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It was Saturday, two weeks before graduation, and Edward and I were laying on the couch in the living room watching the Cullen's newly acquired plasma tv. Their other one umm...broke. We were just laying there watching a crime show or something. It was really hard to concentrate with Edward kissing my neck. Suddenly, Alice walked in with a pained expression on her face.

"Alice? What's wrong?" I looked at her and then turned to look at Edward. Somehow, he looked ecstatic and apprehensive at the same time. "Someone, please, fill in the human."

Alice sighed. She looked like someone had just told her that Jasper had eaten her puppy.

"I had a vision that you went shopping!"

What? Why was she upset that she saw me shopping? I was the one who hated shopping. Alice loved shopping. She had dragged me kicking and screaming to every mall in Washington state and a couple in Canada. Why was she the one about to cry when she saw that I was shopping? Was something going to happen to me while I was shopping? I always knew it would be the death of me.

"I don't understand. Why are you practically crying over seeing me going shopping?"

"I'm not coming with you!" Alice was frowning, but I was shaking from laughter, Edward's laughter.

"Who am I going shopping with, then?" I asked nervously.

"Rosalie," Alice whispered just loud enough for me to hear. It was my turn to frown.

Rosalie and I had come a long way since the whole "Italy Incident". We smiled at each other and even had brief conversations. Rosalie seemed to accept that I was going to become a member of the family and she was making and effort, we both were. But shopping, just me and her, I didn't think we would both be coming back alive. And because of my inability to do, well, anything without injuring myself, I figured that I would be the dead one. That and the fact that she was already dead.

"When?" My voice was shaking, though I realized that it was ridiculous.

"Tomorrow." Okay, I thought to my self, that gives me time to prepare.

"And why can't you come?" This question seemed to rip out Alice's cold unbeating heart.

"You and Rose won't bond if I'm there." I walked over to my best friend and hugged her. Edward's voice came from behind me.

"It seems like you are the reason they aren't already close, Alice." He laughed, but Alice and I both glared at him. How could he be so insensitive when his sister was obviously upset? When he realized I was angry with him, he stopped laughing.

Edward did his best to put on an innocent face. I glanced at Alice, who was smiling wickedly. I turned back to frown at Edward. He smiled apologetically. Crap, I thought. I had already forgiven him, but he didn't need to know that.

"You owe Alice an apology," I stated simply. His jaw dropped as he looked from me to his grinning sister.

"I'm sorry Alice," he said monotone or as close to monotone as a vampire could get. I shook my head. I heard a giggle from Alice escape.

"Say it like you mean it," I ordered. Edward's eyebrows shot up. He shook his head and smiled slightly.

"I'm sorry Alice," he said again. His beautiful butterscotch eyes stared at me during his apology. Suddenly, Alice's delicate arms were wrapped around her brother.

"I forgive you, Edward," she laughed. She released Edward and ran back upstairs. Edward pulled back to the couch, but a few seconds later his other sister was in front of us. Rosalie.

"I don't mean to interrupt, but, Bella there is a sale at the mall in Port Angeles tomorrow. I wondered if maybe you wanted to go...with me." She looked nervous and I pitied her. Even if Alice hadn't just run downstairs saying that Rosalie and I were going to "bond" on this trip, the fact the she was so nervous would have made me agree to it. Rose, however, mistook my pause for a refusal. "I know you don't like shopping or anything. It was just an idea. We don't have to." Rosalie started to walk back upstairs. I jumped up from the couch and rather ungracefully ran after her.

"Wait." She turned. "It sounds like fun. Can you pick me up tomorrow?" She smiled.

"Sure. How does ten sound?" I smiled

"It sounds great. I'll see you tomorrow." She nodded and headed upstairs. I went back to the couch to be in Edward's arms.