Red to Black Berry


He had been kicked out again. Yuki said he was acting immature. Said that he needed to grow up. Said that he was childish. Yuki said that he wanted Shuichi to act more responsible, and like an adult. Yuki had said so. And what Yuki wanted, Yuki got.

That would be why Shuichi was here now. Standing in front of the giant wrought iron gate that opened to one of the largest mansions in France. He could only hope the person he was seeking was home. He wanted, no needed her help. Because Yuki had said so. She was the only one who he believed, could help him.

The gates opened easily enough if you knew how to unlock them from the outside. Shuichi could remember a time when the Lady of the manor had told him what to pull, and where to enter. That was eleven years ago. He had been eight then. She wasn't the first to compliment his voice, but it had meant more from her then any other at the time. That was how they had become friends.

She told him once that if he ever needed anything that she would help, no matter the cost. He certainly hoped she would keep her end of that statement. He walked up the long drive and reached up to grasp the door knocker, the ivory was a stark contrast to the dark mahogany doors. Fitting though, for the diggers looked elegant and spooky against the breast of the expertly carved woman inlayed into the door. The point pierced her heart at every tap of the hand.

The door was answered by a tall broad shouldered man. The man raised a brow at my obviously disheveled appearance. I was not exactly dressed for a meeting of such high standers but as was decorum he had to at least give me an audience for making it past the gate.

"Your name and business please," He asked civilly and in a dull voice.

"Shindou, Shuichi. I'm here to speak with Lady Adrienne Bane Bastian." He kept his voice as level as possible but he was about to break under the stress.

"Oh is that all," He joked while rolling his eyes. "Well follow me then, but be warned that her Ladyship may not be in the best of moods, the stock market just crashed and she's been up day and night trying to reap all the benefits from it." He spoke as he led him down the entrance hall and up the main staircase. Finally into a parlor where a young woman sat furiously typing away at her computer while screaming obscenities at the person on the other end of her phone.

"A visitor for you Lady Adrienne, Shindou, Shuichi." He turned and left after muttering a 'good luck kid'.

She set the phone down and her hands came off the keys. "What?" She sounded pissed.

"You said if I ever needed it, you would help me no matter the cost." Her entire body froze at this before she slowly turned to face him.

The French accent was vivid in her voice as she said, "My Little Strawberry?" She sounded almost hopeful. He blushingly nodded to answer.

"Oh how have you been?!?" She leapt from her chair to huge him and he had to smile.

He would have answered if not for the tears running down his face and the knot in his throat. His shoulders shook and she raised her head to look at his face from the feeling.

"What is wrong my Berry?"

He sank to the floor with her in his arms as her cried into her bodice. "Yuki,"

"Who is Yuki? Shuichi? Answer me." She pulled his face to hers and kissed away his tears. "Here come, you must calm down." She stated as she pulled him up onto one of the parlor couches. Once he was calmed down he began his story.

"You know how I wanted to be a singer? Just like Sakuma-san?" He started.


"I did it. I became a famous singer in Japan."


"Thank you. But before I did I met Yuki. He's a famous romance novel author. He was harsh and mean, but I fell in love."


"We became lovers right around the time I signed a contract with NG. NG is a music company headed by Tohma Seguchi of Nittle Grasper. Nittle Grasper reformed and I got to find out about Yuki's past. But it wasn't a very happy one."

"Je vois."

"Yuki gets angry easily when he has a deadline. He usually just throws me out of the house. It's nothing abnormal but every time he says almost the same thing. 'Grow up', 'Your immature', 'Be more responsible'. I want to, I really do but I don't know how. Help me? Please."

"Oui. But first know that growing up is a state of mind. To be an adult you must have self restraint. I can help you to get into the habit of making smart choices but you have to keep up with it."


"Now another thing we can focus on is the outside. Even if you change massively on the inside, it will mean little if you can't get people to see the change. A new outward appearance would make people expect a difference, thus setting the stage. Tonight we both must rest, tomorrow, we get to work." She smiled as she bid him to rise.

"Thank you so much. Good night Dri."

"Good night My Little Strawberry."

The next morning came early but Shuichi didn't mind. He was going to get to make Yuki happy. It was worth it and so much more. Him and Dri were going to catch up while fixing him, he was so happy.

