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An other of those "Vampire-Dark-Battosaï-Kaoru"fics

A black Mitsubishi Spyder stops in front of a well known nightclub of Kyôtô. A small but powerful looking man steps out. He had blood red hair and flaming amber eyes that told you to stay away if you didn't want trouble. With just a glance at him, the bouncer lets him in. The crowd parts to let him go to the staircase that would bring him to the private deeps of a secret base. Only the members of Hiko's group were allowed. He flies down the stairs and flows trough a maze of doors and corridors. He then pauses in front of a very massive door.

"Ah, Kenshin, I was waiting for you..."

"Hello Hiko", greeted Kenshin.

"Why won't you just call me father?"

"Because you're also my boss."

"That's right, do as you wish then, but I find it uneasing."

He sighs when there was no reply.

"I have a special assignment for you."

"What is it?"

"I want you to kill a young lady that goes by the name of Kaoru Kamiya."

"What's so special about her?"

"She's human, but she is powerful. If Shishio founds her before us, we're in for big trouble. He will want to mate her so he can have her power. She can't use it, because it's pure. She has to transmit it to someone else and the only way for that is..."

"If a vampire mates her, finished the other."


"So I just get in there and kill her?"

"In the swiftest way, please. Don't bring your sword, you may take Sano with you."

Kenshin nods, bows and takes the black envelope that lays on the table before making his way back upstairs. He swears mentally when he sees that he has to go in Tôkyô. He will get reed of this girl the moment he gets a hold of Sanosuke.

A few minutes later, in Tôkyô...

The ebony-haired girl panted and wiped her forehead. She was SO frustrated! She just couldn't get that move right! Since her father died, two weeks ago, she wasn't able to go on with her routine. It's not that she was missing him, very far from it, but she couldn't get used to not hearing him insult her for everything she didn't do perfectly. He hated her because she remembered him too much of his deceased wife. Kaoru had her sparkling blue eyes and her fair, creamy skin. Maybe it was a good thing that Kaoru had her father's fiery temper or maybe she wouldn't be here now.

Being pulled out of her musing by a mute noise coming from the kitchen, she grabs her bokken tightly and walks towards the noises, that she could now identify has voices. Making the least of noise possible, she makes her way in the dark, dodging easily the different obstacles she could have found in her way. She listens intently, barely grabbing the whispers.

"Are you idiot or what, I told you to not bring your zanbatô, a sexy voice said furiously." (ohhhhh, guess who it is)

"Oh, but I forgot who I am talking to, how could a pathetic rooster-head like you do as I ordered," he continued.

"Sorry," was the cheapish reply.

Not thinking that maybe she should listen to her instinct (who was yelling its head off, that she REALLY SHOULD NOT go into the GODDAMNED kitchen!!) for once. She steps forward to meet her destiny...


Hum... sorry...

Okay sooooo...

Kaoru steps forward into the kitchen, but the consequences for not listening to her internal voice and the law of classical story writing makes that she CAN NOT STOP HERSELF FROM STEPPING IN A PUDDLE OF WATERRRR!!

(And everyone is like "what the heck was that bloody puddle doing there" AHH, I got you on this one, didn't I??)

Okay I am TOTALLY ruining the drama here... sigh

Sorry lectors...

And so she lies sprawled in front of two really nice looking vampires. (She doesn't know it yet.)

Kenshin blinks. (and bits back an oro)

Sano blinks.(bits back a laugh)

Kaoru blinks. (brain's not working properly, so she's not thinking)

Kenshin, being the first one to recover, lunges at her. (he was there to kill her after all)

Kaoru bits back a cry when she sees very long and pointy looking fangs snapping right at her. And all that came with a nice face that was deformed by a not so nice expression that looked like hunger.

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