Chapter One: Comatose


Lily Rowan was not one to be late.

Due to the fact that she got to sleep at three in the morning, however, she was still sleeping peacefully as the alarm clock on her nightstand blared loudly.

"Lily!" came a call from outside the teenager's bedroom door. "That's the fourth time that clock has went off...Are you even awake?" Lily's mother opened the door to find her seventeen year old daughter sprawled out on her bed, blankets thrown carelessly on the floor. She walked over to turn the alarm off and wake the girl.

"Lily, you're ten minutes late for work. Your grandfather isn't going to be happy about this."

The word 'late' suddenly reached through to the sleeping girl. Sitting up immediately, she looked at the now quiet clock.

"Oh no! Not again..." she groaned. Jumping out of bed, Lily quickly grabbed her backpack and bolted out of the room. After stopping to brush her teeth and hair and make sure she at least looked decent, she ran downstairs to where her mother was now waiting.

"Sorry Mom, no time for breakfast! See ya later cause I gotta hurry and-" Lily was cut off as her mother stepped in front of her, blocking the door.

"Now just one minute, young lady. You will not leave this house without anything to eat. And I'm worried about you. You don't seem to have any spare time anymore. Ever since your grandfather gave you that little...creature. A girl your age should be out getting a job, meeting boys,'re always so busy. Maybe you need to stay home a little more and rest!"

Lily rolled her eyes. "Mom, don't worry about it. I love working at grandpa's lab! And Riolu isn't a 'creature'...He's a Pokemon, and he's my friend. I've just been doing some research on evolution for Grandpa and I had to finish it late last night, so that's why I slept in. Trust me, I'm fine," she told her worried parent while grabbing an apple from the bowl of fruit on the table.

Her mother took one last long look at her, as if trying to decide whether her daughter was telling the truth or not, then sighed. "Okay. Just be careful over there. Ever since Lucas left I've been so worried that-"

"Yeah yeah, I know. I'll be fine! Gotta go now though, so bye!"

She took a big breath of fresh air as she stepped outside, then started jogging down the oh-so-familiar route 201, to her grandfather's house and work place in Sandgem town.

Lily was seventeen. She was about average height and weight for her age, with light brown hair, currently up in a ponytail, and bright green eyes. She inherited her eye color from her father, who had passed away when she was young. Too young to remember him. Her brother, Lucas, remembered him though. Their father loved Pokemon with a passion and was a tough trainer. Lucas had followed in his father's footsteps and become a trainer, along with helping their grandfather's research while out in the Sinnoh region by finding different species of Pokemon.

Lucas had been gone for quite a while now, and Lily's mother tended to freak out if anyone mentioned a Pokemon in the house. After Lucas left, she had regretted ever letting him become a trainer, which was why Lily never became one herself. Sure, she had one Pokemon, but he wasn't used for battles. Simply a friend for her while working at the lab. A partner.

Riolu wasn't very old. He was only hatched a few months ago from an egg that her grandfather let her take care of. It was his secret from Lily's mother that whatever hatched would belong to Lily. Due to her mother's fear of all things Pokemon, however, Riolu had to stay at the lab.

"Finally!" Lily heaved, opening the door to the lab. She usually took plenty of time to make the walk from Twinleaf to Sandgem, and wasn't used to running the entire way. "Grandpa Rowan?"

"In here, Lily! Quickly!"

Lily followed his voice downstairs into a room labeled Genetic Research, which was obviously where her grandfather looked into the genetics of Pokemon. Professor Rowan was sitting at a desk with a computer on it. Walking up behind him, Lily saw pictures of DNA strands on the screen.

"What's that for?" she asked.

"This," he said, "is the DNA structure of an Eevee." He typed a code on the keyboard and another DNA strand came to appear beside the Eevee DNA. "That one is a Leafeon's DNA structure. Look closely at each of them and you will see that several parts match up."

Lily looked. Sure enough, they were quite similar. "Yeah, but isn't that to be expected? Leafeon evolves from Eevee. It's natural that their DNA would still be similar," Lily replied.

