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Epilogue… from Kasumi's point of view.(for added funness of course)

I sighed softly, leaning against a column as I watched the planes landing outside the airport. 'She'll be touching down soon…'

I closed my eyes, trying to mentally check that everything was in order. Like Anna-chan told me to, I cleaned up our spare bedroom as well as the apartment in and of itself… I can't believe she's bringing Izumi back with her… but… I suppose it's for the best… it's just a visit, right? She's not actually going to drop everything and move to Holland, too? They said they had a surprise for me… I wonder what…

Maybe they've come to tell me they're getting married?

I laughed to myself. I don't know if that would really surprise me at this point though… Anna-chan certainly would have accepted if Izumi-san offered… and if Izumi-san was willing to come along then surely their relationship didn't implode…?

But if it's not that…

I straightened out of my slight slouching as I felt my phone go off. They must have landed. I looked around as I answered the call. "Anna-chan?"

"Kasumi-chan! Hi! Where are you? We're just getting off the plane."

I told her I was in the main lobby. I heard a voice in the background that I didn't recognize, but I assumed it was just another passenger on the plane walking past.

"Meet you at baggage claim?"

I agreed and after she reminded me which airplane she had taken, I set off to find the corresponding baggage belt.

"We have four bags. The large one I left with, a black suitcase, a white suitcase, and a large brown bag."

I teased, "Are you sure the white one isn't large too?"

"No, she didn't pack that much."

I frowned, pausing for thought. Eventually shaking my head, I stood and waited for the baggage. I'd probably have to end the call so I could haul even one of those supposedly 'large' suitcases… I hoped they wouldn't take too many breaks before getting here…

"We're going to stop by the restroom for a bit, you don't mind, do you?"

I sighed. "No, not at all. Just don't spend too long, okay?"

A few more words and I was allowed to slip the phone back in my pocket.

Usually, the belt doesn't start rolling for an awful long time, especially on long overseas trips, but it seemed surprisingly quick this time. Or maybe it was because I had taken notice of a girl in two ponytails, with long light-dirty-blond hair… humming softly to herself as she waited for baggage. I tried to ignore her, mind my own business, but I couldn't help but glance over at her every so often.

Once, she turned towards me, and gave me a gentle closed eye smile. I shook my head, stepping forward as the first bag appeared.

Not mine.

I kept looking, and I found the black one. I pulled at it and managed to get it to come loose. It felt heavy and yet light. As if the suitcase itself weighed a lot more than the contents. Oh well.

I set it down beside me and started looking for the next bag. Oh! Brown! Alright…

I held the handle, but it wouldn't budge. I tugged harder, and yelped as I was pulled along with the conveyer belt.

And then I felt cool, gentle hands on mine, and a voice in my ear, "Pull together?"

I could only nod limply as we both tugged and got the bag onto the ground. I looked up, ready to thank the person…

It was that girl. She smiled at me.

I was speechless, seeing her smile from such close range.

Then Anna-chan and Izumi-san arrived. I looked away from the girl to wave them over.

The last two bags were picked up and I sighed, looking at the selection. Four bags, two visitors? It didn't seem to compute. Well it did but how did Anna-chan leave with one and come back with two?

"Come on, Mitsuki-chan, let's go! You met Kasumi, right?"

I blinked, wondering who Anna-chan was referring to. I slowly followed her gaze and… found myself looking at the blond girl again. She smiled and then bowed a bit. "Nice to meet you. My name is Sawatari Mitsuki." Then she paused, as if remembering something. Switching languages, she repeated it in the local dialect, without the slightest sign of non-fluency. "I don't know if you can speak Japanese well enough."

I laughed, speaking in Japanese, "I'm a born Japanese, so please don't feel you have to speak in an unnatural language, though you speak it well, a lot better than Anna, surprisingly. My name is Sawatari Kasumi. Pleased to meet you."

Izumi piped up, "Kasumi-san, Mitsuki-chan is my little sister by a year. You don't mind if she stays with us, do you?"

"Stay…?" I looked at her again. Then I looked at the suitcases. Izumi and Anna had already claimed their bags and were ready to go. That meant… "These other two are yours?"

She smiled apologetically, "Sorry to spring this on you… surprise."

