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Summary: He has the woman of his dreams by his side and twin babies to keep him busy. Life seems that it can't get any better for John Cena, until he gets the call for a return from the WWE. Will he make a return to the top or will someone from his past come back just in time to turn his life upside down?

Cast: John Cena and Trish Stratus as the main characters. Shawn Michaels as a supporting character.

Authors Note: This is the third and final book in the trilogy of Love Without Borders. In the future there may be another few stories I can put these two in, but for now this is the final installment. Thank you to each and everyone of you that followed along with the couple and I hope as I lay this next story out for you, you can fall in love with them all over again. Reviews are accepted but are not mandatory, I'm just happy it gets read.

Tell me why you've got your head in your hands

Life really couldn't get any better.

As he watched his fiancée, as she went about the daily routine of feeding the babies he couldn't believe that this was how his life had turned out. Just one year before he had been dating a different woman, comfortable in the fact that she loved him and he was at the top of the World Wrestling Entertainment franchise.

What a difference a year can make. He thought to himself. He had been with Michelle then, travelling the road while she made their home her own. Little had he known at the time that she had been sleeping around with his best friend Randy Orton and that it had been going over for months. His dreams had come down around him, crashing and leaving their mark in a way that had ripped him limb from limb.

He had taken up drinking again, to numb the pain she had laid on him when she had chosen the path that she had. When he had walked in on them that night so long ago, his whole entire life seemed to change and he reverted back to the man he had been before he had hit the big time. He was that scared sixteen year old boy again, wanting the girl to like him so much that he drank himself silly. Then just as he had then, he got behind the wheel of a car drunk, thinking he was indestructible and gotten into an accident.

It had only come out a few months before that he hadn't been the cause of it and that it had been someone entirely different. Someone that had been the cause of the change in him to begin with and someone who he never wanted to see again. And now probably never would. Word was that he was being put away for the same amount of time as John had been and he couldn't be happier about it.

Because of that man, he had almost lost the most important people in his life. He would have missed out on the babies, and missed out on being a husband to the woman who was about to become his wife. That was if they could actually sit down and agree to a date for the wedding.

"What is wrong with this coming summer?" he asked her again, keeping his voice low, knowing that when she was breastfeeding the babies they always tended to fall asleep while drinking and not wanting to wake them.

"Everyone does a Summer wedding John, I want our wedding to be different."

Were they actually having a tiff about the time of year they chose to pledge their lives to one another? Where was the sense in that really? It wasn't like the two of them hadn't pledged their lives to each other already. What difference did it make what time of year they chose to make it official to everyone else?

This wedding is about more then just that for Trish and you know it.

That he was sure of. She had been wanting a wedding of this nature for her entire life. He knew that because whenever she talked about it the look on her face was like a young girl planning her life as a child. She had every detail down to a science. Something he didn't mind. He had enough money saved over the years to make her dreams come true. And he fully intended on making that happen.

She stood from the rocking chair and as she lifted both babies up over her shoulders, he stood to help her. This was always the hardest part for her and he was happy to oblige. When they were this small it was hard for him to do much of anything but watch their mother take premium care of them both. When she needed his help to bring them upstairs to their rooms, he felt like a king.

As the took the stairs together, all the while passing quiet but loving looks to each other, he knew he had died and gone to Heaven. What he had done to deserve this beautiful rose of a woman was beyond him but he would forever be thankful for the gift he was given.

When the babies were settled, they made their way down the stairs, holding hands and acting like two teenagers that were in love. It was all so new to him, this feeling of utterly being lost in a woman, in a love like theirs. He had thought he knew what love was before, but when he was with Trish, he forgot all about those times and only saw her.

"When do you want to marry me then Trish?"

"May 14th." she replied with a smile, knowing that he was going to wonder just what year she was speaking of.

"May 2009?" he questioned, figuring if that was what she wanted then he would and could wait that long. But deep inside he had hoped she would become his wife before the end of this year, 2008.

"No silly, three months from now. I know you have this urge to marry me right away so I can make an honest man of you. I am telling you that I can have all the details sketched out and ready by Mothers day this year. I want to marry you then because you are the one that helped make me a mother."

Mother. That was what she was now wasn't it? She had given birth to two beautiful babies, ones he had helped create on their first date at the beach just miles from here what felt like so long ago. He had indeed had a part in making her a mother so there could be no other day.

"Then Mothers Day it is."

He bent in to put his lips to hers but before he could kiss her, the phone started ringing off the hook. They backed away from each and looked at the phone, resenting the interruption. Just who would be calling them now, when everyone they knew was aware that they were basking in the sweetness of having two newborn babies at home and didn't want to be disturbed?

"You better get that baby. I am going to pump some more milk for the babies for later on." She kissed his lips gently and made her way from the room, the picture of beauty and elegance as she did.

He reached down and grabbed the cordless from the base, and pushed in the talk button. Whoever this was, they were going to get an earful from him for interrupting a private moment with his soon to be wife.


"John! Glad I caught you son. Vince McMahon here."

Vince McMahon was calling him? He hadn't been in the company for a year now, so what was the Chairman doing calling him now?

'Hey Vince, what can I do for you?"

There was silence on the line then and John wasn't sure if the man had gotten disconnected or if there was a problem with the phone. It wasn't until he spoke again that John was able to breathe a sigh of relief. There was nothing wrong with the phone. Vince was just biding his time. Something John should have seen coming.

"Well now that all that business is over with there in Toronto, I was thinking it was time for the Champ to come back to RAW and back to the WWE. What do you say to that?"

Was he really ready to make this big a decision right now? Had he not gotten used to life with Trish and the babies and the way things were going? Why would he want to go back there now when they had pushed him away so willingly before?

"I don't know Vince. I need to think about it and talk about it with Trish. It's a major decision if I choose to return and I just don't think I should make it alone."

He heard the older man chuckle in the background, causing him to go along with it and laugh himself. Not that he got the joke at all but whatever.

"Well talk about it with the little woman and get back to me. I will await your call back. Just remember John, if you let this chance slip past you now, you may never get another like it again."

As Vince hung up the phone with a loud bang in his ear, John had to wonder just how much of what Vince had said was true. If he wanted the shot to come back again, he could get it based on his talent and not because he was being forced into it.

The thing that troubled him more now though was not what Vince thought or even what he was slightly demanding. But it was of his fiancée, the woman he loved and just what she would make of it if he indeed decided that going back into the wrestling business full time was something he wanted to do. Would she support him the way she always had or was this going to cause a major rift between them?

He was almost too afraid to find out.