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Ch. 5 "The Truth"

The next few days flew by quickly and Friday was here at last. Nothing happened between Chiharu and Kyo after the last meeting by Kyo's front door. Chiharu maintained at his new seat having a clear view of Kyo and Yura's seat by the window, and Kyo never asked him to return to his original seat right next to her which had now become Yura's signed seat. Basketball trainings held longer practices extended by an extra hour in the morning and another two hour addition to the already long practices of every afternoon as well. The team's lives were all the same: 6:00am—basketball, 8:00am—school, 4:00pm—more basketball. Finally getting home at 8 in the night, muscles aching and tired and just wanting a good night's sleep, there's still the day's homework to be completed.

"Stupid dumb ugly homework." Muttered Chiharu that night as he opened his backpack and tumbling out his textbooks and school supplies. "Stupid coach, stupid captain, stupid school…"

"Why don't you just say 'stupid basketball'? It's the main reason why we have no life this week." Yura said as he walked in through the door.

"Why don't you?' Chiharu asked as he fell flat on his bed and reading his textbook.

"Because I actually love basketball." Yura simply replied as he tossed his gym bag on the floor, "but if I were ever to have a girlfriend, I'd definitely find room for her in my tightly packed lifeless schedule. Have you ever thought about what you do now will affect your future?" Chiharu pretended he didn't hear, and Yura continued, "Like someone who chose basketball over his girlfriend and she dumped him in return."

That was it, Yura had crossed the line. Chiharu's eyes darkened as he looked up from his plopped open English textbook and glared at Yura. "You know nothing about me so don't start going around giving me advice. What's wrong about loving basketball? I don't need your nonsense!"

Yura's remained expressionless as he returned the glare at Chiharu's now fuming face. "I'm only giving you a foretaste of what would happen. You shouldn't leave Kyo like this, you'll regret it."

"What do you mean 'leave'?" Chiharu snarled, his expression remained the same but with the smallest hint of confusion in his eyes.

"That's a secret between Kyo and me." Yura sneered.

"A secret between Kyo and you?" Chiharu asked, obviously a bit jealous. Yura smirked and said no more. He turned around to pick up his book bag for his homework. He could do his homework in his sleep with school being such an ease.

"I would have expected you to be the first person Kyo would tell." Yura said raising his head from his textbook and yawned. School being this easy bored him. He nearly burst out laughing as he saw Chiharu still struggling with his English homework, but held it back knowing it will only make the situation worse between them.

Chiharu's intense expression dropped into disbelief. "So it's something I should have known?"

"I suppose. But I'm pretty sure she told you." Yura said but quickly continued as he saw Chiharu's expression ease, "Of Course…being someone as dense as you are, you might have thought it was a joke and just brushed it off of your shoulders."

Chiharu jerked as a memory nearly a week ago hit him hard in the head.

'We are moving at the end of the month'

Chiharu was stunned. He stared at Kyo. What did she just say? She can't just kid around like that…that joke wasn't funny.

"Hey, don't think about it too much. I'm hungry. Next stop, the restaurant, or ramen, since you like it so much." Kyo said…

"Hey, about what you said earlier, was it only a joke?" Chiharu asked not looking at Kyo.

Kyo was knocked off guards. She wasn't expecting him to bring it up so fast especially when she was trying her best to keep him 'normal'. "Umm... you can think that"

"I thought so." And without another word, Chiharu started walking back toward the city.

How could he have not believed? He turned her words down because he didn't want to believe. He wanted to believe that she was lying, he wanted it to be a joke, that's why he tried his hardest to push it out of his mind and turned it as much of a lie as he can. She must have sensed he didn't want to believe, she knew he wouldn't have been able to take on the truth, that's why—

"Are you done?" Yura asked bringing Chiharu back to reality. Chiharu only growled in response.

"Remember now don't you?" Yura smirked, "And all this time you tried running away from her, from the truth."

It was as if Yura could see right through him with a laser. "How did you know?" Chiharu asked stunned in disbelief.

"How do you expect Kyo to keep this locked in her? Knowing her, I'd expect her to explode with frustration, which is why she needed to let it out and the first person she wanted to tell and needed to tell was you. But you went around hoping it was all a joke"--- Yura paused waiting for the totally lost and confused Chiharu to take in what he had just said. "Of course she knew you wouldn't have been able to take in the truth with such a tiny spoon sized brain like yours—"

"Shut up!" Chiharu roared finally catching in how Yura had just insulted him.

"Oh, I'm sorry" Yura cut in sarcastically. After months of finally being somewhat kind of friends with each other, he really didn't want to risk this friendship, not when Kyo really needed his help to talk to Chiharu since she couldn't or wouldn't. Yura continued. "She immediately wanted to take back what she had just told you, that's why she tried to walk in the path of what you wanted to believe, hoping by agreeing with you that it was a joke would eventually help you calm down and live life as it should have been. But you took off like some maniac all pissed and crap. She decided it might have been better this way since you are all mad so when she leaves it wouldn't harm you too much." Yura yawned and laid down his now finished homework. "How was my story telling techniques?"

