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They went to eat at Ichiraku, it was already 6 pm when Sasuke, Sakura, Ino, Shikamaru, Hinata, Naruto, Kakashi and Tsunade arrived at the gates.

"So you aren't staying in Konoha?" asked Sakura.

"Nah…it is a cute village but I want to collect all my swords. I want to accomplish my goal."

"Juugo what are you going to do?" asked Sasuke

"Thanks to Tsunade-sama she could remove the curse mark…this world got so many village that I want to known them all. I'm finally free from the curse."

"Well bye dudes." with that Suigetsu disappeared.

"Thanks and bye." said Juugo and disappeared too.

Karin notice the necklace.

"Sasuke-kun!!! Pinky stole your necklace!!!!"

Everybody glared at her.

"She just need to ruin this moment…troublesome."

"Hey watched Pineapple-Head."

"You don't call my boyfriend like that."

"Whatever Skinny Blondie, I will stay in the village and make Sasuke-kun mine, besides he wants to restore his clan in Konoha unless he want to restore it in sound and I will go with him of course. So Pinky hand over the necklace because I'm the next Matriarch of the Uchiha clan."

"Hehehehe she doesn't know does she?" laughed Naruto

"What is so funny? Mini-brain."

Kakashi grabbed Hinata because she was going to do the 8-triagrams.

"-sigh- Sasuke and Sakura are engaged." said Tsunade

"As if, Old Hag."

Ino and Shikamaru needed to hold Tsunade she was really pissed.

But then Karin saw that Sasuke was actually smiling as he held Sakura by the waist, and Sakura leaned the back of her head in his chest.


"Enough! With the power that give me the sixth Hokage I forbid you to put another step in this village and you got 30 seconds to leave before I command the best squad of anbu to kill you."" said Hinata

Make me, you are not the Hokage, Shy Girl."

"Everything that Hinata said it is what I'm going to do." said Naruto in a serious tone.

"We rule Kabuto's girl." said Ino

Everyone began to laugh.

"It is true she is just like Kabuto, even the glasses are the same." yelled Naruto

"What did you…"

"Five seconds to go…." said Hinata

"Okay I'm going. Sasuke-kun do you want to form our family in sound or in waterfall."

"Do I look that I want to form a family with you? I will form my family with Sakura."

"Fine I will be going then."

"Finally Kabuto's girl got it." screamed Ino.

"We won't miss you, so get lost." yelled Tsunade.

Everybody looked at Tsunade.

"What? nobody tell me old and get away with it."

So in resume, Sasuke and Sakura were happy, and had 5 sons and 1 daughter, Naruto and Hinata were happy, his daughter loved ramen but his son was allergic to it(A/N: Naruto was really sad with this) He was a great Hokage. Ino and Shikamaru had twins, that liked to see cloud but they were noisy as their mother. After 5 years, Juugo came and lived in the village. Suigetsu visited the village, and bragged about his swords and water jutsus. They were a happy family. Oh I forgot Karin…..well let's said that she didn't show her face around Konoha again.



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