"True. But if you do this..." he typed some more, "Then you can transfer certain traits of the Leafeon to the Eevee DNA. For example, I could teach an Eevee how to use Synthesis, which is a grass type attack. Eevee is a normal type Pokemon, not able to learn any kind of grass type attack. But with this new discovery, it may be possible to teach Eevee any type of attack! We haven't been able to trace this to any other Pokemon, but that might just be how it is. Eevee are strange, the way they can change their DNA so easily to fit in with their environment." He rambled on about the different DNA structures for a few minutes before finally getting up.

"So what do we do with this information, Grandpa?"

"We are going to try and teach an Eevee how to use a basic grass attack using genetics," he answered.

"Don't we need an Eevee for that?"

Rowan smiled. "As of yesterday, we have one. Your brother has obtained one for us to use and sent it here. It's still in it's Pokeball right now."

Lily smiled, too. A real Eevee! Lucas was so lucky! They were impossibly hard to find. The only one Lily had ever seen had been in a Pokemon contest a number of years ago, and it had likely been raised in captivity at a breeding center, probably costing its owner a fortune.

The two walked to a different room, one in which different trainers Pokemon were stored inside their Pokeballs. The walls were lined with shelf upon shelf of Pokeballs, each containing different Pokemon. Lily sometimes wished that she could go out and be trainer too...but it was too late for her anyways. She enjoyed working here in the lab. And she had Riolu...who was nowhere to be seen at the moment.

"Hey, where's Riolu at?"

Professor Rowan picked up a Pokeball from one of the shelves. "Ah, here it is! I'm not sure where your little friend is though, Lily. I saw him running around this morning." Rowan released the Eevee.

"Vee!" it shouted happily. Lily instantly fell in love with the little fox-like Pokemon.

"Well aren't you a cutie," she said, picking it up from the ground.

"Follow me," the Professor instructed, obviously immune to the Pokemon's cute charm, unlike the teenage girl standing next to him.

They walked into a different room with a large machine in it, which was attached to another computer. In the center of the machine was a glass door. Walking over to the door, Rowan opened it and told Lily to place the Eevee inside. She did so, giving it a good pat before shutting the door. Rowan was already over at the computer typing away.

A hissing sound was heard as the machine started up. Looking at the Eevee inside the glass, Lily could tell the the tiny Pokemon was nervous, but not afraid. It obviously trusted humans enough to know that they weren't planning on harming it. Lucas must have spent a lot of time with it, despite only having it for a short time.

A burst of movement caught Lily's attention in the machine. A thick, white fog-like substance started to fill the tiny room inside the machine where the Eevee was.

"This should just take about ten minutes," Rowan explained. "That white substance is going to alter Eevee's genetic structure to have grass type traits, along with scanning Eevee's health consistently, testing to make sure the Eevee's DNA strands are suitable and stable enough to work with. This is a safer, faster, and more relaxing way of getting a DNA test, though it does take a little longer."

Lily nodded in understanding.

A sharp ring was heard from the next room. Rowan made his way to the video phone, Lily following closely. He walked to the video phone, and with the push of a button, a highly recognized face appeared on the screen.

"Hello Professor Oak! How can I help you?"

Lily knew of Professor Oak. He was one of the most famous Pokemon researchers in the world, and one of her grandfather's good friends.

"Rowan! Well...erm...I'm having a bit of trouble. You see, I'm in Sinnoh right now, in Sunnyshore city. I was doing some field work out on the beaches, and there seems to be a problem at the Power plant. A rather large family of Shinx, Luxio, and Luxray have seemed to made it their home...and without workers being able to run the place, the power in Sunnyshore city has gone out. The Pokemon center is running off of a generator, but who knows how long that will last. We could really used some help over here..."

Rowan nodded to the screen. "Of course, I'll be right there!" With that the screen went blank.

