A/N: This is two weeks after Sasuke fought Deidara, he killed him and Naruto along with all Konoha nin destroyed Kabu/Orochi...Thinking that Sasuke would be safe they aborted their mission...when Naruto returned Tsunade decided that he was going to be the sixth Hokage...so now he is practicing the paper work. Sort of spoiler after manga 360.

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Team Hebi was sitting around the fire in the middle of the forest, they were suppose to be close to one of the Akatsuki hideout. It was very peaceful the birds chirping, everything normal until something or someone was sent flying, destroying trees in the process. Suigetsu, Juugo and Karin had a surprise expression, if they were by 5 feets to the left, they would had been dragged in the process of destruction. Everyone expected a dead body. But they were wrong the pink haired girl that was sent flying was standing up and screaming.

"8 trees!!! You made me destroy 8 trees!!!!! Now I'm going to get you !!!!"

She passed Sasuke and she didn't even glanced at him.

When team Hebi came to the clearing, they were shocked. Sakura was standing and there was a corpse.

"That is for mocking my hair."

When she turned around she saw team Hebi but she acted like they weren't there, she searched for her red headband that was in the floor, cleaned the dirt and put it on her head.

"Mission Accomplish….Point D far west…..Yes….No I don't need back up….Yes….For the third time Yes I killed him….No…..Listen Naruto tell everybody that I'm F-I-N-E. No I haven't see Sasuke…Ugggg….I'm heading to the village…Fine bye…transmission over."

"Hey girl what is your name?" asked Karin

"I don't need to answer that."

"Why did you lied to Naruto, Sakura?"

"Because I felt like to, Sasuke. Now if you excuse me."

With that Sakura disappeared with Cherry Blossom around her. Sakura headed to the village.

"Who was that girl, Sasuke?"

"An old friend."

Karin wasn't really happy, for a moment she saw emotions of regret in Sasuke's eyes when he answered Suigetsu, but were quickly replaced by his usual cold eyes.

"Let's go."


"Tsunade-shishio the mission was a success."

"That is good Sakura, you can have the day free."


When she exited the tower, she found Naruto.

"Sakura-chan, How are you?!"

"Fine, hey aren't you suppose to be practicing with Tsunade about the paper work."

"Oh yeah, I just took a break with Hina-chan and ate ramen."

"If you are going to be the future Hokage you can't get those break."

"Hai. Say Sakura-chan you saw Sasuke-teme didn't you?"

"Hai, demo he was fine, even he got a new team."


"Hey Hokage-sama don't worry about it."

"Hey I'm not yet the Hokage but it sounds good."

"Heheheheehe, see ya later Naruto, I'm going to collect some herbs."

"Yeah, I'm going to baa-chan now."

Sakura went outside of Konoha and took a walk, later she went to a place that was filled by flowers there she began to look for the herbs. From nowhere team Hebi appeared.

"What do you want Sasuke?"

"You know about my brother, so speak."

"Hey when Sasuke-kun speak to you, you will pay attention ." screamed Karin

But it was to deaf ear because Sakura continued picking the herbs showing her back to team Hebi.

"Why you…"

In a blink of an eye Karin was at Sakura's side ready to kick her, but she just kicked the air.

"What the…"said Suigetsu.

"Tsk. Really pathetic." said Sakura with an emotionless tone.

Sakura reappeared by Karin's side and kicked her. She was sent flying toward team Hebi.

"Men, I got a free day, and you got to find me. I'm outta here."

But before she could go Sasuke took her by the arm.

"You will come with me."

And with that all team Hebi disappeared including Sakura……


"Uchiha Itachi S-ranked criminal, current position Akatsuki, current goal Jinchurruchi number 9 that resides in Konoha. His bloodline limit the Sharingan speciality Tsukyomi and Magekyo Sharingan. Was a former Konoha nin and the former heir of the Uchiha clan. He wiped it out for unknown reason and spare one member. He mastered the Sharingan at 8 and graduated from the Academy at 7 he became chunnin at 10 and Anbu Captain at 13 a true genious to Konoha. About the Tsukyomi is a genjutsu that is impossible to break until now only an Uchiha with the same capacity can break it. Only 3 people had survive this attack, among them Hatake Kakashi he got the Sharingan but he doesn't have the Uchiha blood and Uchiha Sasuke who got the Sharingan in level 2 in that time."

"Who is the third person." asked Sasuke in a statement manner. (A/N: As always.)

"The person who discover how to beat Itachi but didn't use it when she got the chance."

