The night was crisp with a feeling in the air no one heart could bear. Sara sat at the window of the cheap motel, staring at the people making their way through the small city. They looked so, 'Alive' she thought to herself as she watched two lovers dancing briskly down the dimly lighted street, holding each other in a loving embrace. Alive was something she hadnt felt in what seemed like an eternity and then some. Her life which was already filled with a bitter loneliness had reached the point of no return, or at least thats what it felt like.

They could've been happy. Her life was so close to being what she wanted it to be.She couldnt even express words to explain the feelings she felt when the Mexican authorities took Micheal in. Fear, Anger, Regret, and most all a broken heart. She felt empty. Like a peice of her was missing. What hurt her even more was the fact that they had been so close. After months of running, months of hiding, months of never getting to be together they were so close. Its was a sick twist of fate. She asked herself over and over again why he was testing her like this. Why did god take him away from her. What she believed to ber her soulmate may now have been lost to her forever. She loved him. That was true. Nothing would take that away. Not even death could pry him away from her heart . Not knowing whether she would see him again or even hear from him pained her even more. She didnt know if she could handle this alone.

She closed her eyes and breathed a deep sigh of anguish. She let herself drift to the back of her mind into a memory that she would never let herself lose.

"The first thing they tell you when you take the job is to never fall in love with an inmate."

They gazed deeply into each others eyes looking through their exteriors and into each others souls.

Slowly Micheal leaned down and pressed his lips firmly but gently onto hers. They shared a kiss more romantic and sensual then any fairytales happy ending.

The kiss deepened as Micheal pushed harder into her.

Finally as they pulled apart they sat inches from each others faces and just breathed.

She ran her hand down his chest and relaxed it over his heart.

Sara, not able to hold back pushed him against the wall and fiercly began kissing him and taking off his shirt.

Was she making a mistake letting down her guard and excepting him into her life again, she thought to herself as he kissed down her body.

Quickly she extinguished the thought knowing whether this was a mistake or not it would let her feel alive at least for now.

Then they slowly fell into each other.

A tear escaped Sara's eye as she relived the vivid memory. She turned from the window and glanced at the phone sitting on the bed. Wishing, praying he would call her with news. She sighed and whispered, "Come on Micheal."

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