Thank you Kimmy for getting me really hooked on getting my story written.
The beginning is basically a summary of the first episode, told in the POV of Natsumi Tsujimoto. This is for the people who do not watch the series and want a bit of background info. There will be tidbits of romance in this chapter, though, so it's not a complete summary. :) Hope you enjoy, and I realize I'm a bit rusty!

It all started on my first day. Bokuto Precinct offered firm hours with comfortable atmospheres, and a reputation that was so good it couldn't be ignored. Even though I had been known to be a law-follower, between the time I left my house and the time I arrived at the station I had already been chased around by a crazy police officer, and ended up gaining five traffic violations. However I suppose that she wasn't too crazy, because she did let me off without suspending my license By the time I had arrived at the Bokuto Precinct, my fifteen-minute tardy had expanded to be one hour and twelve minutes exactly. Of course I had to explain every course of action I had taken this morning, in order to fully get a grasp upon the situation, which everyone seemed to enjoy. The only problem is, after I had finished the comical part of the morning, I was going to get some big shocks.
As I stood up in front of the Bokuto Precinct officers, smiling, I felt a tough and hard hand grasp onto my shoulder. It surprised me for a minute, and when I looked up, it was the Chief, also looking happy (or maybe he was faking). "I totally agree. I want you all to help her out wherever you can. Kobayakawa, come here for a sec."
"Yes sir," was the reply from a black haired woman, sitting near to the front of the room at her neatly organized desk. She obediently got up and stood in front of the chief and I, and only then did I notice who she was.
"This is Miyuki Kobayakawa. She was assigned here just this past spring. Natsumi Tsujimoto, it is my privilege to introduce your new partner." I could hear him saying the words next to me, but I couldn't really function, because all I could do was glare at the police officer who had given me such a chase this morning. There was no mistaking that woman, who had chased me around and given me such a hard time while I was trying to get to work.
"Hi, I'm Miyuki," she said, a hint to her voice that sounded strangely flirtatious, "Pleased to meet you." She was forward enough to reach for my right hand and grab it firmly in a welcoming handshake. And while she smiled, seeming to forget the chase that occurred this morning, all I could say was:
"A... partner?" It wasn't my fault I couldn't hide the confused annoyance in my voice. She had just been given to me like an old sweater from a dearly loved grandparent, who you couldn't possibly say no to, no matter how ugly that sweater was.
It wasn't until I had been shown around the Precinct that Miyuki and I had our second encounter. I had, at this point in time during my first day of work, shown my accurate shooting, seen the Precinct Library, taken out a guy during wrestling, and had almost eaten the Precinct out of all their food. This time was spent with Ken Nakajima, and Yoriko Nikaido, who had constantly bickered about almost everything on our entire trip. Most of the time, however, Yoriko slipped me stories and info about how Ken had a "thing" for Miyuki.
They were, yet again, fighting about Ken being the "typical man" who thought he knew everything, when we rounded the corner. There was Miyuki, and what made everything worse, was she was touching my moto-compo. She was touching my bike. "Look, I gotta go, I gotta discuss something with my new partner," I said, in a hurry, as I dodged away from Ken and Yoriko.
Miyuki, apparently, didn't hear me coming, and I stood behind her as she leaned over my bike. Crossing my arms, I snapped, "Hey you," and she gasped. "What the heck do you think you're doing with my bike?"
She turned and smiled calmly at me. "You did quite a number on it this morning. You know, you really ought to be more careful from now on, okay? Oh, I managed to find a new set of gaskets for you. When's the last time you had a tune-up? All in all, I think I have it back up to speck." She brightened up her smile a bit, and finished, "It's the least I could do to welcome my new partner."
Okay, I don't know about you, but this made me extremely excited to have a free tune-up. I never knew how to pull "baby" back into the ranks of top machines, so having Miyuki do it for free seemed to be a good enough deal. "Oh joy!" I couldn't stop myself from saying, clasping my hands and staring at Miyuki with shining adoration. Then I caught myself. "Duh, not. I mean, what's up with you nosing into my business like that? And how much, and what, do you know about me?"
"Hmm... let's see. Career history, special skills, ex-boyfriends... that's about all for now, I guess," she kindly listed off, looking up towards the ceiling as she listed off the few things she knew about me.
"Is that all?" I almost laughed, and then, knowing my idiocy, started revealing everything that was part of my personal history from primary schooling through high school. Sometimes I wonder about my incredible ability to just ramble on and on about myself. I caught myself after I had to stop and think about more information to spill, and tightly slapped my hand over my mouth, shocked at how much I had just spilled over to Miyuki in under a minute.
But she wasn't surprised. She calmly smiled at me, and said, "I'll be sure to note that in my files."
I guess it was at that moment that I decided that Miyuki and I just weren't going to work out. I couldn't deal with someone that was so much into data, that knew so much about me, and who dug into my business like it was her own to dig through. I was used to just being Natsumi, and not having my personal files on demand for Miyuki whenever she decided to access them. That, and I must have still been a little angry about getting those traffic violations so accurately pinned onto me this morning.
