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Chapter 7: A Case of Morning Wood

Koushiro cringed as the morning sun forced its way through his eyelids, forcing him out of his heavy slumber. The dull ache started to spread through his head as his hangover started to kick in. Something didn't feel right about this morning though. It was, different. As he became more awake, he also became more aware of the small arm that was wrapped snugly around his waist and the smooth, muscular legs entangled with his own. Mimi. How could he forget that he was sharing a bed with this gorgeous woman from his past? She had snuggled right up to him in the middle of the night, no doubt thanks to the copious amounts of alcohol she knocked back last night. Koushiro would never forget last night. The music. Her movements. That outfit. Wanting to see what was underneath. Then she comes out ready for bed in what he believed was the sexiest thing he'd seen on her yet. Koushiro knew that she had not packed very modest night clothes; otherwise she would have been covered from head to toe. If this is what she considered her most modest pyjamas, he was very excited to see what else she had packed. Koushiro jumped as she let out a small moan in her sleep and rolled away from him. Oh how I wish it was me making her moan, Koushiro thought. He groaned as he started to imagine all the things he would do to this woman, innocently asleep beside him. He fantasized running his tongue all over her body and finally lapping up her juices while he made her come with his fingers. Koushiro could vividly see Mimi arching her back, mouth wide open, screaming his name as she came. He swallowed hard as he noticed that her over-sized t-shirt had crept its way up her toned torso, almost exposing her breasts. Koushiro slowly lifted his arm and moved it until it just hovered over Mimi's body. Good Lord, he was so hard it hurt. He longed to touch her again, to feel the weight of her perfect breasts. Just one more centimetre and he would get what he craved. No, he thought taking his hand back, it's not right. Koushiro silently got out of bed, and snuck into the bathroom so not to wake Mimi.

Mimi woke up feeling like a train had run through her head a million times throughout the night. I will never drink this much again, she thought. Something didn't feel right about this morning. Other than the hangover. Then Mimi realized that she was alone. She was just about to panic on Koushiro's whereabouts when she heard the shower going. Letting out a sigh of relief she flopped back down onto the double sized bed, taking up as much of the bed as humanly possible. Mimi picked up his pillow and inhaled his scent deeply. I would die happy if this is what I got to smell for the rest of my life, thought Mimi. Lost deep within the smell of jasmine and sandalwood, Mimi failed to hear the shower turn off and the bathroom door open. When she opened her eyes finally, she could not believe the sight in front of her. There was Koushiro, standing there in all his glory. Well he obviously didn't think I would be awake this early, she thought. Otherwise he would have brought his change of clothes into the bathroom. She didn't dare move a muscle, for fear of being caught staring at the only part of Koushiro she hadn't seen. And he looked fully erect! What the hell got him that hard? Mimi had never seen something so big. No wonder his company considers him the best. She shut her eyes when she noticed Koushiro start to turn to face her. Oh please let him think I'm still asleep. She desperately tried to control her breathing as to not alert Koushiro. It seemed like an eternity until something happened. Mimi felt his fingers brush against the skin just above her underwear. Her body betrayed her and let out an involuntary gasp. Koushiro let out the guttural growl. "I knew you were awake." He whispered in her ear. Mimi's eyes flew open and a blush started to creep up her cheeks. He's still naked, she thought. "C-c-c-could you please put some clothes on?" Mimi finally found her voice. Koushiro was literally millimetres from her face. "You weren't complaining a few seconds ago." Mimi didn't know what to say. Admit that she didn't mind at all? That she wanted nothing more than for him to slide into her and fuck her until she reached near death. And even then, she'd still want more. How did I start thinking of him in this way? This is Koushiro, the quiet slightly nerdy boy from my childhood. Well he's no boy now. Great, now I'm fighting with myself. Or should she just deny these feelings that have grown overnight? There is no way that someone should have these strong feelings from just spending one day with a person. Mimi wasn't one to believe in love at first sight. Especially since the whole Taichi situation. "Wow. Mimi is speechless? Never thought I'd see the day." Koushiro chuckled. She had never heard something so sexy. His laugh was intoxicating, further clouding her judgement. Before she could even think about it, Mimi's hand inched up Koushiro's thigh and she leaned forward, whispering in his ear, "Well action is eloquence." Then she kissed him.

Holy shit, she's kissing me again. Koushiro couldn't believe that she had made the first move. Okay, so he may have lied. He had no idea that she was awake until she let out that traitorous gasp as he touched her. He couldn't stop thinking about the feel of her skin throughout his entire shower. He grew so hard that it took him twice as long to get rid of it as it normally would have. And even then, the moment he stepped into the room and saw her hugging his pillow in her sleep his cock betrayed him once again. Why did he feel the need to keep touching her? So when he noticed her lying there, he couldn't help himself. Koushiro couldn't believe that she had lay there and watched him walk around naked without so much as a peep. There's no way what Taichi said could be true. Someone as frigid as Taichi led her on to be would not stare openly at an erect penis. Or snog against a wall. Koushiro's eyes nearly popped out of his head when he felt cool fingers wrap around his throbbing cock. Or that. He groaned into Mimi's mouth as she slowly started handling his manhood. She took this opportunity to slip her tongue into his mouth and explored it. Without even realizing how it had happened, Koushiro noticed that Mimi moved them so that she was on top. Fuck is she good with her hands, makes me wonder what her mouth would do to me. She was pumping up and down, while using her other hand to lightly rake his tight balls with her nails. Koushiro cried out. "Shit Mimi, that's amazing." She just grinned back at him. Then the unthinkable happened. She started to inch down his body, making her way down, keeping eye contact with him the entire time. Her eyes fluttered away for a moment then a look of panic crossed her face. "Oh shit! It's so late! I'm supposed to go get ready with the girls!" Mimi hopped up, grabbed her outfit and toiletry bag and was out the door within seconds. Koushiro sat there on the bed for a few seconds, letting what happened sink in. Fuck.

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