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Chapter 1: Coincidental?

Mimi started to dial the phone number. She quickly hung up before she could finish. Taking a deep breath she picked up the phone again. "Hello Escort Services, how may I help you?" the voice came from the other end.

"Hi, I need a male escort for a wedding this upcoming weekend. Is it able to be done?" Mimi asked nervously.

"We sure can, we have the perfect man for you. Can we have your name please?"

"Mi-I mean Dakato Nayako," Mimi lied, "my address is 510 Springhill Drive."

"Okay we will send him over Thursday night and you can make further arrangements from there. Is that alright?" the secretary asked.

"Yes that'd be perfect. Thank you." Mimi answered.

"You have a good weekend, goodbye."

"Doumo arigato, goodbye." Click. Her hand hovered over the phone; "I did it." she said quietly to herself and continued to pack.

Mimi awoke Thursday morning, more nervous than before. I have to meet my escort today, oh dear, she thought. Quickly Mimi raced around her apartment getting ready for her visitor. She glanced at the envelope on the kitchen table which contained six thousand dollars. The cost. Sure, she thought it was a fair bit of money but she was desperate. The best man was her ex! As she finished packing her suitcase there was a knock at the door. Before she opened the door she quickly checked herself over in the mirror. She threw open the door to find a pimple-faced teenager staring back at her. "You're my escort?" Mimi stressed.

"No I'm his messenger. He's running late so he asked me to see if you would just give me the ticket and he'll see you on the plane." the teen explained.

"Oh yeah sure, here you go." Mimi said, giving him the ticket. And with that he left. Mimi let out a sigh of relief. Apparently she was not quite ready to meet this guy, but she was going to have to. She is paying him to be her boyfriend for a weekend to make her friends believe that she is truly happy after what happened with Taichi. After seven damn years he just up and dropped her. They were even engaged! Yet, she still felt the need to make him jealous. Hopefully my escort will do just that, she thought deviously.

"Hello is Koushiro there?" Hikari asked.

"Speaking, may I ask who's calling?" Koushiro asked back.

"It's Hikari! How good it is to talk to you again!" Hikari said excitedly.

"I feel the same way. Since when have you been in the states?" Koushiro inquired.

"Well if you can even remember way back when we all lived in Odaiba, Sora and Yamato were very close. Well now they're getting hitched! It's at the Plaza in New York. It's this weekend. Will you be able to come? I know it's short notice but you have no idea how hard it was to track you down!" Hikari joked.

"Well I do have a business trip that weekend but I'll try and make it." Koushiro said.

"Oh right, how's that computer business going?"

"It's going rather well, keeping me busy." Koushiro said nervously. If they only knew what kind of business 'good-ol'-computer-nerd-Koush' gotten himself into, he thought, picking out his best suits, "who's all going?"

"So far the whole gang is going to be there. But I better go; I have a bachelorette party to plan!" Hikari explained.

"Alright take care Hikari. Give Sora and Yamato my luck just in case," Koushiro said, "ja ne Hikari."

"I see you haven't forgotten your heritage, ja ne Koushiro." Click. Koushiro exhaled slowly. If they only knew what I got into, he thought. Computers simply didn't interest him anymore. Bouncing from job to job, living between paychecks. He almost gave up a phoned his foster parents. Then he found the help wanted ad. Now he's a male escort, no longer the innocent Koushiro. Hikari said the whole gang was going, does that mean Mimi as well? Growing up together they were the closest friends but Koushiro had always wanted more. Knowing that she would never love him back, Koushiro bottled up his feelings and watched her date loser after loser. The last time he saw her she had just started dating Taichi. They're probably still dating, hell maybe even engaged. Whatever happens, Koushiro thought, I will not let her know. She's probably got a date anyways. She'd just laugh in my face, Koushiro grimaced. He could hear her response, "Oh Koushiro you're so funny!" as if he was only trying to make her laugh. As he put his last suit in the suitcase a knock came at the door. He opened the door to find Michael, his messenger. "Hey boss here's the ticket," Michael said as he handed over the ticket, "see you when you get back."

"Thanks see you." Koushiro said, closing the door behind him. Taking the ticket out of the envelope he looked down to see just where the hell he was going this time. New York! Now how coincidental was that?