You wanted it.

I wanted it.

So here it is; the (slightly) fluffy epilogue.

Summer Sunshine by The Corrs is a good song to listen to.


We had saved up all of our vacation days. It was one of those sorts of things that were just kind of decided without actually making plans. It was a mutual agreement, even if it meant that I got less sick days than I would actually like. But it was all worth it. Even if I didn't get to take days off every now and then, even when I would have slept in my bed than go outside in the cold, there were always our plans that would keep me going. We had set a goal together; our first joint effort since we had kissed at the hospital.

Of course, we had to first get out of the hospital. After having an accident with an eighteen-wheeler, we didn't exactly wake up the next morning after gaining consciousness and walk out. It took us a while, but Miyuki slept a lot of the time, so I stayed with her. They soon moved us into a room so that I was able to watch over her, once she could breath without the oxygen tank and her heart monitor didn't fluctuate enough to gain any alarm from the hospital crew. Yoriko, Aoi, Ken, and even the Chief came to visit us, dropping us news that happened at work, and different things. Kenny had gotten both of us flowers, and Miyuki apologized for her behavior, and turned him down when he asked her for another date.

When we were alone, I asked her why she had turned him down. Hey, I knew that we had kissed, and I'm not naive or anything, but I just wanted to know. She looked at me like I was stupid or something, and then shook her head. "Why else would I turn him down?" she smiled at me, and I could feel my cheeks starting to heat up as I smirked in reaction. I reached for her hand, and she grabbed it. We spent a lot of our next few days in the hospital like that. We had gotten checked out by the time the second week in January was over, and when we returned to the apartment, it was like we hadn't been there for years.

That was when we started our plans. We told no one of what happened that night at the hospital, and although we were back to being friendly and close with each other again, nobody suspected a thing. But, in truth, there was a whole different magnitude to our behavior. We were together all the time, no matter where we were. When she smiled at me, I smiled back, and it held our own little secret in it. It was like being the murderers in a mystery game; that was how much we enjoyed it. Nobody suspected, and nobody asked.

Until about six months later.


"Natsumiā€¦ Natsumi, get up."

It was her usual impatient voice grumbling at me first thing in the morning. I kept my eyes closed, and groaned in response. She must have opened the shutters or something, for a lot of sunlight poured onto my face, and I squeezed my eyes shut. "Miyuki!!" I whined, and pulled the pillow and parts of my blanket over my head, turning away from her so that she wouldn't try to pull them away. I could hear her growl with frustration, and I opened one eye to peer through the thin texture of the blanket just in time to see her walk away.

A few seconds later, I was up and out of bed, a mischievous look on my face as I got dressed and headed out into the kitchen. She was there, cooking something that smelled absolutely delicious, and I came up behind her. My arms slid against her sides as I pulled her into a hug, putting my chin on her shoulder. "Good morning," I whispered, trying to be as seductive as humanly possible, and from the smirk that she suddenly smiled, it was working.

"Good morning," she replied, putting down the spatula to put her arms around my neck and hold me a little closer. She giggled as I smiled at her, and she winked and continued, "You need to let me go so that I won't burn your food."

I complied, unwillingly, and went to sit down at the table, watching her from my seat just like I had weeks ago, before our fight and before our first kiss. She turned her eyes to look at me, and we just looked at each other for a few seconds before she smiled sweetly and continued cooking. Already I was smiling as warm as the summer sun was shining outside, but I didn't mind. I had someone in this apartment that was special to me, and, for right now, she was all mine.

As we ate, she and I talked about our plans, and how perfect the day was. It was such a coincidence that she and I just happened to be thinking about the exact same thing; it was time to use up a vacation day, a few more if the next week looked good. While I finished my breakfast, she called up the Chief and told him that we wouldn't be coming in, and he seemed to put up little to no argument. We had been doing enough work to be considered overtime for months, so I guess he supposed that we deserved a little time off.