We started to get ready for our first patrol, as she started listing off what districts we'd be patrolling, when our hours were, what the best food was for dinner, blah blah blah. "I don't like oysters," I interjected into her conversation, hearing the trunk of her police car close.
"You're kidding!"
"'Fraid not. That, and there's a few other things too." I started, coming over to the vehicle and leaning against the top. I propped up my head with my right hand, and looked at her straight in the eye. "Look, this might be rude, but I'm just going to come out with it. I don't think I can make this work out with you," I said, confident and strong, and then started to list off all of the things that made me feel so weird about this partnership, like her data absorption, and her stopping traffic-crime addiction.
She listened, and then said, "Yeah... there is no way of knowing if we'll become really good partners." She followed by lead and leaned against the top of the car, her chin resting upon her hands, and she said, "But, you know, I will let you in on a little secret of mine. And, that is... well, that I'm really," she paused, her vivid blue eyes softening with emotion, "I'm really starting to like you."
And it was that moment that the sun came through the leaves, almost like in a romance novel. My eyes widened with sudden understanding, and the wind blew my brown hair gently. She closed her eyes and continued to lean on her hands, and I watched her, as if I was entranced by the way the sun hit her hair and lit up her face.
And that was when my heart first skipped a beat for Miyuki.
"I've got an idea," she said, snapping me out of my hypnotic trance and standing up, "I'll toss this coin. And if it comes up tails, we'll talk to the Captain and have us re-assigned. And if it comes up heads..."
I smiled, standing up, and said, "then I'll team up with you, huh?"
She nodded, then pulled the coin down in her hand, and flicked the coin high up into the air. It hit the sunlight coming through the trees, and then came down to land on the back of her hand, where her other hand caught it and covered the result. She closed her eyes, "Our partnership," she reopened her eyes, "is in my hands."
As her white-gloved hands pulled away from the coin, I could feel my breath being held, or getting shallower, as if I was scared to know what answer it would be. I had wanted to stop being partners, and now why was I so scared to know whether or not we'd be separated? And then, as if right on cue, a red mini popped out of nowhere, screeching to a halt in front of us, and then zooming right off.
Ken, following close behind, wheeled after it, and Miyuki said, "Let's get in on this!"We zoomed off, following at a speedy pace, until Ken went down. It was at that point in time that my stomach burned with acid, as Miyuki stuck her head out the window, watching Ken roll over and his bike land in the sand. "Oh my god, Ken!" she screamed out of the window. For some reason, it pissed me off to see that much compassion in her voice for the other biker.
But it didn't last long, as he told us to get after the crazy red mini. Thought Miyuki was worried (it was too obvious), we sped off after him, and took over the chase.
"Hey partner..." Miyuki started, as we sat near a controlled body of water after our extreme chase that ended in both a failure to catch the mini, but a success in finding my lost lunch from this morning. "You ever think about moving?" I was confused at first as she started to list off some things that her "moving place" would have. I didn't understand until she said "and not to mention a pretty great room mate, to boot.""Are you suggesting that, you and I, we should live together?"
She smiled, "Well, I could guarantee that you wouldn't be late for work anymore.""What're you up to?" I said, very curious of her motives, while tapping my chopsticks together.
"Well, you know it's not really safe for a woman to be living alone," she said truthfully, though it kind of ticked me off. What was that supposed to me?
"Chyea, so what am I?"
"My bodyguard!"
I accidentally snapped my chopsticks after that reply. "Oh god! A fate worse than death! I've lost my appetite..." I pouted, looking away, until I saw a fork come towards me with something bright and yellow on the end of it.
"Open up and say 'ahh'."
"Aaaah-" I tried snapping at the pickled vegetable on the end of her fork, but she pulled it away from me and ate it herself. As she chewed, she looked somewhat confident, and then yelled, "Ah! What is this! It's so sour!"
I couldn't help but laugh at her surprised and agonizing facial expression. It was so funny to see how unprepared she was for something as little as a sour pickled vegetable. I pulled at the corner of my mouth and eyes with my fingers, and made idiotic sounds at her, imitating her slightly, and she growled, "Why you..." and pulled her cheeks and stuck out her tongue at me.
We stopped, for two seconds, and then let go of our faces and started laughing. Ah, the great feeling of idiocy. But, remembering how many incidents my idiocy had cost me today, I remembered the coin toss, deciding our partnership. "Hey, was it heads or tails on that coin toss?"
"My gosh, I completely forgot!"
"Well here, let me do it," I said, passing her my food container.
"Be my guest," she replied, giving me the coin of fate from earlier and standing up.
"Gracias!" I said, standing up with her as I held the coin comfortably in my right hand. "All right-ay," I smirked, looking out into the water.
"Good luck" she said, backing up slightly and watching me, as she held the containers of our shared dinner.
I took a deep breath in, for some reason needing to prepare myself to throw the coin toss. It was now or never, the fate of our partnership now rested in my hands rather than Miyuki's, and the whole feeling made me feel... queasy, in a way. "How 'bout this!" I yelled, hearing my echo come off of the bridge, as I threw the coin with every ounce of strength I had towards the water. I didn't care anymore, and even though I was so set against Miyuki just a few hours ago, I really didn't care anymore. This was going to work. I swore that it was.