'Surprise…? OH! That's what they meant?' I smiled back, reaching for one of her bags. "It's okay. It's a pleasant surprise at least. Well, since you have two and I have none, I suppose it's only right that I take one… I'm glad I have a truck though… this is a lot of luggage…"

"I'll take the brown one, don't worry." She picked the bag we had both lifted out of the belt as if it were nothing. Which was surprising considering I didn't know where she was hiding that muscle… "… Is there enough room for four?"

I blinked out of my daze as we started heading to the parking lot. "Yes. It seats four anyway, sometimes five. So did you have a good trip, Anna-chan?"

Anna turned halfway to look at me and smiled. "Yes, I did actually. I'll tell you all about it once we've gotten home."

I nodded to her and then asked Mitsuki-san, "Have you ever been to Holland before?"

She shook her head. "Nope, I haven't had the chance. Thought I'd use my sister as an excuse to tag along. You really don't mind?"

"The more the merrier." I looked down at the bag she was carrying and teased, "It's so bulky. What do you have in there? An alligator?"

Her smile dropped, just for a second. "If I did, would that bother you?"

My own smile slipped, just a little, as I wondered if she was joking or not. If I recall correctly, Anna-chan had spoken several times about a certain alligator pet that was always chasing Yoshitaka-kun… It couldn't be… she didn't…?

I sighed. "I don't mind personally. As long as it doesn't try to kill me. And though our apartment is fairly lenient on pets… I think an alligator on the loose might scare a few too many neighbors…"

She laughed and nodded. "Reasonable."

The ride home was very pleasant. Mitsuki kept me company in the front while Anna-chan and Izumi-san napped in the back. I asked if she wasn't tired, and she responded that she had been smart and slept on the way over.

Our conversation was light, and I pointed out a few of the local specials as we drove along.

By the time we had arrived home, I dare say we had reached a very friendly, companionable level. Or as another might say, "We just clicked."

She took the first shower, and her sister took the next. Anna fell asleep again in the spare bedroom after dropping her things. While I was preparing tea, Mitsuki-san came up to me and asked softly, "Will you play a game with me?"

She told me what had happened between Anna-chan and Izumi-san, how Izumi-san had proposed just the other day. It took a moment to digest, but I eventually nodded, accepting it. She then began to quickly whisper into my ear the rules of the game.

I found myself feeling more and more interested in her, and the way her mind worked, the slight chill that it sent down my spine not quite unpleasant.

When she finished, she smiled and winked at me. "So will you be my partner in crime?"

I slowly walked over to her brown bag, wanting to satisfy my own curiosity first. "I don't have anything better to do, and it sounds interesting. So sure. I just unclasp this, right?"

She nodded, watching me from the kitchen entrance.

I wasn't quite sure what to think when I felt the top half of my body suddenly grow clammy, darkness surrounding me. It tickled a little too. And then I was released, and there was an alligator sitting in front of me. I looked up at Mitsuki-san. "Did I pass?"

"Most would be scared witless right about now."

Kasumi looked at the alligator who was staring right back at her. "I guess I'm not most. I've always wanted a reptilian pet… though I never expected I would be chomped by an alligator… You're very gentle though, aren't you? Pochi, right?"

The alligator grunted in a way that sounded remotely affirmative. I giggled, feeling something childishly playful rear up inside me. I gave the alligator a small peck on his snout and whispered, "I hope we can be good friends, Pochi-chan." I looked up at Pochi's owner. "All of us."

-Owari Epilogue-y.

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Ah… speculation speculation…

Oh, but what happened to Yoshitaka? He wasn't really in this story, was he? Oh wells. Hmm… let's see…

After Izumi finally let him go crazy… Alicia and that second-rate (compared to Izumi) idol girl who rides a white horse takes interest in Yoshitaka's mansion and… by joint effort they turn it into a hot springs so the girl can enjoy the profit and Yoshitaka can enjoy the girls. Also, Yoshitaka's cousin (also rich) who owns the modeling publicist (I think) company can keep an eye on Yoshitaka's newest maids… and… general mayhem shall ensue in Japan.

Eventually, I suspect Anna-chan shall move out and find a new place with Izumi-san, whether in Holland or not, I'll leave it to you. Perhaps Mitsuki shall eventually convince Kasumi to live with her somewhere where Pochi can run free… while Mitsuki makes Kasumi her new 'lingerie model client'… Though I wonder how open Holland is to that sort of thing, I have no idea.

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