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CH. 1 "The Last Time"

Chiharu sat in the cold. A snowflake fell, then another. It was 7:30 in the night on New Years. Where is she? She's late again! Chiharu must be the only person outside the doors of Seisyu High and probably the only one who came to the party but not part of it. She told me she'll try her very best to be on time, what a lie...

Kyo stepped into Chiharu's line of visions.

"Hi. Sorry to keep you waiting. You aren't mad, are you? Chiharu?" Mad? Was she kidding? She kept him in the cold for nearly thirty-minutes! But all that drifted away from his mind and he didn't even protest being called Chiharu. What did she DO to herself? -- was what was on his mind.

"Never mind!" Chiharu said as he led Kyo through the front gates. For a moment, Chiharu barely recognized Kyo. She wore a ruffled pink t-shirt with a vanilla skirt along with white belt. over all that she had a black jacket, still leaving her legs in the cold. Her brown hair grew up to shoulder length and her bangs were clipped to one side with a bunny clip. Chiharu blushed. Kyo actually look like a real girl now, like the girl she once must have been when she wasn't trying to be a cross dresser; the boy...

"Chiharu...can..can..can you please hurry upp...I'm freezing...I need to go insiddde...walk faster!" Kyo said shivering.

Kyo's last comment had brought Chiharu back to reality and finally realized he was supposed to be really pissed. "That's what you get when you wear THAT." Chiharu said pointing at Kyo's clothes. "You are cold? I'm an ice-cube sitting here for nearly a century!"

"Hey! Don't criticize my clothes! Who do you think I did all of this for?" cried out Kyo as a memory of a similar situation happened around half a year ago when she was still living as a guy. She had once woke up at six in the morning (of course, that was almost impossible for her) to prepare herself for her first "sort of" date with Chiharu. (Chiharu agreed to go after being black mailed) At the end, she turned out to be unappreciated by her efforts and nearly had to change back into guy's clothes. "Eheh. Well this time I won't need change into a guy. Everyone knows I'm a girl, so there's nothing to hide. Unless...you brought some extra clothes of your's for me?...aww...you ar..."

"SHUT UP!" Chiharu cut in. What was she thinking? She may look like a girl but she acts like a stupid. This girl...

"You are mad." Kyo didn't like it when Chiharu's mad knowing its going to turn into a shouting match.

"No I'm not!" Chiharu yelled, his brows twitching. Chiharu knew very well that his anger would affect the night, so he tried his best to stay calm. But Kyo wasn't being very cooperative.

They arrived into the main hall of Seisyu High. The hall light was on, but it was quite and no one was in sight. The direction giver wasn't by the desk to give them the way towards the party.

"They must have left to join the party. We must be the only one really late." suggested Kyo.

"Don't you mean 'you' were the only one really late? I was here when everyone else was here!" shot Chiharu.

"Fine, fine, it was my entire fault trying to impress you. I'll just be unappreciated again and then get a fever because of the cold! And…"

"You look nice..." Chiharu said, his face reddening then quickly turned around and started walking down the hall.

"What…?" Kyo asked almost not believing her ears.

"I said to HURRY UP and look around shorty. I didn't just sit outside like some idiot waiting for some stupid to do her makeup for nothing." Obediently, Kyo followed. Smiling to herself; she knew Chiharu only said hurtful things when he cared about her.

"Seriously, where are we going anyway?" asked Kyo. They've been circling the school for nearly twenty minutes and had not even a clue where everyone else could have been. "Seisyu High is a big school…we'll just get lost and never find them. Let's just leave. We can hang out in the city. Besides, the main reason was for us to be together, right?"

Chiharu wasn't very fond of the new idea. He had planned to take Kyo somewhere else for the New Years, but she practically begged him to go to the party, and now she's changing her mind so quickly? But she did have a point; the main reason was just for them to hang out, since now they don't see each other nearly as often as it used to be, every morning, every night, everyday. "Fine, but you owe me this time."

The two walked into the cold and out of the front gates toward the busy street. They boarded the bus that took them toward the city. The street lights were beginning to turn on and the city night was beautiful. They sat in the back of the bus looking out the window.

"It's snowing! Hey Chiharu, I see the harbor…it's so pretty in the night. OH, and look at that bridge"

"……" Chiharu was watching Kyo's excitement as they headed toward the heart of the city. She can be so lit up by the smallest things, and that's what he liked about her. He was glad she's having fun even if he was still upset about earlier.

"I want to go to that bridge." Kyo pointed out the window at the direction of the bridge, "Then I want to go to that restaurant and then…"

"I'm not a money bag; don't think that I'll treat you to whatever you want." Chiharu stopped when he saw the hurt expression on Kyo's face.

"I just wanted you to have fun. It may be the last." Kyo's eyes were getting hazy.

"What are you talking about?" Chiharu tried to laugh knowing soon Kyo's going to say 'you fool; I was only kidding…ahahahaha!' But Kyo didn't.

"Do you know why I was late?" Kyo asked.

"Because you were putting on makeup…" suggested Chiharu, trying to be cheerful so Kyo will smile again. She wasn't acting like herself, and he actually missed the clumsy-stupid girl she is.

"No. I was having a fight with my dad. He's planning to move, and take me with him. He still hadn't dropped the plan to make me play for the NBA. He said I can only come back when I have 'something' back in Japan that I can never live without and can never live without me. But enable to find that 'something' I must live through the lessons to help find it. Even if I already know what it is, I still need to live through the lesson. That was the deal I made with my dad. We are moving at the end of the month."

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