Authors Note: In an effort to get used to writing in the first person I wanted to take a stab at making the final chapter from John's perspective again. I do not normally do this with my stories because its confusing but at this point, it being the end of an era and all, I think I can safely do it and not get too much flack for it. So enjoy the end as much as I am going to enjoy writing it and I will see you in the next story I have yet to update LOL. Much love everyone and most of all thank you :)

You've got a second chance
Don't give up and let it die

She looked like a peaceful angel now, the way she slept. In all of the times that we had been together I had only seen her look this way once and I wanted to take a picture in case I didn't have the chance to ever see it again. Serene was a better word for what I was watching. Children, if you have ever been given the chance to watch them sleep like this a lot of the time, or at least my kids had when they had come home and it was truly a vision to see.

The door to the room opened then and I spun around expecting to see more nurses and doctors to come in to poke and prod her some more. In the last hour I had been in here they must have come in a total of six times. I knew they were doing it to make sure she lived through the night, hell lived another day but at the same time I had so much I wanted to say to her that I wanted to be alone.

I had always wondered what it would be like to sit at someones bedside, and have it be their final moments. I had never once wondered it about my own life, or of those close to me but now being faced with one friend dead and the love of my life at her near end, i had to think about it again.

There was so much I wanted to say, so much I wanted to convey to her to make her realize that I treasured every damn moment I had with her but I didn't trust my own voice to find the words.

Shawn stood silently beside me then, I had known he was there, I just hadn't let my mind acknowledge it until now. He wasn't saying a word but in that moment I wanted to do the talking anyway.

"Do you ever wonder where a person in a coma goes Shawn? I mean do they remain brain dead or is there more?"

I did not expect an answer so when he chose to answer me it really did take me off guard. It must be the faith he had in life and what happened after that made the words easy to come.

"I believe she is in a better place at the moment then anything this earthly one could give her John. I really do believe that. I think where she is right now where she needs to be."

"What if I do not want her there? Am I wrong for wanting her back with me and the twins? Am I being too selfish?"

Shawn just chose to shake his head at me and I went back to watching the woman still lying unmoving in the bed in front of me. There was so much that still had to be done between us and I really had no idea where to begin. When she woke up, and she would, would she remember me and the life we shared before all of the hard ship took place? Would she still want to be me wife?

"Talk to her John, let her know you are here and you have not left her side. Say the things your heart has been meaning to say since the day she stepped into your life at Hunters house ages ago. Put the past out there and then let it go. Just let your heart feel."

Shawn patted me on the shoulder and silently let himself out of the room again, following the rules of the floor and not having more then one visitor at a time. I knew what he said was right, because it had been where my heart and mind were at before he entered the room. While the words might not come out right, I knew I had to do what Shawn told me before I lost the chance completely.

I couldn't have Trish turn out like Randy. There was just no way.

"I have so much to be happy for in this life now, and yet so much I still regret. I have lived the life that most people only dream of. I have won a championship and ridden the planes and trains and blown a hell of a lot of money on nothing that truly mattered. I fell in love with a woman who did not love me back and then in the midst of my inner pain I almost raped another one."

He broke then, allowing himself the chance for air but also the chance to get his heart and mind together on the same page. He wanted to make sure he said everything before the end drew near.

"The woman say my inner pain and tried to change me, to make me see the real person that was hidden beneath the pain. I just wouldn't allow myself get close for fear of falling into the same traps as before. This woman changed me though, she taught me how to love and to respect and a whole host of other things I had pushed away for so long. I made a horrendous mistake getting drunk and sleeping with a woman who looked like her but wasn't her. But she took me back and she gave me the strength to change. Along the way she also gave me two children and in the end she gave me what I needed so much in my life. She gave me peace."

"I need you Trish, because you are that woman. Somewhere along the way I used and abused you in a lot of ways but faced with the idea of losing you and losing the only thing that matters to me in this life, your love, I knew I had to change and I did. So I sit here now and I know wherever you are you can hear me. I need you to come back to me, come back to us and what we were; what we will be and then some."

I sucked in the air through my throat, thankful for the pleasure of being able to do it and watched as the machine that helped her breathe, rose and fell with each beating second of my own heart. I said what I needed to say and now the time had come to wait and pray with everything in me that she would come back to me, to us and we could finally be together in the right way. The way we had both desperately wanted all along but had failed to achieve.

I cried then as I held her hand, but I didn't care. Anyone could come into the room now and I just didn't care anymore. Everything that meant anything was wrapped up in this room right now and I had to do whatever it took to come to terms with it, no matter what way it went.

"Trish I need you. I need you when I'm sick and when I'm healthy, I need you through the happy times like the birth of our twins and I need you through the bad. I need you to see me for the flawed man I am and I need you to see the good points in me. I just need you and want you. I want you as much as I did that day on the beach and every day after it."

I heard the beep then and realized that one of her machines was going manic. I pushed the call button and waited on baited breath as a flood of nurses and doctors came flying through the doors and began to work on her.

It was then, as they were trying to push me away from her, my hand not moving off of hers for a second that her eyes flew open and I thought I saw the world through them. I had no idea what was happening but as her eyes opened she tried to push the mask of her face. The nurse helped her remove it, breathing on her own and when she spoke the next set of words, my heart finally found its resting place. Safe in the arms of her love.

"You have me..."

Six Months Later

"Patricia Stratigias, do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

Trish looked up and smiled at me and I couldn't help but feel my heart swell at the sight of it.

"I do."

"John Cena, do you take Trish to be your lawfully wedded wife?"

Well this was really a no brainer considering all we had been through but I did the right thing anyway and said the words that the entire church had wanted to hear. "I do."

"Then I now have the pleasure of pronouncing you husband and wife. John you may now kiss your bride."

Again; another no brainer. I had been wanting to kiss her this way since she had walked down the aisle earlier towards me, and now here was the final payoff. The final treat in a long line of tricks.

I kissed her then, and I would continue to kiss her for years and many children to come. The one thought I had on that day after the kiss was over and we made our way out of the church was if Randy knew that his mistake all those months and years ago had finally given me the best treasure in the world. Eternal love.

I hope that wherever Randy ended up, he was finally, just as much as I now was.