Sara glanced out the small window as she finished packing her clothes. It seemed like it had been months since she last saw Micheal but it had only been 4 days. The ache in her heart had weakened but was still lingering there. It would never go away. Not until Micheal was with her again. She lowered her hand and rubbed her nearly flat belly. You couldnt tell she was pregnant but every now and then when she grazed her womb she felt an ounce of joy rush through her body. It was like warm soup for the soul. Knowing that a peice of her and Micheal rested inside her gave her hope. She sighed and found her way out of her thoughts.

Suddenly the door flew open and Sara quickly turned to see who was rushing in her hotel room. Not to her surprise it was Lincoln carrying one meager bag full of what appeared to be rags.


"My stuff."

"Oh...did you even fold anything?"

"No. Why would I? Im just going to be unpacking when we get there."

She wrinkled her eyebrows at him and nodded her head. As she began zipping her bag Lincoln asked, "You ready?" with a nod.

She looked up and smiled. Lincoln took that as a yes and reached forwards to pick up her bags.

As they walked towards the plane Sara took one last look back at the City she had called "home" for over two months now. A chiver went down her spine as she once again realized she was leaving her true love. Its ok though. She knew it would be alright. Micheal would keep his promise to make everything ALRIGHT.

When they got off the plane Lincoln looked around in each direction.

"Wow...we're home."


He looked towards Sara and smiled as she stood at the end of the stairs not knowing what to do.

"Well, come on!"

"Where are we going exactly?" Sara asked as she caught her breath from practically jogging to keep up with Lincoln.

"We're gonna be staying with a friend of mine until i get some cash. Hope thats fine with you."

"Oh god. Is this some macho man who's house is full of trash and dirty clothes?"

Lincoln let out a hearty laugh and said, "Dont worry about that."

As they neared the door of the not to shabby looking house Sara began to feel nervous. The nervousness she felt quickly turned into nausea.

"Oh no." she gasped as Lincoln knocked on the door. She then flung around to face the bushes that were planted just next to the patio. As soon as she bent to be closer to the bush, her breakfast landed all over Lincolns poor friends bushes along with those pretty roses planted next to the bushes. 'Roses?' she thought to herself as she wiped her mouth, 'This couldnt be a man.' She forgot what she was thinking about and turned to face Lincoln and a bewildered blonde wrapped in a large blanket staring at her.

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