He changed into the cloths laid out for him and had to belt the pants as they were a little too big. He slipped on his shoes and shoveled down the breakfast sitting on a tray beside his bed. He was out the door and down the stairs in two seconds flat. He was pleasantly greeted with the sight of Dri getting ready to leave. It was at times like these that he really got to appreciate her beauty. Eleven years can change a person.

Her heeled feet lead up creamy buttermilk legs through the slit in her dress that stopped at the top of her thighs. Over her tight butt to her waist which was hugged by the thick black velvet. Up to her glorious breasts that screamed D cup where he could just see the ridge of her corset. Her elegant throat adorned with a black ribbon and silver cat bell. Petite chin set in alabaster, hallow cheeks, an aristocratic strait pointed nose, high arched brows that framed bloody pools. And to top it off, pouty cherries for lips and a cascade of wine locks.

Oh yes. Adrienne Bane Bastian was definitely a woman any man could fall in love with. All it would take was a batt of those long black lashes and a sigh. If that.

"What are we doing today?" He asked joining her at the door.

"We are going out. I'm going to give you a new image today. Don't question it, I know what I'm doing." She stated.

"I would never." He grinned.

"First lesson, you smile too much. Now that's not really all that bad but it shows your emotions too well. That is bad." Of course he would trust her on such, after all, she had been hounded by the media since birth. Adrienne Bane Bastian of the Billionaire Bastians. That was the first thing he had ever heard her called. At fourteen she had single handedly changed that through stocks. They weren't the Billionaire Bastians anymore, no now they were the Trillionaire Bastians.

"I understand." He practiced removing the smile from his face, it was hard.

They were in the car now driving to god knew where before we stopped the first of many. A beauty salon.

Once inside he was seated and they got to work. On what he had not the faintest idea. He wouldn't know either, until they were done for they had turned him to face away from the mirror and towards Dri who was quizzing him on does and don't as well as scenarios and situations.

When they had finally finished they let him stand to take a look at himself. OH MY GOD! That was the only thought going through his head.

'I look…I look…I look…Hott.'

His Sakura pink hair was gone. Well not exactly. They had started by giving him hair extensions. Then streaked some of them a dark off maroon pink. Finally they had taken that and colored in little dots of black. He looked just like a strawberry.

"Well…what do you think? My Little Strawberry," All the salon girls tittered and giggled at the last comment.

"I love it. It's…me." He could see Dri nodding through the reflective glass. "Where to now?"

And they were off again. Next a close store. A café. A cat walk. A…a…a strip bar?

"Why are we here?" He simply had to ask.

"Your new look is all about being sexy. Here you can see an example from front row."

"You're joking." His eyes were wide and disbelieving at this.

"No. Now the first thing you must learn while here is how to achieve a nice pair of bedroom eyes." He groaned, this was one hell of a long day.

When they got home, he hit the shower, then bed.

Minus the first two the next day went much the same day. And the next…and the next…and the next…and the…

It had been a week since the disappearance of Shuichi Shindou. Eiri had kicked him out again, but that was normal. After that he commonly would go to stay at Hiro's house. This time, however, he didn't. No one knew where to look.

Hiro was in a panic. Suguru was in a similar state without his lead singer. Noriko was upset along with Mika both of whom Shuichi had grown on. Ryuichi refused to sing and when he did it was some mournful high pitched wailing. Ayaka was stressed because of Hiro. K looked like he was going to pop a gasket because this was, 'bad for publicity'. Sakano couldn't stop crying saying he had failed in his job by letting Shuichi out of his sight.

And Eiri. Eiri was so distraught – though not outwardly – that he told his editor to fuck off and broke three cameras of reporters that were too persistent for their own good. The last time he had seen him, Eiri looked like he had been crying only minutes before. Hell even he, Tohma Seguchi, cold bastard of NG corp. was worried about him. And as much as they had their differences he did not want to drop Bad Luck from NG because Shuichi was missing. That would be one hell of a welcome back present. And he knew he would come back, even just to die. Because of Eiri, he would have to see Eiri one last time. Of that, he was sure.

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Oui - yes

non - no

Je vois - I see

Your fucked up authoress, Kuro Tenka.