That will be my first story, so I'm little nervous.
That will be introduction to the story " Eternal" I have few part's already, but I need translate them into EnglishI hope that "Memories from the past" will help you understand my story, that's why I'm showing them first It will be about 50 short storiesFor mistakes I'm sorry, so if you see some let me know…

First memory – I'm Eos

I was alone. There were fire, water, thunder, calm, wind, time… and much more, but in the same time there was nothing. Light and darkness had a fight in that time, by that duel she was born… Serenity, goddess of Moonlight. I will never forgot her face… that lovely smile was warming me up… The power of creator came to me… She asked me, who I am…

- 'I'm Eos' – I told her.

- Are you Creator? – sweet light around her became even more bright – If you are…?

- I'm not… not alone – Our birthmarks started to glow - We are Creators.