They crashed through the Tardis door, the Doctor slamming it behind them, leaning against it gasping. Another last minute escape from the jaws of death.

"We'd better get out of here.." the Doctor began, but the rest of his words were swallowed by the sudden pressure of lips against his.

For a moment the Doctor was unable to react, he was so surprised that all could do was accept the pressure of the hot mouth, the probing tongue and the firm body pinning him against the Tardis door.

After a moment he recovered some of his senses, feeling that he should stop this before it went to far. So many reasons raced through his mind why this was inappropriate.

Yet he seemed unable to resist, an unbidden desire was coursing through his veins, his hearts pounding loudly in his chest.

The pressure against him intensified, hands running up his thighs.

For a moment the kisses broke off and eyes filled with passion and love looked deeply into his. This was his chance, the moment when he could break away.

The mouth moved to his ear, a hot breath whispered softly "Doctor".

The sound of his name melted away his reservations as he reached out his arms to pull the hot body back against him.