Murder In Spring

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I ran to the beach as fast as I could. When I got there, I saw Jill lying on her back, facing towards the buildings, a bullet wound in her chest.

"Jill!" I called, running to her. I knelt down beside her.

"Get… her… she's the… one…" Jill said.

"Who is it Jill?" Just then, I saw Ann, Mary, and Cliff enter the beach.

"What does… Cliff, Duke and… wine have in common…?" Jill chocked out. I thought about this for a moment.

"Tell Gray… I'm sorry… for what… she… has done… to him… and tell Mary… I'm sorry… I didn't read… more books… and tell..."She began, but before she could finish her sentence, Jill breathed her final breath. Tears welled up in my eyes.

"No, Jill!" I whispered.

"Jill!" Cliff, Ann, and Mary gasped, and they joined me beside Jill.

"Who did this to her…!" Ann asked.

"I'm… I'm not sure. She did give us a few clues as to who the murder is, though." I told them.

"What did she say?" Cliff asked.

"Well, when I was talking on the phone to her, just before she got shot, she said that she overheard who the real murder was, and that it wasn't Gray! When I got here also, she said "get her, she's the one", so obviously it's a girl, automatically ruling out Gray, so that's another reason why it's not him. Then she said something really weird. It was a riddle of some kind. She said "what does Cliff, Duke and wine have in common" and that kind of freaked me out." I paused at that point.

"I don't understand it either." Cliff said, clearly very puzzled.

"Wait… I do get it! Think, where can you find Cliff, Duke and wine, at the same time?" Mary asked.

"Well, Duke and I work at the winery… Oooohh! I get it now." Cliff said.

"So… the murder has a connection to the winery?" Ann asked.

"Yep, we just don't know how they have a connection. There is a list of people, excluding the people we already ruled out." Mary told us.

"Well, who are on the list of people?"

"I'll list them all very carefully. Hand me a piece of paper." I reached in my pocket and grabbed a spare piece of paper I kept just in case. Soon Mary had written the list, and she handed it to me. It read the following:




"The Gossiping Girls, well, excluding Jill for obvious reasons." Mary said, glancing sadly at her friend.

"Yeah, that's a whole lot of people Mary, you could have just said their names! Oh! That reminds me of something else Jill said! She said "Tell Gray I'm sorry for what she's done to him, tell Mary I'm sorry I didn't read more books, and tell..." Then she died…" I told them. The others looked at me.

"Hmm… well, she shouldn't be sorry for not reading enough books. I mean, she read every book in the library, even the books she didn't like! Though there was one book she had for an extremely long amount of time, she said that she kept lending it to Manna." Mary explained.

"What was the book called?" I asked.

"It was called 'The Eyes of The Dragon' by Stephen King. He wrote it for his daughter because he normally writes really scary books. You read a couple of his books Ann. They were 'Pet Sematary', 'Cujo', and 'The Shining'."

"Oh, I still get nightmares about that stupid dog Cujo… he scared me a lot, more then the… no wait, the It clown was scarier." Ann said, shuddering. I raised an eyebrow.

"Oookay then… Anyways, I think that what she said was some kind of riddle, well the book part at least." I told her.

"I agree, but first, let's get Gray out of… the back room of the Mayor's house." Mary said. We all giggled (except Cliff, he chuckled, seeing as how guy's can't giggle). We sadly got up from Jill's body, and walked to the Mayor's home. When we got there, we saw Harris walking towards the library.

"Harris! Come here please!" I called out. He turned.

"Ah, Popuri! What brings you here?" He asked me.

"There has been another murder at the beach, and it was Jill. That is not the only reason we are here, though. We know for a fact that it wasn't Gray who murdered them. For starters, Gray was in… Jail when Jill was killed, and when Popuri was talking to Jill, she said that Jill said "get her" and stuff like that." Ann explained.

"What we are trying to say, is could you set him free now?" Cliff asked. Harris stood there for a moment. Finally he responded, but the word that came out of his mouth would shock us all.


"But why not! He did nothing wrong, the evidence proves it!" I exploded. Harris had done stupid things in the past, but this had gone too far.

"I can keep him there." Harris told us coolly.

"Not when he's innocent, and you know he's innocent!" Cliff countered.

"Well, I guess I'm going to have to make a rule on that then. The official rule is that the police officer of this town, that's me, can keep anyone under arrest, even when they are proven innocent." I stared at that man in disbelief. The next moment shocked me even more then Harris's strange behavior, though.

Mary punched him in the face.

"Oww!" He yelled, lying on the ground and holding his left eye. He quickly got up.

"Mary, I'm placing you under arrest for assaulting an officer." He said as he grabbed his cuffs.

"I don't give a damn about you anymore, officer. You're holding an innocent man in prison, for no reason at all. What's worse is that I'm in love with that man, and he doesn't even know it!" Mary screeched. Then she turned on her heel and started walking towards the clinic. Harris pushed by us and ran to Mary. He grabbed her arms and pushed her against the side of the clinic. Suddenly, the door opened, and Elli's fawn colored eyes peered outside.

"What's going on? Oh my." Elli said once she saw Harris arresting Mary.

"Elli, talk some sense into this man! He is keeping Gray under arrest, even though there are tones of evidence saying he's innocent!" Ann told her. Elli's wide eyes narrowed to a glare.

"I see, and why is he arresting Mary?" Elli asked, clearly mad at Harris.

"She punched him in the face, and for good reason I should say." I replied. Elli nodded and stepped out of the clinic.

"Harris, I don't think you're father would like this, keeping an innocent man in prison, and arresting a girl because she punched you in the face. What's more, officer, is that she did it because, as oblivious Gray is to her obvious signs of affection, she was protecting him, as you protected Aja when Gray broke her heart, and you know what? I think you still hold that grudge against Gray, and that's why you don't want him to be set free! Well, Harris, I believe I shall pay a short visit to Mayor Thomas now!" Elli said, her voice getting gradually louder as she spoke, until she was yelling. She then walked slowly to the Mayor's house. Harris didn't do a thing. Elli raised a hand to knock, but stopped as she saw that Harris had let go of Mary.

"Don't you dare move." He said. He then walked over to the Mayor's house, and entered, locking the door behind him. Mary walked over to Elli and hugged her. I felt so relieved that Elli had opened the door, because if she hadn't, Mary would be joining Gray at this moment. I looked up at the bared window to see Gray's aqua eyes staring out. I smiled, and waved. His cheeks grew crimson and he left the window. I walked over to Mary and Elli, and hugged them both.

"Hey Mary, I saw you're boyfriend looking out the window at us." I told her. Mary's cheeks flushed a rosy color.

"I'm glad he was watching." She whispered. I looked at Elli, and mouthed a 'Thank you' to her. She merely nodded. Finally the hug ended. I looked around and saw Cliff and Ann watching us. I just gave them my biggest grin, and they smiled back.

"So… let's continue this investigation!" I suggested. Mary nodded, Cliff smiled and Ann and Elli just looked at me.

"Are we apart of the investigation now?" Ann asked. I nodded yes. Ann and Elli smiled.

"Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go!" She said, and we headed for the library.