A/N: Sorry guys, it's only a little something that I wrote as a compensation for not writing in a while. I'm not ready to write a whole chapter and I had that done so… I'll maybe get back to my writing this summer, but not before the exams are finished.

Third Chapter/preview

Kaoru was going to turn around and run for it when Misao appeared suddenly at her elbow.


"What, I wasn't going to let you do all the job, wasn't I?"

"But Mi-Misao", stuttered Kaoru.

But Misao wasn't listening to her at all. She had already token the seat beside the black-haired vampire and was introducing herself at high speed.

The rooster-head was already gone; mumbling something about hot girls in red dresses. Kaoru was at a lost to what to say. What do you say to someone that tried to kill you the night before?

Her toughs were broken by a gasp. She had suddenly had an overwhelming urge to touch him and now had her hand on his harm; explaining the gasp.

Kenshin's (POV)

Who did she think she was? She had touched him. That miserable excuse of a human filth had touched HIM!

Not trusting himself to not harm her, he pushed her away from him, but jerked to a stop immediately.

His head started to hurt again, but he ignored it.

She had touched him... And it didn't hurt him... How come? Did it only hurt him to touch her the night before because he had had bad intentions? Because he had wanted to hurt her?

He didn't know, but he was sure as hell going to find out and the best way was to touch her again.

"Do you wanna dance?"

"Uh?, was Koaru's reply. He tried to kill her, pushed her away when she touched him and now he wanted to dance?"

"I said, do you wanna dance?"

"Hum... sure."

He took her hand and pulled her to the dancefloor. A slow dance had just started when they stepped on it...

Age of the characters:

Aoshi: 23

Kenshin: 16

Saitou: 26

Hiko: 35

Kaoru: 19

Misao: 18

Mégumi: 22

Sano: 20

Some of you may be surprised by Kenshin's age. I liked the idea of a young and immature teenage Kenshin. I made him act pretty nasty in the first chapter, so I couldn't just make him all lovey-dovey for Kaoru in this one. I can't wait to see/write (whatever --')the other characters' reactions when he tells them his age. (if that ever happens)