She came up behind me as I tilted the rice bowl into my mouth, and put her hands on my shoulders, caressing them gently with her thumbs. "I'm gonna go pack up, okay?" she whispered into my ear, after leaning down, almost as I had whispered good morning to her earlier, and she kissed my cheek. I was so surprised I nearly choked on rice and dropped my bowl, but instead I caught the bowl just as it almost slammed to the ground, and looked up at where she had been standing, only to see her turn the corner and walk into her room.

I blinked a few times, shook my head, and said, "Dammit, that was sexy."


It was hot, sunny, and almost a hundred degrees outside. As we sat in the convertible, the top up so that we could actually use the air conditioning without cooling the rest of the world as well, we said nothing. There were no words that needed to be said; we were perfectly content with just sitting and staying silent. At least, until we were caught in traffic again, and Miyuki reached her hand out, letting go of the gearshift. I smiled, and took it, linking my fingers with hers, and rubbing the back of her hand with my thumb. We looked at each other, but that was enough. We knew that, without saying a word, we could express how we felt.

An hour later, we had hit the beach. Sunny skies, white clouds, and the beach that was as hot and crowded as it had been all last summer. We were lucky we got here early; if we had waited any longer (or spent any more time delaying each other during our packing) we probably would have still been stuck in traffic for at least another two hours. It almost made me feel bad for those people in their cars. But I didn't give it too much of my time; after all, I had Miyuki to think about.

"Race you!" she called to me, after we had set up our blanket and umbrella, as she took off for the shoreline. I smirked, and raced after her, feeling the heat of the chase and the beach get to me as we crashed through the water, just far enough, until I tackled her and we fell amidst a few waves. We came back up from the water, looking into each other's eyes, and smiling. We were now officially in the water, and I stood up to throw some at her, while she shrieked in surprise, and I ran, enjoying the chase.

We dashed through the waves, and then crashed in the sand sometime later, laughing as we realized where we were. We had come to the edge of the beach now, where a lot of rocks were, and we laid on the sandy shoreline as the waves lapped against the beach beneath us. We watched the sky and tried to catch our breath, laughing every now and then. There was no one around, and I felt her arm snake its way around my neck as she came and pressed her body against mine. I smiled, and wrapped my left arm around her shoulders, holding her close.


"Yeah?" I asked, looking at her, as she looked up at me with her innocent blue eyes. I pushed away a few wet strands of her long black hair away from her face, and we smiled at each other, before she pushed off the beach and kneeled. My arm fell away, and as she sat next to me, looking down into my eyes, her hand cupped my cheek, and I just watched her, smiling.

"What would you think if I said I loved you?"

I smiled at her, chuckling slightly, as I looked bravely into her shining eyes. "I'd think that I'm pretty lucky. And that I love you," I said, and her face seemed to melt into the perfect angel's face that I had always seen in her. She tilted her head slightly, as we stared at each other, and then she came down to lie on her stomach, and kissed me. Nice and sweet, just like our first kiss was, but it was longer this time, as we lay on the beach, beneath the summer sunshine.

One word for this moment: bliss.


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Shini-Chii: Thank you. I struggle trying to keep characters the same, and I am VERY glad you thought I handled Natsumi well. I love their characters too, so I didn't want to ruin them.

Major Mike Powell III: It's all right; I just wanted to put it into perspective. Some of my friends that write on here are only 13, and one is 12, so if they wanted to write a fic like this, I just wouldn't want them getting flamed. I couldn't tell you about the 18-wheeler; sorry! I am very proud of this fic, and this epilogue I hope was good enough too! I will check out your fics sometime soon!

Hunter49a: A sequel sounds good. Just gonna wait a little on that, because I want to get some Negima fanfictions in, along with a few others I've been trying to write.

Syaoran Li Clow: Yay! I listened to it while I was checking over the last chapter for spelling errors and such, and I thought it matched. I'm really touched you experienced something like that; I wish I had, because that's my DREAM kiss. Heheh. And you are very welcome.

ShoujoGirl: Good! This epilogue was just a sort of "You want fluff? Okay, here you go" sort of thing, just to tide over the fans. I'm trying to plan a sequel, but I might just do one shots after this fic. And I'm guessing you mean a full-length Konosetsu fic, huh? Glad you're greedy, because I planned one-shot and full fics for them. They're my favorite!