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It's my wedding day.

I can't believe it, it seems like only yesterday he was trying to get me to run from him screaming.

Oh wait, that was yesterday, he still couldn't believe that I love him.

"Bella, It's time to go," Charlie said from Alice's door, where the girls got ready.

Alice had the wedding planed for night. Getting married under a full moon is beautiful

My dress is very simple, white with a black sash tied under the bust, where the fabric is loose all the way to the bottom; the black sash is trimmed in blood red. The bride's maids are in blood red dresses that are as simple as mine and go down to their knees, and have a black sash in various places. Rosalie has her tied in a bow around her waist while Angela has hers covering her bare shoulders. Alice is my maid of honor; she is wearing a black dress that looks very similar to the others, and she has a blood red sash tied in her hair.

I think you can guess what my color's are.

I take my Dad's arm and we walk to the Cullen's back yard. I lock eyes with Edward and the next thing I know I'm saying I do and Edward is kissing me. I hear applauds erupt from my right.

"I love you, Mrs. Isabella Marie Swan Masen Cullen," he whispers in my ear once he pulls away.

"I love you, too, Mr. Edward Anthony Masen Cullen," I lean forward to kiss him once more.

"SAVE SOME FOR THE HONEYMOON!" Emmett yells; everyone stares at him. Edward picks up a stick, that Alice 'forgot' to get off the yard and flings it at him. It hits him in the chests. Emmett lets out puff of air and stumbles backwards; everyone starts laughing now.

"Isn't this just the perfect wedding?"

I look at Edward and smile, "Yeah."

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