames of the fireplace and the air was rich with the smell of autumn leaves and pumpkin.

Ginny leaned her head down, letting the soft curls of her long hair fall over her face. She sighed loudly as the man behind her undid a button at the top of her waist and ran his hand back up the naked skin of her back.

His hot breath on her neck made her stomach clench.

"Draco, if you don't get a move on, I'll have to vanish the blasted dress, and you know how much I don't want to do that," Ginny demanded, straightening her back so she was not pressed so tightly against him.

"I'm almost finished, love," he replied distractedly, and in one swift movement he had undone the last of the buttons and pushed the dress to her thighs.

She turned around just in time to press her lips to his and he lifted her from the crumple of her white dress, never breaking contact as he carried her to the bed.

"In a hurry all of a sudden?" she asked, smiling against his mouth and at the same time pealing his black dress robes from his body.

"Always," he replied, dipping his head to her breast and successfully preventing any more talking for the time being.

I'd rather feel your heat

On a wicked winter day

Than watch a holiday parade

With dancers and balloons

It was quite some time later before Ginny finally had a moment to owl her parents to let them know they had arrived safely in France.

She had gotten up to move to the writing desk in the corner of the room, but after loud protests from Draco found it was much easier to transfer the parchment and quill to the bed.

She was sitting up, leaning against a stack of pillows and the headboard of the bed.

Draco's arm was draped across her shoulders and he was reading the back of the day's newspaper.

She penned a quick letter to her mum and signed her name on the bottom of the letter, pausing to stare at it for a moment. It would certainly take some getting used to, but, she smiled softly to herself, she would adjust.

She had just tied the letter to the waiting owls' leg when she realized Draco was idly twirling a red tendril of her hair around his finger.

She remembered something then, an image she had not thought of in over a year, but suddenly it was shining brightly in her minds eye.

Her mother was knitting one of the famous Weasley sweaters and her father was still reading; his free arm draped nonchalantly across Molly's shoulders. Ginny smiled when she saw he was absently twirling a red tendril of his wife's hair around his finger.

Ginny could not hide the smile from her face as she sat quietly, enjoying the gentle touch of her husband.

She felt her heart swell with happiness and knew instantly and with complete certainty that things would be more than fine. Somehow, she had ended up with exactly what she needed and without even realizing it was what she wanted.

The rustling of Draco moving the newspaper to the bedside table caught her attention and she turned to him.

"Finished with your letter?" he asked, moving his arm and pulling her tightly to his side.

"Yes," she replied, still smiling widely.

"What're you grinning so madly about?" he asked, leaning forward to place a kiss on the tip of her nose.

"You," she breathed. "I love you."

"I love you too, Ginny," he answered, pressing his lips to hers for a moment. "I love you."

She let his words wash over her, let them settle in every crevice of her mind, let them comfort and soothe her, before settling down into his warm arms.

You hold me just the same way

And we're gonna pull through.


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