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6:00 had come, and his partner was nowhere to be seen. Darren fumed at the thought of completing the job alone.

He grabbed it off of the counter and stormed down the stairs. He was determined to make her pay for his partner's lack of keeping promises, and his hand.

Ziva rolled over on the floor. "Ouch!" she half-whispered, hitting the clippers with her arm.

She sat up slowly, pressing her fingers to her temples to massage them. Her headache was getting worse and she thought it would soon explode.

The door burst open, shattering whatever peace had become of her. Before she had a chance to move, a man yanked her up off of the floor and pulled her after him.

Too stunned to think clearly, and trying to fight off her headache, she let him lead her to another room right next to the previous one. This one was bigger and had some lighting. It also had chains against the wall farthest from them. Ziva shivered, half from it being cold and damp, and half from the realization of her situation.

Wakes threw her against the wall and flicked on the light overhead. Ziva stumbled, trying to catch her balance. He grabbed her wrists and held them apart. Then with one quick movement, he took the knife and sliced the chain linking her wrists together. He was about to cuff her hands in the chains on the walls when three furious people with guns stormed in.

It was a few minutes after 6:00 when Gibbs finally slowed down and stopped in front of a small cabin. He leaped out as soon as the car was shut off and the other agents follwed suit. They burst into the cabin, drew their guns, and cleared every room upstairs. Gibbs opened a door connected to the kitchen that led to a basement.

Gibbs first, then McGee and Tony all ran down the stairs, taking them two at a time. At the end of the stairs, there were two doors. Gibbs threw open the one on the left and it revealed a small room with a pillow and clippers lying in the middle.

Tony pushed open the door of the other room and in a split second, all three were in the room.

Seeing Ziva alive sent relief all through Tony's body.

The first thing that came to mind was to panic and surrender. Then he thought no, he could still finish the job.

Darren turned Ziva around until she was facing the agents and put the knife to her throat.

Gibbs spoke firmly. "Darren Wakes. NCIS. Put the knife down and nobody will get hurt." He took a step towards them.

Darren pushed the knife deeper into Ziva's throat. A tiny stream of blood trickled down her neck. "Come any closer and I'll do it!" He shouted.

It was after 6:00 already. She had planned to be back earlier, but something had come up. She pulled into the driveway, and noticed with worry, the other car that didn't belong to either of them.

"Shit." She mumbled. She sprinted to the house and down the stairs, quietly. Seeing both doors open, she pressed hersef against the wall adjacent to the door to the bigger room, so she wouldn't be seen.

She peered around the doorway and took in the scene. The three strangers had their backs turned, and Darren was freaking out.

She decided to take a chance. She lifted the gun out of its holster and aimed.

A bullet plunged into Ziva's chest. For a moment, it seemed as if the world had stopped spinning, as everyone was shocked at what had just happened.

Tony, on the other hand, ran to Ziva, who was clutching her chest in an attempt to stop the pain. She sank to her knees and began to cough until she choked herself. Blood was pouring out and forming a pool under her. In a split second, she had collapsed and her breathing became irregular.

Tony dropped to the floor on his knees and addressed the wound. It was deep and it looked as if the bullet had not exited. Tony slipped off his jacket and tied it around her thin, limp body. He saw the thin bandage wrapped around her head from the first assault. Who had been so kind to bandage her head? He thought sarcastically.

Darren had dropped the knife that was in his hand. McGee rushed over and slammed him against the wall. He yanked out hand cuffs and snapped them on before he was given a fight. Quickly, McGee pulled out his cell phone and called an ambulance.

After the bullet was shot, Gibbs had immediately reacted. He lifted his gun and fired at the shooter. The shooter went down as the bullet left the gun and Gibbs went over to pull off the ski mask covering the culprit's face.

The face of Teresa Summers glared up at him, while she held her arm in place. Blood was seeping freely out of her skin, through her sleeve and down her arm to the floor. Gibbs glared back and held the gun aimed at her, even though he knew she wouldn't try.

Ziva's irregular breathing had stopped, and Tony immediately started giving her CPR. Tony gazed into Ziva's eyes and begged her to come back. He could see the life draining out of them. "No Ziva. No! Come back! The team needs you! Ziva, come on. Don't let go!" Ziva's eyelids closed, and Tony was close to panicking.

Immediately after Ziva had gotten shot, she knew it wouldn't be long before she passed out. She had tried to breathe, but it was too painful. She had heard Tony's words of encouragement, his begging her to stay with them, but she just couldn't do it any longer. She lowered her eyelids.

The last thing she saw was Tony's concerned face bent over her. And her last breath was of the sweet cologne Tony wore.

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