Chiharu said nothing but continued to stare at his textbook as if he was concentrating on his hopeless English homework. What Yura said all made sense and the shock realization of his stubbornness hit him. He's marked Kyo as a carefree hyper and often clumsy girl not realizing she could also be very caring and sometimes more reasonable than he was. Had he been living in a world of smeared truth? Hoping to believe what he wants to believe, hear what he wants to hear, see what he wants to see? And when things don't go as he want, he'd get all pissed and then later regret his stupidity? The answer was clear to him now, 'YES'—


"KYOOO!!! Are you done with all your packing?" Mr.Aizawa's voice traveled up the stairs up to Kyo's open bed room door with a very annoyed Kyo propped on the floor over a million boxes and suitcases.

"Yea yeah…" Her bored and dead voice traveled back down to where her dad was sitting in the living room couch excitedly reading the plane schedules. She had packed and repacked her things over and over again not knowing what to bring and what needs to stay. At the end she just decided to bring everything she possessed that could actually be carried or shipped over because who knows when she'd come back or if she'd ever come back. She definitely needed no big furniture such as the bed. But of course this time she'd be packing 'HER' clothes rather than her 'FAKE' clothes.

She turned around to get a clear view of her bunny alarm clock that was sitting on her desk; the exact same one Chiharu gave her last Christmas. She blinked back unwanted tears as the memory of that Christmas came into her mind. She did not want to cry, she can't cry, she's not ready, she had the whole plane ride for her tears to run, now was not the time, she needed to save her energy. It was a little past midnight. She was tired and pretty much down with everything she needed to do so she decided to head for bed.

Kicking off her shoes and climbed into her bed taking in her room into her brains. She had to admit it, she was going to miss this place, and this room that she finally deserved all to herself was soon going to be something of the past. Soon she'll be sharing a room with someone she's never met before. "Say goodbye to your one and only room for the time being." She muttered to her self as sleep finally fell on her.


"Hey porcupine head, wake up!" Yura shouted throwing a pillow at Chiharu. It was strange since Chiharu was usually awake before Yura was up. "That's more like it" Yura smirked as Chiharu rose up in bed.

"What time is it?" Chiharu blinked still half dazed from sleep.

"Time to get prepared for the game and we still have a morning practice before that." Yura informed.

Chiharu fell back into bed clearly not wanting to get up.

"What's with you?" Yura stood there impatiently trying to get his teammate to get up.

"Let me sleep." Chiharu groaned waving a hand at Yura's direction to silence him. "I barely had enough sleep, so let me have some more to get enough strength for the game." It was true, Chiharu had stayed up tossing and turning in bed reencountering what Yura had told him. He pretty much just fell asleep at something like 4 in the morning.

"Alright sleepy head, so when Imai comes and gets a bite at me about why I didn't get you along, just remember I tried."

Chiharu groaned as a yes and buried his head deeper into his covers. As soon as Yura was out the door, Chiharu turned around and was facing a pile of his dirty jerseys and on top of all that was a bag, the bag that Kyo gave him with his jacket and, and—an envelope—…

He sat up straight and hurriedly dived for it, not knowing where all those energy popped out from. Yes, the envelope was sitting safely at the bottom. He reached for it and again came across the note that was stuck on the envelope. Was he 'ready' now? Was the truth what she had meant? If so, then that means he can open the envelope now?

He roughly ripped open the envelope pulling out a long letter with Kyo's unmistakable handwriting.


I don't know if you'll ever get to read this letter, but if you are reading this, you must have known the truth. Either you heard it from someone else or if you realized it yourself, yes I am moving. I'm sorry I hadn't explained earlier. Well actually I did, but seeing how just telling you I was moving was bothering you, I didn't want to think what'll happen on the day I left and how you might have taken it. Maybe then I'd never have even been able to get myself onto the plane. So I thought if you never went, then you might at least feel a little better and then I'd have gotten onto my plane on time. After the numerous amount of confusion that was clearly written on your face the other day, I was having a feeling you might not have been able to take it all in. Then when you asked me if it was a joke, it gave me an idea. If I said it was a joke, you'd probably get mad at me then it won't hurt you if I left and it'll have a lot less of a pressure on both of us. But I don't want you to stay mad forever, it will leave me dead when I'm in the US. If you want to ever stay in touch, inside this envelope contains my new dorm address and my number and a bunch of other ways to get to me; that is if you ever want to talk to me. I'm not sure when you are reading this, so I'll assume it's after I left. You must have been wandering why I haven't shown up in school this past month or why I hadn't gone to the game that one Saturday. Yes I remember telling you I'd be moving at the end of the month, but things came up with my annoying dad and it was moved to the Saturday you had your big game. My plane probably left that evening without you even realizing it. Well I hope the best about you game. I pretty sure we won! Bring my greetings to Yura, Imai and Hamaya and the rest of the team. I'll come and visit sometime, maybe months, years later, I suppose.

Well Bye then,


Chiharu sat there staring blankly at Kyo's letter. 'She's leaving the day I have my game…that's—TODAY! So I still have time to see her or maybe even change her mind." With that he leaped out of his bed and grabbed the first things he saw and stuffed Kyo's letter with the envelope into his jacket pocket and head ran out the door without even a second glance back at his room or even think about breakfast. Passing shocked teammates calling him to breakfast or otherwise reminding him about practice. He was going to see her one last time, was the only thing on his mind. He was going to and for the first time—pick a girl over basketball.

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