Title: Hello, My Heart

Author: lj user"sharpiesgal"

Fandom: NYPD: Blue

Character: John Kelly with a mention of Janice Licalsi.

Prompt: 01 Beginnings

Word Count: 101

Summary: John meets Janice.

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters nor am I making any money off of this story.

lj-cut text"Hello, My Heart"

i Hello, My Heart /i

It had been a cool, spring afternoon the first time John had seen Janice Licalsi sitting behind the front desk of the 15th Precinct. He had introduced himself as he checked for messages since he had been in court for most of the morning.

She had smiled and shook his hand before handing him a small stack of pink messages slips.

The attraction had been immediate and mutual. That had troubled John's conscience since he still had unresolved feelings for his soon-to-be ex-wife.

He had smiled.

He had thanked her and then made his way upstairs to the detective's squad room.