The Professor sighed. "I'll have to use one of Lucas' Pokemon to fly over there. The rest of this experiment will have to wait, I'm afraid. We can't interrupt the machines testing though. The Eevee has to stay in the machine until its done. Come with me and I'll give you some instructions," he said, walking to the room where Eevee was.

"Just watch the computer. If anything goes wrong, a red light will light up above the glass door on the machine and start beeping. If that happens then just tell the computer to abort experiment, and the smoke should clear up. When the green light comes on the machine then it's safe to open. Do not open it before that green light comes on."

"Got it," she replied. "And you be careful, with all of those Luxray."

"I will. But I probably won't be back for a couple of days. Can you take care of the lab while I'm-"

"Yep. Sure can."

He smiled proudly at her and gave her a quick hug before rushing off to find a Pokemon that could fly him to Sunyshore city. Then he was gone. Lily was alone. She sat down at the desk and stared at the computer screen. On the screen was a percentage bar.

Fifty-three percent remaining.


Lily looked up to find where the voice had come from. "Riolu! It's about time you showed up!" she said, scooping up the little blue Pokemon in her arms.

"Ri, Riolu!" it said happily.

Five more minutes had passed. The bar hadn't raised at all. Didn't her grandpa say it would only take about ten minutes? Something didn't feel right...

"This is weird, Riolu..." she said to her Pokemon.

"Ri..." he agreed.

A beeping was heard from across the room. Lily's eyes widened. Turning around she saw that the red light that her grandfather had pointed out was flashing. Oh no, what about Eevee! She had to do something. She would never forgive herself if she hurt one of Lucas' Pokemon.

"It's okay. Stay calm. You know what to do..." she told herself, trying to not freak out.

Turning back around to the computer, she clicked the abort button to stop the experiment. An alert box popped up.

Experiment cannot be aborted. Please wait...

"What? No...that can't be right." Lily closed the alert box and clicked the abort button again.

Experiment cannot be aborted. Please wait...

She could feel her pulse speed up. Now what?

Looking back over to the machine, the red light was still flashing. Inside the glass door, Eevee was no longer visible. The smoke was too thick. She turned back around and tried to abort the experiment again. A new alert message came up.

Experiment unsafe. Please remove experiment Pokemon immediately!

Lily looked at the machine once again...still no green light.

"Riolu ri," her tiny companion said. He was worried now as well, for the Eevee and for his owner.

"I have to get Eevee out of there, Riolu..."

"Ri!" he argued.

"I know it's not safe, but Eevee's trapped in there!" She ran over to the glass door. "Eevee? Are you okay?" There was no response. Lily tugged on the handle of the door. It was locked. "Riolu! Come help me, quick!"

"Lu, riolu!" The little Pokemon tackled the glass door, only to be thrown back. It did no damage.

"Try force palm?" she said, not sure if he even knew how to use the attack. Riolu ran up used his attack on the door again. A tiny crack was made.

"Again, Riolu!" He repeated the attack. The crack got a tiny bit bigger. Lily was about to her freaking out point.

"C'mon budy, one more time!"


Looking down at Riolu, Lily saw that he was already drained of his energy. He wasn't a trained Pokemon, after all.

She looked back at the door, then made a quick decision. Backing up for a running start, she sprinted toward the glass door and rammed it with her shoulder. She winced as pain overtook her arm. There were more cracks on the door.

Getting another running start, Lily repeated the battering on the door. As her shoulder connected with the glass, it shattered. Lily fell forward into the white smoke that contained the experimental DNA. She gasped at the pain in her arm, breathing in the white substance in the air, coughing at the unnatural feeling in her lungs.

"Eevee...?" she asked weakly. She suddenly didn't feel very well at all, and it wasn't just the pain from her shoulder.

Lily moaned as a pain shot through her body. Her spinal cord felt like it was being stretched and ripped into pieces. The bones and muscles in her arms and legs felt suddenly constricted. The pain started to dim before starting back up again. Her skin itched and prickled all over. Curling up into a ball, her thoughts were no longer on anything but the pain racing through her entire being.

Then it was gone, along with Lily's consciousness.


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