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Ziva entered her apartment, tired from a long day at work. Yawning, she threw her backpack on the floor and walked into the kitchen for a late night snack.

Completing all of those reports had made her tired, bored and hungry.

She decided the refrigerator was the best place to find food. Scrounging through the fridge, she finally settled on a leftover sub.

But before she opened it, she changed her mind and put it back, instead settling on a granola bar. Opening the wrapper, the phone rang, and she reluctantly put her food down.


Heavy breathing on the other end.

"Who is this?"


"Hmm, that was weird," she conceived, "Wrong number, maybe?"

Putting it out of mind, she changed into her pajamas and decided to get some rest.

"Finally," she picked up her half opened granola bar, plopped down on the couch, and clicked on the television...


Tony was searching the warehouse, looking for her. He had cleared every room so far and still had no luck. Where could she be?

He cleared the room he was in.

Okay, next room. Looking around, eyeing for any kind of clue leading to where she is, there was still no sign of her...Dammit!


" What was that? Ziva? Ziva, is that you? Where are you? Are you okay? Keep knocking, I'll find you!"

"Tony?" called a weak voice to the left, "Let me out of this room! It won't budge!"

"I'm coming! Hold on!" He turned around in the hallway, trying to find the door in the dim light. Upon seeing the steel door, he sprinted towards it.

Tony twisted the door handle, but it was locked.

Desperately, he threw his whole weight against it, trying to break down the door. It didn't budge, but there was no giving up now. After many times of hurting and failing, the door budged a little.

With new hope, and more bruises, he slammed into it one more time.

Finally successful, he ran inside to find a shaky Ziva, her abdomen covered in blood. Wincing as she got up, she then limped towards him with almost no energy left. Tony ran to her and she fell into his arms, tired and weak.

Making eye contact, he waited for an answer, any answer to explain the gash in her side and her disappearance.

"I–I don't know what happened," she mumbled. "I just woke up and found myself here. I can't remember anything. You need to catch the guy who did this. I can't believe you found me."

He stroked her hair reassuringly, "I'm just glad I found you. You're safe now. I called an ambulance, so they should be here soon. You need to get out of here." Holding her protectively, he leaned in for a kiss...


Ziva gasped as she awoke with a start, grasping for air and a sense of reality. She glanced at the digital clock on the table next to her, "Shit. Three o'clock. I didn't mean to fall asleep out here."

Practically jumping off of the couch she turned off the television and headed towards the window for a breath of fresh air to clear her mind.

Thinking about it, she mused that the dream must have stemmed off of something that was on the T.V. while she was asleep.

But she still was questioning it.

More awake and still confused, she paced into the kitchen for a glass of water. She drank it slowly, sure to not gulp it down in anxiety.

Finishing the water, she realized that if she didn't go back to sleep, she wouldn't be able to make it through the day.

Not able to get the dream out of her head, she was still wondering if Tony ever had dreams like that. If he thought that there was something between them. But no, he wouldn't. He has a girlfriend, even though he tries to keep her hidden. Secretly, deep down inside, though she would never admit it, she was a little perplexed by this mystery woman.

Putting that thought aside, along with many others, Ziva walked to her bedroom.

Pulling back the covers, she gratefully climbed in and let the warm sheets enclose her. Seconds after her head hit the pillow, she dozed off...


Ziva rolled onto her back, starting to wake up. Scratches again! She had heard scratching sounds coming closer every so often for a few minutes now. Whether they were real or she was imagining them, she couldn't tell.

Suddenly there was a hand there, reaching for her throat. She tried to fight back, but was in a position that was hard to escape. Her assailant had her pinned down. Trying desperately to scream for help or for air, he pressed his hand down harder on her neck. He was choking her and making her lungs hurt. A burning pain.

She was still trying to fight off her attacker, but was growing weaker. Soon she would pass out. She knew it. She kept fighting off the blackness, the inevitable darkness that would surround her. She tried to breathe in, attempting to put it off as long as possible.

The minutes were going by like hours and she was getting weaker with each passing second.

She got her break when her assailant shifted a little to the left. That gave her freedom enough to take his right arm and twist it a little. Feeling the affliction, he kicked her in the shin, causing her to wince long enough to grab an object close by. Raising his arm, he bashed the object into her forehead, making a big gash.

"Oooooooo owwwwww," came the pain, washing over her like a tsunami. Closing her eyes, not able to fight him anymore, she let the blackness engulf her.

He then picked up the unconscious Ziva and carried her out the door, her blood dripping on the wood floor...

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