"You mean a girl could beat Uchiha Itachi?" asked Suigetsu.

"Not exactly…I think that the weakness of the Uchiha clan must remain secret for those who aren't Uchiha."

"Oh yeah and how do you know about it Pinky." yelled Karin

"It is Sakura, and I know it because I discovered his weakness."

There was a long silence in the room until Juugo broke it.

"So you are the third person."

"I need to speak with you Sakura, alone." said Sasuke in a emotionless tone.

Karin, Juugo and Suigetsu disappeared living Sakura and Sasuke alone.

"So? What is what you want to know."

"How could you possibly beat my brother."

"I didn't because it is your dream to kill him. Every time that he use the Tsukyomi or the Magekyo his chakra is at the edge of depletion. Then there is the chance to strike him…at the beginning it is really difficult because his chakra is immense you need to deal with his speed at first if you survive that, then you can kill him."

"How did you beat the Tsukyomi when you don't have the bloodline limit of my clan."

"I blocked those memories Sasuke, I don't know how I even survived that."


"Oh one more thing….he is blind, and you will too if you keep using the Sharingan 24/7."

"Where do you think you are going?"

"To Konoha since I'm useless to you right now."

"I need your help here more than Konoha does. I will go out side you got 10 minutes to decide."

"What could be that girl talking about I swear that if she lay a finger on my Sasuke-kun…Oh Sasuke-kun I was so worried about you…did she did sometime to you?"

"Stay away, Karin."

"I had made my decision I will became part of Team Hebi."

Suigetsu grinned, Juugo smiled, Karin made an angry face and Sasuke had a smirk.

"Let's go."

Team Hebi made a campsite and they sat around the fire.

"Yo Sasuke can we make presentation?" asked Suigetsu.

Sasuke merely nodded.

"Well I'm Suigetsu from the mist, I was taught by Zabuza-sempai and my goals are to collect all the swords from the seven swords man."

Sakura nooded and smiled at him.

"I'm Juugo and I form part of this team. I don't got goals but a favor to repaid"

Sakura smiled at him and shook his hand when he extend it.

"I'm Karin and I'm Sasuke-kun girlfriend so you better stay away from him."

"Whatever. Well I'm Haruno Sakura from Konoha…my goals is to destroy a certain brother of mine that insist in taking my best friend, even thought I promise myself to not get in the path of revenge but let said that destiny played with me ...so now I'm gonna kill him no matter what."

"Guys Orochimaru is approaching." said Karin trying to interrupt Sakura.

"Quit lying Kuran."

"It is Karin, and Sasuke-kun believe in me."

"Orochimaru is dead…we killed him along with Kabuto."

"Ja! now you lied Pinky because Sasuke-kun killed him."

"Yeah I know he killed his former body but then when he fought Deidara, we were fighting Kabumaru, that is how he called himself. He was mixed with Orochimaru's soul and we destroyed him."

"How do you know that I fought Deidara?"

"Because the one that I'm seeking is the leader of that organization, plus Konoha got their spies in there."

"Someone with big chakra is approaching."

"Quit lying Karin you just want to impress Sasuke." said Suigetsu.

"No, for once Kuran isn't lying, but never mind he isn't a threat."

"Said it for yourself he got the power of a demon."

"He is not a demon."

"Don't worry Sakura-chan, I really don't care if I'm a demon or not, because I'm going to be the next Hokage believe it."

"What do you want Dobe?"

"I came here for Sakura, Teme."

"Karin gasped at the insult it were two person in the same day that insulted Sasuke and he didn't even bother to fight it back."

"She is part of our team dude." said Suigetsu


"Naruto I need your permission to leave the village. I will return but I must kill him."

"From when did Sakura need to ask permission to Naruto." thought Sasuke

"But Sakura-chan."

"This will help our village and eliminate the great threat to our villagers."

"Haruno Sakura I gave you permission to leave, return save again."Naruto said with a tear rolling down his cheek.

"Thank you Hokage-sama."said Sakurawith a bow and a tear rolling down too.

Naruto quickly hugged Sakura.

"I will miss you Sakura-chan. Here I brought you your scroll and medicine, because I had guess that you would do something like that."

"Thanks, I will miss you and all of Konoha, remember to not eat ramen all the day and always hear Hinata."

"Sakura began to jump behind Team Hebi when she heard Naruto shouting behind."

"Return save Konoha's Cherry Blossom. Make us proud."

"What a noise guy but he got spirit." said Juugo



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