A/N: May the maggots of truth feast on your decaying flesh.

Sly and the 23 Brigade

Sly and his pals were playing Candyland 360╝ on the XBOX 360╝ on the TV,

"WOOT!" Sly said as he won.

"No. this is incongregatabilibipholizaly impriblioticalliton." Bently said.

"I...HATE...THIS...game..." Murry said.

"Calm down murry. This game sucks anyways." Sly said.

"FUCK...YOU!!!" Murry said.

"Sly, this is the game that murry bought himself." bentley says.

"Oh, yeah...RETARD!" Sly said.

"FUCKING..." Murry ran outside and planted dynamyte on the safe house.

"Fuck?" Sly said.

"RUN SLY MURRY IS TRYING TO KILL YOU!" Bently said. They ran out the back door, just as the building exploded.

"I am certain murry just put a hit on you." Bently said.

"What should we do?" Sly said.

"We need the 23 Brigade. They can kill Murry for us."

"YES! Where are they?"

"Burger King╝!" bently screamed.

"MMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who are they?"

"They are a collection of people."